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December 23, 2012

William asks…

Where is the cheapest and safest area to rent in New York City?

Me and my two friends want to live in New York for 4 months from January to April. We don’t have a lot of money to spend on rent so we know we may have to look outside the city so we’d like to be close to a metro station so we could get in and out of the centre with ease. Any suggestions would be great, thanks! :)

Administrator answers:

New York is so expensive that your teeth will fall out when you see the prices. Rents of several thousand dollars a month for a one or two bedroom apartment are not unknown in Manhattan and they start at nearly $1000/month for a one-bedroom in an outer borough. Anything close by such as Nassau County, Long Island or Hoboken or Union City New Jersey will be costly too.

That being said, your best bet within City limits will be Staten Island or the North Bronx. Staten Island requires a daily ferry commute so many people don’t like it.

The North Bronx is not well known and many people hear “Bronx” and think of the days 20 years ago when the South Bronx was deadly. Please note, the South Bronx, nearer to Manhattan has actually gotten costly. Such North Bronx neighborhoods as Pelham Bay, Bedford Park, Morris Park or Riverdale offer safe family-like residential neighborhoods in exchange for a somewhat longer commute by express train, express bus or Metronorth.

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