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November 6, 2012

Mark asks…

Best place in California to live in?

I want it to be closer to the coast rather than farther away. Probably in the upper half of california for I dont want it to be too hot. I like cities but nothing too busy. Looking for a place to raise a child that has houses/apartments to rent forcheap‘, I dont want anything like New York. Low crime-rate, and good school systems would be wonderful as well. Also what is the job economy like in northern california? A lot of demand for computer related jobs or psychology? Please let me know about any of the cities/towns you know about (:

Administrator answers:

Northern California has a huge computer industry. That is were Silicon Valley is, it’s in the Silicon Valley area. Just south of San Francisco
I don’t know what the demand for psychology is there
The Bay Area economy is ok, but housing prices are extremely high (it is that way in neatly all of California) The rest if California is in a financial mess.

Paul asks…

Can you please help me with choosing an area?

I’m moving to New York soon and I really need help finding an area which is:
*Safe/suitable for family life
*Has great education with special schools
*Apartment rent to be within the budget of 2,000 – 2,500$
*VERY safe
*Good kids
*Not isolated

Something like Park Slope but a bit cheaper would be outstanding!! Thank You in advance!!
Family of 2 kids and parents going into Middle School

Administrator answers:

Near Park Slope is Carroll Gardens.
I think you’ll like the vibe there.

Otherwise, a lot of nice new things are going on in Red Hook.

But, it’s still in its “pioneering phase” for gentrifiers.

Mary asks…

Where can i find a room to share in Brooklyn,Harlem or any part in NY not more than 250$/month?

I’m staying for 2 months in the US @ New york & i wanna know where can i find the cheapest room to rent or sharing a room in an apartment or with a room mate and near a bus or metro station for transportation

Administrator answers:

You can’t.

Sandra asks…

My bf and I are living in his parents home. We want to get the hell out and move to MB, SC. Any ideas?

My bf and I live with his parents and lil bro and sis. Its a hell house. We live in New York. I’m from North Carolina. We hate it here! His mother hates me! We want to move to Myrtle Beach. Compared to New York anyplace is cheaper to live but especially places in South Carolina. I’ve looked up apartments there with rent as low as $350 a month. I need to some feed back on a good plan to get the hell outta here! Things just get worse and worse everyday. Me and him are unbelievably happy together so the relationship is fine its just where we are that is causing the problems. He is thinking about going starting school in Sept. to be a pharmicist and I want to be a lifeguard. But we are worried about him doing that because you have to go to school for 6 years, it can be exspensive, he could be away all the time what with work AND school… Its just all so complicated and we can’t get a moments peace with the 2 spoiled rotten devils… Any suggestions guys? Any at all :) ?

Administrator answers:

Okay, here goes:
#1. Get jobs. You can’t go anywhere without money.
#2. Encourage the education. It’s the best thing a person can do for themselves.
#3. Get married and make a commitment to each other. I know marriage can be a rough ride, especially if you will need to go though periods of time not seeing each other, like if he goes to school for six years. But if you make and keep that commitment, you can survive the rapids, and come out closer and happier than ever.
#4. Don’t have any children till the rough ride is over. Then go for it, if that’s what you want. By then you will have a good home to give them.
Problem solved?

Jenny asks…

Where should i move to get a higher paying job?

Should i move to new york. I will be going to college for Business. So would you get paid higher in chicago or new york. I know you also have to consider the price of the place that you rent to. Get 600.00 a week and your apartment be 500.00 That is not such a good idea. I am gonna be a business person. or maybe get into accounting or something along those lines.

So which place would it be cheaper with the jobs that i would go for?
The first line should i say should i move to new york or chicago?

Administrator answers:

It’s not always true that when your salary is higher you have to pay more. Consider this. If you want a job in the state of NY then don’t live in New York City! The entire state is not NY City! This is a typically narrow view of the state of NY. You can travel less than 100 miles north which many workers do and live in Dutchess County or Orange County NY while working in Manhatten and making an excellent salary. Many young commuters do this and stash away money while they can. Then they find a job in another state and live closer to their job when they get older and are settled down. The average income of someone living in NY CIty is less than if they worked in Dutchess County NY. That’s because Dutchess county is a “BEDROOM COMMUNITY” for college graduates working in the city. However the cost of living is less in DUTCHESS COUNTY NY!

Daniel asks…

My landlord hasn’t fixed my apt in over 7 months. I want to sue. How do I go about it ?

I moved in with my GF back in January to the first floor of her moms house that she use to own. The mom was cool with the landlord so there wasn’t no security deposit or anything. We just paid the rent at the end of the month.

My GF said the landlord was mad cool and that he was giving her mom a new bathroom and now that i know she’s been waiting for it for over a year for it. The apartment was not fixed when we moved in but my GF said the landlord said to just move in and he’ll fix it ASAP. Well its now August and he still hasn’t fixed it. He keeps giving us the run around saying he’s going to fix it.

I have 2 Giants holes that cover the boiler and the electric switches that need fixing. The windows have holes at the bottom. The stove doesn’t work. He even had the balls to come here to and wine about the water bill was to high. Once i gave him the rent late and he told me the rent was due on the 1st with a rude tune. im getting roaches,ants, and centipedes now and its just getting disgusting to live with.

I stayed here this long because of the cheap rent but it’s getting ridiculous. I rather move back in with my parents.

I hope i could get at least half my months rent for the 7 months I lived here.

How do I go about suing him ? You guys think getting half my rent for the past 7 months is possible or even all the rent ?

I live in New York btw.
2 Giant holes I would say one is 6 x 4 feet. the other is about 6 x 2 feet also.

No stove.

Walls where the window cill would be have nothing in 2 windows. (2 more holes) This would lead to bugs.
2 Giant holes I would say one is 6 x 4 feet. the other is about 6 x 2 feet also.

No stove.

Walls where the window cill would be have nothing in 2 windows. (2 more holes) This would lead to bugs.

Administrator answers:

Go to
find this article.

Follow its instructions and you will get SOME relief.

You cannot sue UNLESS you find that the property owner
was not licensed [city occupancy permits] to rent to you.
—[-available to help further]

Landlord Tenancy Law for Kids Seeking Their First Apartment [or House or Bedroom in a House]

Richard asks…

unemployed need to pay my rent?

i lost my job and I am in new york. unemployment said it can take up to 6 weeks to get my 1st check. i am on week 2.
My friend told me it took 7 weeks for her to get her money so I know its not impossible. been selling things to have cash but I cant pay my rent and I just moved in May to this apartment since it was 200.00 a month cheaper even if I find a job this week(I pray I do applying to even part time jobs rather work then not) i wont have the money to pay my landlord. haven’t been here too long not even completely happy before i lost my job i was thinking of moving but regardless she needs to be paid its not right. no organizations will help me without a job or a eviction notice
do you know of any place i can get a loan and not have to pay it for 2 or 3 months? pay advance on line requires a job i am in the united states, new york Long Island to be exact. please help i want to pay my rent I know she will be ok if I am a little late but I do need to know when I can pay her. thanks(sorry so long :( )

Administrator answers:

Call the Nassau or Suffolk county social services office. If they are not willing to help, try your local church or the Salvation Army.

Mandy asks…

When’s the best time to look for a room for rent in Brooklyn?

I’m moving to Brooklyn next year, and I’ll be looking for a room for rent, mostly because it’s cheaper, I’ve never lived alone, and I’ve never lived in New York. I was thinking I’d move some time during the summer, because I graduate in May.

I’ve read that moving during the summer could be troublesome, but that was for apartment-hunting, and like I said, I’m room-hunting. I’m betting there isn’t much of a difference, but I wanted to make sure.

Thanks, in advance.

Administrator answers:

ASAP so you can weed out the good from the bad and scams.
People in leases may be moving at the end so it gives you a
chance to get to know the place before its available in the Summer.


Lisa asks…

Is the west coast about the same price as Hawaii?

Okay I am a local boy, I wasn’t born here but I grew up here since I was 4 years old and now I am going to be 21. I have never been to the mainland before but I am tempted to go because of the opportunities they have. I love Hawaii and there is really no place like home. I think I take living in Hawaii for granted, I was fortunate my family had no problem paying the price of the high cost of living but I have met so much people struggling to make ends meet. Life is just hard when your on your own especially in Hawaii, people have to live below their means if they are going to survive. If I do intend on moving to the mainland it will only be the West Coast because of Hawaii diaspora. There are many local influences on the West Coast especially California and Washington. They have so many L&L BBQs and I heard a Teddy’s Bigger Burger opened in Washington State. Would be better if they had Zippys and 711 spam musubis. I know it won’t be the same but I won’t be as home sick and Hawaii is much closer to visit compared to living on the East Coast or Mid-west part of the country. Now I did my research in Washington State and California. My sister lived in California and my Mom visited her. According to them gas is cheaper but because L.A. is a spread out city you drive more and end up spending more money on gas. Prices at a cheap diner is about the same as Zippys but portions are much bigger in comparison. As for homes, The nice ones are about the same price as Hawaii but you get more square feet of land and the materials are much better compared to the nice homes in Hawaii. Property taxes are higher though especially in Washington. Cars are cheaper by a few thousand dollars but I heard California imposes taxes in owning a car every year and Car values tend to depreciate faster since milage will be higher and cars are used more. As for salaries, yes its much higher in California and Washington but California and Oregon’s state income tax is around 1% higher than Hawaii’s one. I think when people say the mainland is more cheaper, they really mean to say you get more for your money there. Yes there are some dirty cheap places to live like Las Vegas and Texas but who really wants to live there? Also in the heart of the big cities like Boston, Chicago and New York City, rent is more higher than the typical apartments in downtown Honolulu. Yes grocceries are cheaper, but only by 1-2 dollars per item or offer meaning you will have to spend more than a thousand dollars a month to actually comensate for higher rent prices. I think people from the mainland who move here should just downsize their lifestyles if they want to survive in Hawaii.
@ Mark R,I wanted to live in San Jose before, but learning in my business courses the state of California is not so business friendly. Seattle is a better place to be, I know its rainy but I actually prefer to cold weather. I hate hot weather. The Bay area is also cool but I heard you guys get indian summers thats scorching hot especially in San Jose.
@ Mr. Mickeymous: I actually want to live in Seattle. I have met many people from Seattle who moved here. The rain is just exagerated, I heard its just light mists that falls all the time. Hawaii has its fair share of rain. It rains everyday in Hilo. Also Bellevue, WA is where I would consider living in.
@ Yeti, My sister only lived there for 1 year and it was for school so room and board was already paid for by my family’s money. She wasn’t there long enough to notice a huge price difference. The thing is she works at Gilly Hicks and her discount works in Hollister and Abercrombie. Hawaii employees get 20% off mainland price so when she was shopping she actually had to pay more in L.A. because sales tax are higher. She said restaurants were a bit cheaper. You are right about mainland people because she did not like her experience with the rude employees at the mall who accused her for shop lifting but she would still consider living there compared to Hawaii.

Administrator answers:

California can be just as expensive depending on where you plan to stay. Any 5 star hotel will charge a fortune but if you choose a standard chain hotel you could get a room right on the beach for around 150 a night. If you do come to California check out san francisco its the place to go If you are 21 and want to have fun at night.

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