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August 13, 2012

David asks…

can a 16 year old rent a room or cheap apartment and go to the school serving that area on their own?

my parents want me to move and my friend said i could move in to their house and they would write up a lease for me, they said that i just needed my moms permission and that would be good enough. is that true? is there anything else i should do?

Administrator answers:

Not in teh US

Donald asks…

anyone know how to get a cheap apartment for rent???

Administrator answers:

In the PennySaver, that magazine that come in the mail or LA Times

Sandy asks…

I want a (fairly cheap) apartment to rent for 3 days in Florence.. Anyone know of any nice romantic ones?

No more than 150 euros per night

Administrator answers:

You can check on:

Sharon asks…

Cheap apartments in San Antonio Ibiza?

hey i’m looking to rent a cheap 1 bedroom apartment for like may – june time for about 4 – 6 weeks..

anyone know any good websites where you can get just the apartment and no flights and stuff?


Administrator answers:

You can try

Betty asks…

is it worth it to pay cheap for rent but drive 20min to your destination every day or stay close but pay lots?

i am going to a University of Cincinnati branch college that is 20mins away from main campus. (blue ash college)

these are the things i am looking for:
-distance; i don’t want to use too much time and gas money on the road expectantly since i haven’t had much experience at driving on snow!
-i need to have a job: i think the answer varies but i could get a safe job in Cincinnati campus.
-MONEY; i am already paying for a lot of stuff. computer, car, and now rent! thats just part of it. so i need to save as much as possible.
-social life: i think i will make friends at main campus much better than the UC branch which i will attend.

i am looking at apartments for college and the good once that have good prices are 20min away from college. the expensive once are close to college.

the expensive apartments are also close to a big mall that i could probably work at but nothing else. the place looks like it is now just developing; not much stores yet.

the cheap apartment is located at a city (University of Cincinnati campus) but it is 20min away from my college.

the 20min away apartment is $290/mo with roommates that are willing to add me.

the closer apartment is $600 but will save me so much time. 5 min away from college.

guys please HELP!!!! I need to make the right decision. i know it is up to me but i want to know what you think. and why.

Administrator answers:

Ask a friend to carpool or to pick you up on the way, because I’d choose the cheaper apartment. You can check if there’s any roommates going to your college, you can get with them and go to school with them.

Ken asks…

Would it be better to rent a cheaper apartment or pay for a house with a larger payment?

Right now me and my fiance rent an apartment for 830, would it be better to keep renting or purchase a 100,000 to 120,000 dollar house for 850-1000 dollar payment?

Administrator answers:

Well you have to weigh out the options. Would you rather pay $830 a month to someone else and at the end have nothing to show for it or would you rather pay $850-$1,000 a month and at the end have a house that is yours and you can sell it when you want to move.

Buying a house is the best way to go in my opinon.

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