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December 31, 2012

Sandra asks…

What should i know about apartments in new york?

I would like to live in New York after I graduate and would like to know what kind of apartments to be looking for. I will be living with 2 friends and we will split the cost. What should I be looking for, and how much should I expect to pay?

Administrator answers:

Pillar, hi. This depends on several things. Will you be looking for a three-bedroom apt, or are you willing to double up or use the living room as a third bedroom? Do you want to be in Manhattan, or would Brooklyn or Queens be fine? And if Brooklyn or Queens, how long a commute to Manhattan would you be willing to have?

So…here are a bunch of rough rents for some of these possibilities. In Manhattan, excepting very uptown neighborhoods like Inwood and Washington Heights which are cheaper but also quite a trek, you can expect a three-bedroom to START at about $3500, and a two-bedroom to start at about $2800. They will go up from there. Far up, but I’m assuming your not looking on Park Avenue ;) .

In Brooklyn, which I know much better than Queens, in the hotter neighborhoods, a three-bedroom will start at about $3200, a two-bedroom at about $2500.

If you don’t mind somewhat further, but still nice neighborhoods, the price will drop a bit. Maybe to about $2800 for a 3, and $2000 for a 2.

If you’re willing to have a good hour of a commute to Manhattan, but still be in safe neighborhoods (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, for example), the prices will drop significantly. You could find a 3 for under under $2000, and a 2 for under $1500.

You also ask what should you be looking for. That’s hard to answer without knowing more about you. Do you want a smaller building, like a brownstone? Or something more modern, a larger apt. Building with an elevator? Do you want to be near clubs and restaurants? Or do you not mind being a little off the path?

If you’re not from the city, I very much recommend looking for a place with someone who has lived in NY for a while and looked once or twice for their own apartment. It’s pretty overwhelming the first time and even with the economy as it is now, it’s still a situation where you often have to make up your mind on the spot. Also, be prepared to pay a security fee (usually one month’s rent) plus first and sometimes last month’s rent. And, if you’re going thru an agent as opposed to directly thru landlords, you’ll be paying another fee, also I think usually about a month’s rent worth. All this to say: Do not move to NY without several thousand saved AND a job lined up. Otherwise you’ll find yourself in a very stressful situation.

Best of luck to you.

Nancy asks…

How much money would I need to move to New York City?

I want to go to NYU in 2 years and I just wanted to know how much money I should save. Also is it cheaper to rent or buy an apartment if I plan on settling down there? And what is the cost of living in NYC?

Administrator answers:

Nikita, my advice, better start saving money right now. You will need at least $2000 to $3000 in order to move to New York City.

If you going to be renting an apartment in New York City, which is cheaper that buying one, my advice rent one outside of Manhattan. You will find cheaper accodmation in the outer boroughs. You will still commute into and out of Manhattan.

I hope this information is very helpful.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

William asks…

Who can give me advice on moving to New York?

I need to know roughly how much it is for an apartment in New York, not necessarily in Manhattan, I need to know where the cheaper stuff is. Any good, real websites would be greatly appreciated.
I live in the UK and want to move there in a few years but I need a rough guide as to how much I need to save. If the amounts could be in GBP as well, that would be great. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Apartments really can range in price. They are cheaper outside of Manhatten and even cheaper again if you move to the Jersey suburbs. It all depends if you want to rent a room or your own apartment. There is a website in the USA called Craigs List. They have apartment listing and forums where you can ask questions about specific areas. Here is the link for the New York site.


I am from Northern Ireland and when I moved to New York I lived in an ‘irish area’ in the Bronx….its basically a whole area which is just populated by Irish immigrants called Woodlawn. It may be that there is a similar area for English/Welsh/Scottish. Try and locate it if there is becasue it really does make life easier. When I got to Woodlawn there were notice boards in stores and cafe’s with apartments for rent/share etc and you had the confidence in that you were in a good area.

A good website for you to look at would be Locate the USA forum and ask questions in there. You should get some good response from people like yourself who have done a similar move from the UK to the USA.

Good luck

Betty asks…

How much rent would you pay for a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan ?

How much rent a month would you pay for a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. It doesn’t have to be right in the centre of Manhattan.

Administrator answers:

I would say that anywhere from $1,500-$2,500 for a one-bedroom is about right for a decent area right in Manhattan.

In order to get an idea of the rents in specific neighborhoods, go to the following website:, and scroll down to “Median rent in 2008″, and then click on the area you want to know about. (You’ll find that there are a lot of studios in Manhattan, which make the median rent seem lower)

For a cheaper rent, I would recommend going into the outer boroughs-you’ll get more value for your money in neighborhoods like Woodside and Sunnyside, Queens, a little bit further out.

Good luck.

Laura asks…

How much money is required to live a comfortable life in USA, New York? I want details about everything.?

I want to know details about: How much does it cost per month to rent a double bed room house? How much does it cost for food per month? How much does it cost for transportation, like taxi and bus, how much US$ for 1 Mile on taxi charged and how much for going from one stop to another on bus?

Administrator answers:

Assuming you mean New York *City* (because some parts of New York State are very different and much cheaper)…

A 2-bedroom apartment is much easier to come by than a 2-bedroom house. If that’s what you mean…between $900 and $4000+, depending on how big the apartment is, how new the building is, whether it’s close to midtown and downtown Manhattan, whether it’s close to subway and/or bus lines, whether the building has a doorman or other amenities…etc.


Food…again, it depends on what and where you eat. In a part of town with a large supermarket, if you carefully shop for bargain groceries and buy produce at weekly farmer’s markets, and never eat out at restaurants, you could probably put together a healthy diet for $150 per person per month. But most New Yorkers spend more than that, some much more.


Bus: On local buses within NYC, it’s $2.25 per ride, regardless of whether you’re going one stop or all the way across town.


Taxi: $2 per mile, plus at least $3 per trip in taxes and fees

Lizzie asks…

Me and my cousin are 18 and live in Mass but want to move to New York but have no money. How can we do this?

Me and my cousin are both 18 and want to move to New York. We have NO money and we don’t know anyone there. There HAS to be a way for us to get to New York. We want to get a job once we get there but we don’t want to be homeless until we can get a place so what can we do? There has to be some way to do it. Please nothing illegal and serious answers only. Thanks! :)
And also what is the cheapest neighborhood?

Administrator answers:

Here’s how I did it.
1.) I stayed where I was at and saved up money, then used my tax return to make the leap.
2.) I called a pizza shop in manhattan and asked if they were hiring. I admit I got really lucky, and they had me working the day after I moved.
3.) I looked on under apartment shares and posted an ad looking for a room to rent.
4.) I met someone I liked on craigslist, and after lots of emailing back and forth I came to the city for the weekend, met her and viewed the room, and dropped in on the pizza shop to meet the manager who told me I could start as soon as I was settled.
5.) Got everything lined up over the next couple of weeks, and came to NYC. I paid my roommate security deposit, and first months rent, then started working the very next day at the pizza shop.

I’ve been here for 2 years now, and I have a job as a secretary at a construction company in Queens. Good Luck! I’m sure you 2 could find a roommate willing to rent to both of you.

Cheapest neighborhoods are probably in Queens and Brooklyn. As a roommate you guys can look to pay anywhere from 475-700 a month. I paid 650.

Donna asks…

Are there any cheap hotels in New York City?

I’m planning a trip to New York for spring break, and we’re driving from Wisconsin. Me and my parents all get our checks which are aboutt, 2,000 all together, plus the money they get from work and the money we have saved, which I don’t know how much it is. We’re not shopping like crazy, just sightseeing cause I’ve wanted to go since I was little and my life would be made going on this trip. :)

Administrator answers:

I would check Craigslist for vacation rentals here

it is specifically for Manhattan

As far as finding the cheapest I would suggest you give an exact date so the search for cheap hotels is narrowed down.

Also check out the woogo apartments

They are full apartments you can rent for a decent price.

FYI for any hotel you book they will put a hold on whatever credit or debit card you use for the reservation. When I went back to visit I got hit with a $500 hold for a week for “incidentals”

Robert asks…

Which Hawaii island is the cheapest to live on?

I understand that Hawaii is not a cheap place to live but it is very important to me that I get to live there someday. I’m only 16 right now so I won’t be moving anytime soon. I don’t want to buy a house.. I would just want to rent an apartment. I’m willing to work to jobs if I have to.. I just really really really want to live in Hawaii. So which island is the cheapest to live on?? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I think Kaui and the big island is much cheaper to rent compared to Oahu. However consumer goods are more expensive in those rural area because they have to be imported twice. Also because the other islands are rural and not as developed as Honolulu, there is not much job opportunities and career advancements. I would suggest Honolulu because that is where all the money is at. Rent is high but its not as bad as some of the cities on the mainland such as New York City, D.C., Boston, Jersey and San Francisco. There are ways you can get around rent. My friends who rent live in boarding houses where they share a home with the family owners or other tenants. They pay around 900-1000 dollars in a really good neighborhood such as Kaimuki, Aina Haina and Hawaii Kai and trust me everyone wants to live on this side.

My one friend who lives in Aina Haina said her 1000 dollar rent covers for her 1 bedroom, utilities and even food. People in Hawaii are more likely to be nice and she told me her land lord treats her like a daughter. I had another friend who lived in Aina Haina, she qualified for student rental rates and she paid less than a 1000 dollars. The landlord would even cook dinner for her and the other tenants.

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