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February 3, 2013

John asks…

How do you find cheap apartments?

I’m moving and I need to find a cheap apartment. I don’t care how bad the neighborhood or apartment is, it just needs a ceilling.

Administrator answers:<= always some great amazing deals there.

George asks…

What’s a good website to find cheap apartments or roommate renting?

I am a college student on a budget and I need to know what’s a good website that shows cheap apartment or roommate listings.

Administrator answers:

For India it is:

Linda asks…

Any Extended-Stay Hotels or Cheap Apartments in the Universal area of Orlando, Florida on the bus line?

I am 18 years old, and going to live in Orlando, Florida June-August. I will be working at the Portofino Bay Hotel, and I need to find a cheap apartment or extended stay hotel. I found one extended stay hotel on Major Boulevard called InTown Suites, does anyone know if this is a good place to stay? It’s $190 a week with everything included. If anyone knows of any good places to stay in this area please let me know.

Administrator answers:

Its not a bad area to stay in actually its right across from Universal Studios and where you will be working but if i was you i would see if someone was looking for a short term roommate i think you would make out much better that way check on Craigslist

Betty asks…

Where can i find Cheap Apartments that are Government funded?

Hey i recently discovered that in NYC the state gives cheap apartment to people who have a low income and have dependents ……..can any one tell me how to get this deal? or where to contact…..??

Administrator answers:

The place that you can get the cheapest rent is in Starrett City, or Spring Creek (renamed in 2004). If you’re income is low enough, they will only take 30% of your income for rent.

You put it in the wrong category, btw.

Robert asks…

Cheap Apartments….?

In Gilbert, Arizona. Under $1,000 Lol.

Administrator answers:

Http:// is a website I use for looking for apartments :]

Ken asks…

what are good cheap apartments near mcas new river?

im in the marine corps and getting stationed at mcas new river in about 2 months and i cant find a good cheap apartment anywhere im going to get about 1047$ BAH and my price range is about 500-800ish i found alot of apartments but on the reviews everyone hated every apartment please help me!

Administrator answers:

The seaside lodge

Joseph asks…

Are there any cheap apartments in new york city ?

I want to live in a cheap but nice apartment when i turn 18-19 And move to new york, But new york is so high priced with stuffed idk i should. So i just want a little help in experts that know a little something. And some details ! Thanks

Administrator answers:

In the Bronx you can find apartments for 900 a month plus utilities. You will not find cheaper then that.

Laura asks…

What/Where are there cheap apartments in the Lowell area?

I’m 19 and want to move to that area. I want to know where there are cheap apartments that are affordable to a 19 year old living on their own. Particullarly [sp] tyngsboro but it can be anywheres in the Lowell area. thanks! =]
websites & names would be great xD
lowell massachusetts hence it’s in the boston section =p

Administrator answers:

Go to and enter your zip code and it should give you a great answer.

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