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May 29, 2013

Helen asks…

Is it possible for me to go live in NYC?

I’m 18 years old and I have been dreaming of living in NY since I was a child. I live on a small island which probably most of you havent even heard of (Malta). I really hate my life here and lately (now that I have finished school) I have been thinking of packing up my stuff and leave this shitty island. Unfortunelty i’m not brave enough to do this. If I mention this to my friends or family they would definetly laugh at me and tell me that i’m being stupid. I know that this idea is kind of silly but this is something I have been dreaming my whole life. I have no future here, my passion is acting and here there isnt even a decent acting class. Anyways what do you think I should do?

Administrator answers:

It’s expensive. When you say New York do you mean Manhattan? In Manhattan it’s ridiculously expensive to live. That’s where I live. The cheapest you can get is 700 for a bedroom in an apartment. However, it’s ridiculously expensive. If you’re looking outside of Manhattan—like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, or Upstate New York— they’re a bit cheaper than Manhattan but still extremely expensive. Many New Yorkers are moving out because it’s too expensive to live here. And finding a job is not easy in Manhattan. It could be very hard to move here without a job waiting and definitely decent accommodation. You’d be taking a big risk. If your family is willing to help you the first 3 or 4 months then I say go for it and then work out the details. However, you’d not be able to just pack up, maybe with 10,0000 in savings and expect to survive in Manhattan for more than 3 months. You’d blow that quickly.

By the way I have heard of Malta. If you want excitement, I say just randomly pick a flight and go to New York first for a visit or travel to alleviate your boredom. But don’t pick up and go from the stability you have to uncertainty because of boredom. That’s dangerous and it would be very hard for you. However, if you’re really set to leave and start anew. I hear places like Washington DC, Boston, Maryland are good places to start. Might be easier to find jobs there and the living is cheaper. You’d still be able to get into New York from time to time. But you’d be able to make something of yourself in those areas until you can go to New York officially. I think it’s the wrong idea to just pick and go without any sort of certainty of what to expect when you get to New York.

Linda asks…

What is New York like?

I have seriousley always been intrested in the city I love the places and Landmarks by seeing them on Google Maps and I would really love to go there

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure about upstate New York, but New York City (where I live) is overrated. The only borough that is shown is Manhattan, and that’s where all the tourists come. Downtown is for people that have more money, and it’s more taken care of with all the sights and attractions, which are pretty cool, but whether or not I lived here, I’d still spend my money to vacation somewhere else. What I dislike is that we have a crappy Mayor…who has been sitting on his @ss and doing nothing since 2001/2002 or whenever he got in office, the prices for apartments and food are sky damn high, and the transportation system is becoming a freakin joke. Standing up waiting forever for the bus or train and it’s always crowded. It’s a hassle, and on top of that the cab prices are ridiculous as well. It’s like they’re ripping you off, and I’m not cheap, but it’s retarded. Also, am I the only one who finds New Years Eve in Times Square not worth it?

People act like it’s no big deal to go down there, but trust’s something. I visited with a friend for the first (AND LAST) time back in ’07. First off, you need to get there like atleast 2 or 3 days ahead of time…if that makes any type of sense or else you can forget about getting up close and personal. The police just about block off every street so you can’t walk in certain places. I remember after the ball dropped, it was a pain walking almost 10 BLOCKS just to get to an open train station…no cabs were running, and the crowd was moving extra slow! Do you know that you cannot get back in the barricade to get back to your spot if you have to use the bathroom? It’s done, you can forget about getting back. Of course if you have a hotel you’re staying in not too far away, you wear extra clothes, have a strong bladder, and bring a fold up chair, you should be okay.

Oh, not to mention…New York also has some dull weather in the winter time. It’s nasty and cold, wet.. I mean, of course it’s not suprising, but compared to some other places I’ve been to, like California, it could be better. In Cali it’s bright and it doesn’t snow so much, but if it does then it’s a nicer difference from what you see in NY, it’s less bitter and…DULL. Although New York does have nice summers.

Places you should check if you visit: Madison Square Garden, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building (people say Top of the Rock is less crowded though), Rockefeller Center, Broadway and Times Square, ummm…Madame Tussauds Wax Musuem (and don’t go to the other ones because they are boring: I’ve been to just about every single one of them…next best one is Museum of Natural History…but MT is fun). I’ve never been on those red sight seeing buses in all my years, but maybe you could ride that so you wouldn’t get tired of walking around…plus it’s cool to be on the top part, uhhh…and that’s all I could think of. Those attractions are typical and I’ve been to each one atleast once…but not again. It’s not really my scence. I’d check out a movie or whatever instead.

Plus Manhattan has a ton of places to shop, but beware of high @ss prices.

Other than Manhattan, check out Coney Island in Brooklyn…where the Cyclone rollercoaster is, and check out some other Stadiums if you’re into sports…

Other than that, NY is totally overrated and the only good places they show are mainly centered around Manhattan. Manhattan is like the baby that get’s all the attention while the other boroughs are the ignored brothers and sisters. They barely mention the Bronx and Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens get some mentions, but Manhattan is the main one they cater to.

They fix it up so nicely…and they always clean up down there. But it DOES have it’s bad neighborhoods, just like any of the other boroughs, and like any other cities in the US.

Just saying though, the landmarks are really like the only thing that get’s people here. I wouldn’t even live here if I had a choice, but that’s just me. I bet $500 bucks that if you had 5 opportunities to come to NYC, after coming here the first time, you’d want to waste the other 4 on the Carribbean. Honestly.

Anyways…I rambled, and this might seem half-ass but I just wanted to keep that as simple as possible.

EDIT: @Liliukalana, you make it sound as if Times Square is like the Mexican Border. Last time I checked, anybody was free to visit TS ANYTIME of year whether they lived there or not. It’s not *strictly* for tourists only.

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