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November 9, 2012

Thomas asks…

Is the heart of every large American city homes of the rich?

I live in Honolulu, HI and many people complain about the cost of living in Hawaii. Food and consumer goods are always going to be expensive since we lack a lot of natural resources and limited land for manufacturing our own goods. As for land since it is an island no matter where you live, inside or outside city centre the cost is going to be high since there is not much land compared to mainland America. Now I check the rentals in cities like Seattle, Boston, L.A., San Francisco, Jersey and New York City. In Seattle apartments in the core districts are slightly cheaper in comparison with Honolulu when it comes to living conditions. Relocating to Seattle for a 1 bedroom will only save me around 150 dollars and if I am lucky 200 dollars, now the further I go outward from Seattle the cheaper the rent is however for a local Hawaii boy such as myself a 45 minute to an hour drive is ridiculous. Boston, Jersey, Manhattan and San Francisco is actually slightly higher than rent in Hawaii when comparing the same living conditions. In a way you save money because rent might be high in the core but you spend less money on gas and milage since everything is much closer and gas is so much cheaper in mainland America compared to Hawaii. Overall does the heart of every large American cities serve the Upper middle class peoples?

Administrator answers:

The midwest is the most economical place to live and our cities are diverse in their economics. We have cities that have very wealthy to very poor neighborhoods. Try some larger cities in the midwest. Look at St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfied Mo , Springfied Ill.,Places in Michigan, or Oklahoma. Even some paces in the South–Louisville Kentucky for example. There are a lot of choices, butenerally the West coast and East coast are higher priced. Good luck.

Mary asks…

Parent unfair treatment between my brother and me?

Hi All, I am a 23 yr old living and working on the west coast, california. My brother is a 1st year student living in New York. Recently my parent decided to purchase an apartment for my brother around 300,000 in a very nice area and what surprised me is that my suggested me of moving to a cheaper apartment once I graduate (I have 6 months left). So this screams unfair treatment. My parents aren’t too happy currently they can’t gather enough for the apartment in NY and it was on the fact that I’m still in school, need them for support monthly.

When I say unfair treatment I mean I’ve been living in CA for almost 5 years and they never mentioned about buying an apt. I have a salary and it basically pays my rent monthly leaving a tiny portion to spend on other costs.

Anyone have this happened to them? Please advice! Thanks
Need serious advices please

Administrator answers:

A good friend of mine went to school in a nice college town. After his first year, his parents bought a small house for him to live in. He paid rent — to them, rather than to a landlord. They got the tax benefits of purchasing and now, many years later they’re earning quite a pretty penny for renting it to college kids each semester.

My point being that your parents may be looking at strictly the investment benefits of an apartment in New York. And I’m not sure anyone would want to invest in California at this juncture. Don’t assume that you know all there is to know about your parents’ plans. There are many things that could be driving their decisions.

It sounds like your parents have been very generous to you and your brother in respect to your secondary education. I wouldn’t complain if I were you!

Mandy asks…

How to convince my mom to move back?

Okay, so I’m almost 13, and in middle school. I’ve lived in Texas Most of my life, but we’ve moved A LOT back when I was younger. But now, I’m in middle school. Last year [6th] was good, untill about March. My mom got a boyfriend a lot older than her and I knew it would blow really fast, and his work transferred him to New York. Both of us only knew him for about 3 weeks, AND SHE FORCED ME TO MOVE WITH HIM AND HER TO NEW YORK. I really wanted to go back to Dallas, because of course the replationship blew and she’s workin online. But, she told me we would move back end of august, and I told her about a concert I really wanted to go to in Dallas in september, nd she told me we weren’t going to be able to move back by the time scoop over there starts, and she doesn’t want me to start as little as two weeks late. The only reason is she won’t have enough money to pay a fee for our apartment (3,000) and move in with my Sis while splitting rent (cheap) but now she wants me to do online school. That’s 2,000. I told her just to save that for the fees and let’s move BUT SHE WON’T LISTEN!! advise? Sorry for long description. Leaving from Dallas for this long is like tearing my heart out. I want to go badly because I met a guy that’s really niceeeeee. [dont say I'm too young, I know it's just a crush.]

Administrator answers:

Thats great that you met a guy that you like. Your mom sounds like a mess, no offense. Unfortunately, until she comes to the realization that she is a mess and making your life more difficult, I dont know what there is to do. Older people have a tendency to take things that their kids say as not being serious/valid. I guess this isn’t advice, but I do want to say: Stay strong, life is one big learning opportunity. Keep a positive attitude and try to enjoy yourself wherever you end up. Im sure you can make friends wherever you end up. Enjoy the little things in life, like sitting outside and enjoying a nice day or listening to music. Keep your head up!! :)

Your mom does have the responsibility to raise you, and her chasing a guy across the country after 3 weeks isnt responsible. She did choose to have a child.

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