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November 22, 2012

Linda asks…

I want to go on a vacation?

Me and my friend are planning our senior trip, we’ll both be 18 years old and we want to go on our spring break. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio and we wanna go to New York City. We both have jobs and will have money but we need to know how much money we will need. We obvilously want it to be as cheap as possible but there are things we want. We really want to rent an apartment for a week or get a hotel, but whatever we choose we want it to have an awesome view and be very very close to times square. we are figuring anywhere from 1500-3000 for our hotel or apartment for a week but we dont know how much we’ll need for food, travel etc. we are thinking about taking megabus which is really cheap to get there but we just need help for how much food and everything will cost

Administrator answers:

Food is spend, but the quantity is nice. Museums are really expensive. There are restaurants that are less expensive. I recommend taking the subway because it is fast and WAY less expensive than taxis. You could easily spend over 50 bucks a day per person on food. You can walk around, but subways are the way to go. I really liked walking central park and the areas around. If you like german food, there’s a great restaurant called Cafe Sabarsky. Chinatown is also really cool.

Nancy asks…

Where can i find a cheap place to live in southern florida?

I’m from New York, go to school in Florida (Tampa area) i’m switching schools so i’ll be living in Boca Raton now. I need to find a cheap apartment somewhere in between Boca and Pembroke Pines (Thats where my job will be) Pembroke Pines is right near Hollywood. I’m desperate everything seems SO expensive. Is there anywhere in the $500-600 range?? Help!

Administrator answers:

You are in an expensive area. You might want to see if you can rent for a few months from someone who has an apartment who does not use it until the winter or one that is for sale and no one is living in it to give yourself time to find something affordable. I suggest you talk to a real estate broker and see if you can rent something until November.

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