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February 4, 2013

Linda asks…

What’s a good resource for finding a long-term sublet or an apartment to rent in Atlanta (besides Craigslist)?

My 23 year old sister is going there for a year for graduate school and the grad student housing is soooo expensive so she wants to find her own place. She was looking at Craigslist but we’ve heard too many horror stories of psychos on there. The problem is that she hasn’t established any type of credit for herself yet and she’s never had a job since she’s been a full time student, so getting an apartment in her own name is going to be tough. She got a scholarship to help with tuition and my parents are going to be paying for her housing for the year. Her budget is $700-1000 a month. She had a crazy roommate last year and wants to live alone now, especially since she doesn’t have friends in the city yet.

Does anybody have suggestions?
Meredith, she’s going to Emory and it’s a very pricy school. I don’t know exactly what the costs are for grad students, but it’s more than for undergrads, and the undergrad tuition, room, and board is $53,000 per year and that’s for a shared dorm room.

It’s $$$$$$.

Administrator answers:

It’s odd that the school offers unaffordable housing to grad students. Your sister might want to check with a school advisor, to see what all the options are to live on campus. I’m wondering if she’s eligible to become an R.A. In a dorm, which would ensure she’d get a room to herself as well as free rent, or a stipend.

If you live relatively close to school, why not go down and look at bulletin boards in the student center and other high-trafficked areas on campus. There’s a good chance she may find a sublet that way.

Having a bad roommate is certainly a risk, but with your sister’s budget she may need one off campus. Again, by looking at sublet situations she’s not only looking at the apartment — but she has to get a good feel for whoever else is living there. Perhaps in checking with a grad school advisor, she can find someone in her discipline who’s in the same boat.

Without knowing where your sister is going to school, and assuming she’ll have a car – she might want to check out Colonial Homes Apartments. These are older units in a good midtown location, considerably cheaper than other places. Your sister may be able to get a small one bedroom in her price range. Without a job or credit, your parents would have to co-sign, but you said they’d be paying anywa, and most likely won’t mind.

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