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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments For Rent In Colorado

June 3, 2012

Mark asks…

Are there any apartments in Colorado that allow German Shepherds?

GSD are now on the breed restriction list.. But for every apartment? I need a place to live with my dog, but searching for a house to rent is not always the easiest or cheapest!

Administrator answers:

A GSD is on the Breed restriction list for your County, State, City, or what?

If it is for any of the following I just posted then you cannot have that breed in that area where the law is in effect.

Atleast that is how it is for Florida


In Miami-Dade county the ” Pit bull ” is restricted to have in Miami-Dade county. That means no APT Complex, or anywhere in Miami-Dade county will accept that breed & you will get a fine as well, plus you will have eight days or so to get that dog out of the county or animal care & control will euthanize it.

Your best bet is to call your City and get the information, Every City has different laws.

Ruth asks…

Are there any sketchy areas in Colorado Springs where it might be dangerous to live?

I am thinking about moving to Colorado this January or February. I want to find a place that is reasonably cheap to live and have always thought Colorado Springs was beautiful. However, I am searching on Craigslist for an apartment to rent and have no idea if the places I am looking at are in nice safe areas. Do you guys know of any places in Colorado (specifically Colorado Springs) that you would recommend to live? Or recommend me to not live better yet? lol. Thanks for the help!!

Administrator answers:

Hello. The safer areas are in the central/northern parts of the city. If you have any kids, the northern areas are much safer and have better schools. The houses are newer and nicer also. As far as the “not so safe” areas, I’d stay away from the south end. The southwest part of the city has very nice houses, near the Broadmoor Hotel, but those are more expensive. I hope I helped, if you have any other questions feel free to ask me.

Mary asks…

Which ski resort in Colorado is the best to live at?

I need to establish residency in Colorado for vet school. I want to rent someplace relatively cheap ~500 a month (year lease) on a mountain with an active night life and younger population. I prefer to keep it as cheap as possible because I won’t actually be staying there, only occasionally for vacation,just using the address. A studio apartment is fine.

Administrator answers:

Denver and Aspen are really expensive areas. You may want to look into Aurora as it is outside of city limits and may have more affordable housing.

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