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December 11, 2012

William asks…

What job would I need to live In a penthouse in New york city?

Always been a life long dream to live in a nice big penthouse in New york city, and want to know what job would be able to afford that. I am more of a dreamer and would love a serious answer. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

I lived in the city for a few years and it depends on what you mean by the penthouse. Most top floors in apartment buildings in NYC have penthouses. These penthouses can range from studios apartments to mansions in the sky. Also it depends on what part of the city you are in, obviously the poorer neighborhoods will be cheaper. I think you can rent a pretty nice one ( not just a top floor apt with a balcony) for around 10K a month.

But to answer your question if you have a college degree and work for a few years in the city you can work in just about any industry. I know bus drivers that work for the MTA that make 80k to 100k. Working in the media industry is good (nice perks), finace is proably the best. Go to to see more specifics about incomes for different positions. Hoped this helped.

Joseph asks…

How much do apartments usually cost in New York to rent?

Just a nice apartment with like 2 bedrooms kitchen bathroom loungroom kind of thing?
How much does it usually cost to rent?
Because i heard its like insanely expensive there.
But i’d love to move there in like 4 years or something.

Administrator answers:

In Manhattan, a two bedroom apartment with the amenities you described would be AT LEAST $3000 (and that’s a good price). In Brooklyn or Queens, you might be able to find something in areas like Midwood, Bayridge, Bensonhurst, Brighton Beach, Forest Hills (Queens) etc., for around $1600-$2500 (depending on how close to the subway, how large, what’s close by, etc.). It’s not cheap to live here, but it’s insane in Manhattan.

Mark asks…

How can I afford to move to New York City?

I want to know about rent, work, realities of NYC life. How can I figure out how to move to NYC and take advantage of the wonderful place everyone says it is? I’ve visited. I don’t HAVE A CLUE how to start looking for a job, an affordable place to live, or how to make it work. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Depends on the lifestyle you demand. Most people I know moved here with a few bags of clothes and some money in their bank account. They didn’t have a job lined up but usually had a connection for a place to sleep, like at a friend’s apartment for at least the first week or so. Jobs can be easy to find if you’re not picky. Restaurants are always hiring and people usually start out working as waitstaff or as a delivery person if they have a bike. Jobs like that can usually be found in the first few days if you try hard enough.

Finding your own affordable apartment in NYC is tough right now. There’s really not much out there that’s under $1200-1300/month. Unless you have a lot of money saved up, it might be easier to rent out a room in someone elses apartment for awhile while you look for a place of your own. Even then, it’s difficult to find a room for less than $700-800/month. Anything less than that will probably be far out into one of the outer boroughs. Don’t forget that bills may not be included. It may be cheaper and easier to find a place across the river in NJ while you look for a place in NYC. The PATH train runs from NJ to NYC so getting into the city is simple.

Bringing a car is a bad idea unless you plan on living in it. Even then you will probably get a bunch of tickets.

You can reserve a room at the YMCA if you have no place to stay. The cheapest rooms start around $40. The Greenpoint, Brooklyn YMCA is in a great area:

Paul asks…

Is it good to Dorm in colleges or rent an apartment around there?

Im moving out soon to college. In New York City, Going to a CUNY COLLEGE.. how are the dorms there.. How many people in one room? & how many rooms does one like apartment have and whats the best way to find a roomate if i rent? which one is cheaper and better. THANKS
4 minutes ago – 3 days left to answer.

Administrator answers:

Rent an apartment nearby or in the metro area.
Is much cheaper.

Ruth asks…

What are some cheap and fabulous areas to live in Toronto as a student?

When I do my post secondary studies, I want to move to Toronto, preferably somewhere where it’s cheap, chic, and of course safe.

Thanks guys.

Administrator answers:

Living close to your university/college is not a priority?
Toronto is a great place to live in no matter where you go. I’m not sure about the prices in different areas, but I know that almost everything along Yonge Street or in downtown will be expensive.

How about living in North York? There are many apartments along Sheppard Avenue. However, if you are concerned about safety, I wouldn’t go too far east or too far west of Yonge St. Try the apartments at Don Mills Road and Sheppard Ave.

Or maybe you want to live downtown. In that case, I would suggest something on King Street west.

Also, your post secondary institution should offer some off-campus housing or some way to find a place to live through them. Try that too :) There are always many ads around for places that are for rent.

Michael asks…

How should I go about moving to New York?

I have decided to take a year off from college and move to New York. The few people I’ve talked to about this think it’s too much money, but I think I can make it work, even if it’s a little tight for the first year or two. I’ve lived at my parent’s house until last year, and since then I’ve been on a collage campus. What general moving-out-into-the-”real-world” things should I expect? And is there anything in particular about New York that I should know or prepare for before I move there?

Administrator answers:

Well, my friend, try to consider that NYC is expensive, both in renting an apartment and other item, such as food, clothes and transportation (well transportation is not that expensive).

First of all, aparment in Manhattan is expensive, so don’t rent an aparment in Manhattan, unless you have a few thousands to spare. Rent an aparment in the outter borough (Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx or Staten Island), you get a better deal out there. Or you can always sublet.

Second, a car in NYC is not, and I repeat, not need. Real New Yorkers (that’s those who live in the city) rides the subway to get from points A to B. If you live in Staten Island, you can take the ferry, its free and cheaper and the trip take 30 minutes round trip. Once on the Island, you take the bus or, if you live on the eastside of Staten Island, take the Staten Island Railway.

Finally, other expensess. My friend, if you’re on a tight budget, consider to buying thing at discounts, because with the price of gas now a days, food prices keeps going up everyday.

All in all, my friend, have a great time and enjoy you “Real World” exprerience in NYC.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

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