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December 18, 2012

Steven asks…

What is the best way to rent an apartment in NYC?

I am about to move to NYC, what are the best ways to go on about getting a good deal on a one bedroom apartment. I am not looking to spend much because I dont have that much may be thinking within a $1000 a month. Any advice would help. Thanks

Administrator answers:

It depends on what neighborhood you are in. There are some Brooklyn area apartments for 2500 for a tiny 1BR. Some areas are cheaper but they are not necessarily ideal. The landlord will request a credit check with 3 years salary history and two months security deposit.. It is frequently expected that your income is 40 times the rent. Do you have any idea what neighborhood you are interested in? Is there anyone you can share a place with? Everything is expensive there. Food, utilities, parking and car insurance, taxis cabs, buses and trains, etc. Rents in NY can be legally raised up to 8% per year (not including rent control which is IMPOSSIBLE to get). You need to start looking on craigslist new york to see what is being offered. Try to find a place near public transportation.

Good luck and don’t forget to purchase a renters insurance policy. Should be about $120/year.

Daniel asks…

What is the best time of the year to find an apartment?

Is there a time period when many leases are ending and there are many apartments on the market to rent (so maybe things are cheaper)? I am currently living in New York City, but am speaking generally.

Administrator answers:

No pefect time of the year. Leases expire throughout the year, I would, however, avoid the summer if possible

Richard asks…

Whats the cost of living in New York for two months?

Hi! I´m traveling to New York and I´d like to know how much will I need per month. My apartment is already rent and my tuitions too. I also have healthy insurance, so it wont be a cost. I´ll need money only to transport and food (lunch and dinner).
Thanks a lot!

Administrator answers:

As long as your housing, etc. Is all paid for, you can live decently cheap in NYC if you know where to go and what to do. I have no problems living off $15 per day, including drinks, food and fun.

Try eating falafel, usually $2.50 and you’re full. Buy your own food and cook. Maybe eat Ramen every once and a while. Order your groceries from Fresh Direct. Go to the free museums like the MET and the Natural History Museum (They only ask for a donation). Spend a lot of time walking around and people watching. Hit up happy hour for drinks. There are plenty that have $1 drafts until 6pm and many times free food at the bar until 7pm. Spend most of your time in Greenwich Village and stay away from the tourist traps in Midtown.

This site is about saving money in NYC. You may want to check it out. But, if you budget well, you can easily live off os $10 – 20 per day, depending how frugal you are. I even had a friend who made it on $5 per day.


Good luck!

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