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November 25, 2012

David asks…

how much money would i need to move to new york and start a life, and how long would to find a job and apartme

i mean, i would need to stay at at motel or something while a find an apartment, how cheap are the motels in there, and wich one? where can i find a cheap apartment to rent? how easy is it to find a job? where is the best place to live? everything you can tell about anything would help me

Administrator answers:

Hm…you’re probably better off commuting from Hoboken, NJ (which is just a subway ride away :) Rent is ridiculously high in NYC, depending on whether you’re stayin in the city or a bit further away. Jobs are fairly easy to find, if you make connections quickly. Try an agency…they can get you to a certain company, and from there, you can try and move up the scale and speak to different managers.

Michael asks…

Neighborhoods to live in around Columbia University in NY?

I am thinking of going to Columbia Law, and I would like to rent an apartment in New York with my best friend. We will both be students, so a fairly cheap apartment is a must. We want a neighborhood with subway access, so that we can use the subway to get to school. What possible neighborhoods could we consider living in? I have never lived in New York before, so please, some detail would be nice. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Columbia, including the law school, is located in Morningside Heights. A lot of the apartment buildings in MH are owned by Columbia and rented out to “affiliates” (students and faculty) so you may be able to find something there, even as the general public is searching in vain for an apt. In the neighborhood. However, it will still not be cheap.
For cheap, you are likely to find yourself going farther north along the 1 or A subway lines…as you go north those lines pass through Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood. Of those, Washington has the highest crime rate and least evidence of gentrification so far; Harlem is somewhere in the middle, and there’s a lot of variation within Harlem.

There’s no way of knowing what your frame of reference is for “fairly cheap.” Just south of MH is the Upper West Side, which has been a popular place to live for some time now…and the prices show it. In the southbound direction along the 7th and 8th Avenue subway lines, rents don’t get what I would consider cheap until you’re well into Brooklyn, an hour’s ride away from CLS.

You might find a better deal on the Upper East Side than the Upper West. The UES is not directly connected by subway to the Columbia area, but there are buses (and the 6 train will take you downtown from the UES).

Study the subway map ( before you try to find an apartment. Look at Craigslist to get a sense of apt. Availability and rents. And beware broker’s fees when you get ready to try to rent a place!

Helen asks…

What is the average salary in Israel? How is the cost of living?

If I save $10,000 ( 32,560 Israeli New Shekels) is that enough money to live off for at least a year? If not, what is a good amount to save for a year or two in Israel? What is the average apartments rent, what are the monthly bills like, how expensive is food?

Administrator answers:

You are intersted in living in Israel and not working? Why? You could work alittle and it would be much easier for you. If you are jewish your could get an Israeli citizenship without problems: When you land in Ben Guriyon Airport, just go and get your Israeli citizenship under the “Law of Return”, its very easy if you are jewish and you could work in the time you are in Israel..

Back to your question:
It depends where you want to live in Israel. Tel-Aviv, for example is a big fun city like Los-Angeles or Buenos Aires, but it very expensive. You should expect to pay rent for a small studio apartment (a nice one in a good place in the city) for about 2400NIS a month.

Electricity and water maybe about 200NIS a month (because the apartment is small – the bills are small too).

For expensive is the food? It depends, I think that you can live good from 600NIS a month on food, even less if you will not eat much.

I’d say the you can live from 3,500 a month in Israel if you try.. It shouldn’t be a problem. Of course you can get a cheaper apartment for 2000NIS or 2200NIS, you will just have to look alittle more and don’t expect to a amazing apartment for that price.

Again, it all depends where you are intersted to go to. Tel-Aviv is VERRYYY expensive, the 17th most expensive city in the world! New-York is number 7th in the most expensive cities list, do the math.

Apartments in Ramat-Gan would be less expensive but you will have to take the bus to Tel-Aviv.. You could live in the north of Israel for VERYY cheap, but there is nothing to do there.

Where are you intersted to go in Israel? You can leave me your email if you have anymore questions and would like to ask an Tel-Aviver and I would come back to you.

**EDIT** I now Read that you are immigrating to Israel, god luck with that. I try to immigrate from Israel.
About the salaries, the salaries are very low if you are an unskilled worker.. The minimum salary in Israel is 20.7NIS per hour and its very hard to make a good living out of it.

Some people think that living here is cheap, but its not, its very expensive, and the salaries are very low.

+ You can get assistance from the Israeli goverment, they give you apartment for 12 months for free if you immigrate here and they help people that do Aliya.

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