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November 19, 2012

Lisa asks…

America seems to be doomed… best country to move?

I know this question will bring unfriendly answers but what do I care… let’s summarize what’s happening in this decaying nation:

1. Government seeks to legislate Social security retirement to 70 years old (leaving only, average, 5 years to enjoy all you have saved in your life). Some people don’t even make it to 70, and some do with a terminal disease on their shoulders. That means America: work or leave the county/die. No retirement!

2. Most states are bankrupt. Lots of states are having unstable job markets, even hiring freezes.

3. The only states that seem to be “stable” are the ones nobody want to go: ND, WY, NE, SD, ID…

4. The government lies about unemployment. Supposedly it is around 10% but then an articles says that 33% of people do not work. Let’s face the truth: many people don’t look for work because they give up after spending years trying to look and not even receiving a call. The job market has become a fierce race which can be compared to a freakin’ lottery. The process is tedious, and employers have become insanely picky taking advantage of the economic crisis. Long, ridiculous job applications, incredibly stupid interview questions, and sometimes extremely difficult, extremely perfectionist while looking at resumes, and because there are about 100-1000 applications per opening, there’s no guarantee having a score of 100% in terms of qualifications, good interview, great description in the application will land a job anyway. Job requirements have also become a real pain, and if you don’t meet one single requirement, you’re out of the game.

5. Corruption in Washington at its wildest. The national debts goes wildly higher and higher, and I won’t doubt it will hit the 100 trillion in the near future

6. Easier for illegals to come. Yes, more and more illegals come and take on the simplest jobs, leaving the legal unemployed without much to seek. The illegals are offered by nastily corrupt companies a less-than legally allowed wage to do jobs that sometimes deserve above minimum. I am an engineer and have felt the need to apply for jobs in Radio Shack, Best Buy, construction, Home Depot, TruGreen, etc. and here I am unemployed, almost one year.

7. The US future is grim. Big companies will just flee the country if the government raises the taxes upon them, leaving even more people unemployed and a worse economy as these companies establish elsewhere. Businesses don’t really care of the economy, they just care about themselves. The welfare of the citizens and the country as a whole is not of their concern. This is how uncontrolled capitalism works.

8. House market is on the pit and digging. Over 25% vacant homes in a lot of cities and areas, even above 50% in some of them. People are moving to RV’s or even become homeless. Here where I live I’ve seen some asking for money.

9. Salaries are not compensating for the increase of life cost. Gas at $4.00/gal (and it’s still cheap, just wait ’til the dollar dies as the world reserve currency and you’ll see what’s expensive gas!), expensive food, water, power, etc. are on the raise but companies keep on the same low salaries and expecting even less for the new grads taking advantage of the current situation: “there is a crisis and there is a lot of unemployed people, they are not in conditions to ask for lots of money. Let’s pay only $15/hr for corporate jobs and $8/hr for retail/simple jobs.” $8/hr is simply not enough to even rent a $600 apartment. $8/hr in New York or San Francisco is a joke.

10. Because of the budget crisis… there will be less programs for those who are poor. Big companies and the wealthy are yet to see a major hit to their pockets or way of life. America is becoming a freakin’ 3rd world country

There are a lot of reasons and situations that are making this nation no longer a stable place to work and live. Of course, there is no “American Dream”. If that existed, it is no longer alive. Since 2007 this has gone down the tubes. Recovery is a big lie to not create panic on the citizens. But there is no recovery. The dollar is falling, countries are growing angry at Washington policies, and in all, America is not going to lift itself soon.

So which country would be the best to move to, and escape this mess? Canada and Australia, being the #1 priority for Americans fleeing the nation are tightening their entry requirements.

So… which country would be the best, countries, in Scandinavia, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, the Pacific Islands…?

Administrator answers:

I’ve actually heard a lot of well paying jobs are moving to Ireland.. Because of the favorable corporate tax rate.

You’re right on with this one.. I doubt many people will stay in U.S. And fight for their country.

All the people who were anti-war and “liberal” just got duped into fueling a marxist/socialist machine

which seems to want to put everyone on the Government dime.

And we all know how well the Government is at handling money.

It’ll probably get bloody pretty soon

You might want to consider Virgin Islands although probably little opportunity there… (No taxes) .. Or look outside of any Western Democracy

Lizzie asks…

I’m Moving and need to now how my budget has changed?


I’m from new york but i live in north carolina. I’m moving back to utica, new york. My rent there is $525.00 a month for a 2bdrm townhouse compared to my 750 a month for a 1 bdrm apartment. So far i spend $2200 a months because of my budget :
car insurance $110.00 a month
electric and heating: $150.00 a month
Cable and computer:$150.00
Rent:$750 a month
Beauty:$450.00 a month
But where i’m moving to i have the option rent to own. I like the area but i want to know is it going to be less? I lived in new york for 15 years before i moved i always heard that utica was dirt cheap and a good place to live. To rent a 1 bdrm apt. is $99-$325 a month. The only thing good about this is i don’t have to pay for water only electric and heating. The beauty shops and nail salons up there are cheaper. I have a vip card for the grocerey store up there. So how much will my budget change?

Administrator answers:

You should reduce your budget by 1/3………….you must live a intresting life……….

Maria asks…

Trying to move out by next year?

So i am 19..turning 20 in a couple of months, God willing, i will be graduating from my two year college next year. i am currently living with my parents, i have been looking for a apartments..i live in New York, but i don’t wanna be near New York, i feel like i am not a city girl..but i have also been thinking of moving out with my cousin and her boyfriend..but in my desire i want to live like in Texas Texas is one of my top searches, due to the fact that the rent is much cheaper in outer states. i just want to know how much money do you really need to move out? what does it mean when they give you a price for a deposit? would it be better if i find a job in Texas, before i settle in? what are some things i need to know while i am researching on apartments? i am also looking for a apartment where there are stores, basically i am looking for a nice small town…what are some suggestions? do you think it will work out if i move out with my cousin and her boyfriend?(don’t wanna the third wheel you know) what are some things i need to know if Im going to move out especially in Texas

Administrator answers:

I live in Texas, DFW to be specific. Living on your own costs more money that you would believe, a part-time job wont let you make it on your own. With roomates it will be easier, but then roomates are usually bastards. A two bedroom in my area goes for anywhere between 500-1500/month. With all this heat, you’re electric bill will be outrageous for the next few months, at least 300 in a small two bedroom.
A deposit depends on your credit and renter’s history. If both are bad, you’ll probably be paying for the first and last month of your lease. If good, it will be cheap, if at all, and usually is there to cover clean up and damages to the apartment after you leave.
Around here, if would be a good idea to have a job, but good luck with that. Most places require the combined income of everyone on the lease to be 3 times the rent.
You will need a car, and the insurance that goes with it.
When considering apartments you need to determine a few things: upstairs or down? Your electric bill will change depenings on what level you are on. Do you have animals? Some places have restrictions. Washer/dryer outlets? Square-feet? Covered parking? Unfortunately, you wont be able to get a feel of the neighborhood from New York, some of them get pretty ghetto.
As far as small towns, Dallas and Fort Worth are surrounded by little towns like Keller, Haslet, Hurst, Bedford, Euless and are all within 20 minutes of downtown ( where all the clubs and action is)

Michael asks…

I have a question about SSI Disability?

My mother gets SSI Disability Check every month shes unable to work. She gets 700.00 a month! Keep in mind she lives in New York. Shes in a homeless shelter because her SSI isn’t enough for her to rent anywheres to live. Shes been in homeless shelters for the last 2 years. Shes relocating to Florida in the next few months to be closer to me. SSI is going to cut her check to 417.00 a month because Florida is a less expensive then New York. I’ve looked at all the avaliable places that are for rent & the cheapest i’ve found is 595.00!! I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want her to come to Florida to have to go to another homeless shelter because SSI doesn’t provide her with enough moneys to be able to rent somewheres. & shes not able to live with me because i live in a based income apartments. If anyone has any good advise or information that would really help me i’d greatly appreciate it!!!

Administrator answers:

Check out the information you got again. SSI is currently $698.00 maximum for an individual living on their own EVERYWHERE in the US as a federal benefit. It is not less in Florida.

She can live with you if you live in income based apartments – you just add your mom to the lease and add her income and you will pay more rent.

Somehow the information you got is not correct or it is based on incorrect information you provided.

John asks…

Help, I need advice on studying abroad. (Ireland to USA).?

Hey guys. I need help on studying abroad.
I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland and plan to immigrate to the United States along with some friends to prolong our studies there. But, even after months of research the process still isn’t clear. I’m on collegeboard & the expense of the college tuitions is astounding. Whenever I use the “match-maker” to search I always use the “offers international aid” option which is a neccesity, & this refines the search (also due to preferences) from almost 4000 to like, 30 max. (wow!)

I have some questions, so offer some assistance, please.

What are the entry requirements? i.e. What exams do i need? I need to know everything taken into account, even non-exam related).
Who do I contact for information? (I can’t find any student services which involve immigrating, they’re all about coming here to study & the information they offer online doesn’t help much).
How does financial aid work & what makes you eligible for it?
How many subjects do you choose? (Majors/minors/etc?)
What is the average cost for tuition?
Is it cheaper to live on campus or rent out an apartment?
Our preferences of location are California & Florida, possibly New York. But is there anywhere else you would recommend?
Any additional information of significance?

Please help, we plan to go in 2010 max & are funding ourselves for this, no college savings from mom & dad, lol. working for everything.


Administrator answers:

Every US college and university has its own procedure, but here’s basically what you need to do:

1) Complete an application (you can often find this at the colleges’ website).
More information:

2) Take standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT. These are offered around the world.
More information:

3) If English isn’t your native language, you may have to take the TOEFL.
More information:

4) Get a student visa.
More information:

You can also check out this blog specifically for students who are studying or want to study in the US:

Good luck!!!

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