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January 5, 2013

Chris asks…

How old do you have to be to rent an apartment?

My boyfriend and I are planning to save up for our apartment because we want to be together.
[in New York]

What can we do to reach our goal? [to live in an apartment]
How old do we both have to be?
How much do you think it will cost?

-Thank you. =]

Administrator answers:

In most states contracts with minors are not enforceable sooo ,
Next to no landlords will rent to them ,
Unless they are like teen techno or entertainment millionaires .

Your question suggests otherwise . . .
New York state ? Or New York City ? ?

The state has lots of depressed areas where you could pick up an apt cheap ,
The city ? Figure on about $5000 initial cost to get in and proof of employment that you can afford the unit ongoing .

What are your careers going to be ?


Mary asks…

Where are some nice places to live in New York City?

I know it’s SUPER expensive in New York City. Are there any places I can live that aren’t the most expensive but, the area is still nice and not dangerous?

Administrator answers:

Well, surprisingly enough, you can get some nice little tiny studio apartments on the Upper East Side for around $1300 a month, and it’s very nice and very safe up there.

Of course, those apartments are about the size of the average suburban bedroom, not much bigger than your bed, but, there you go, that’s life in the big apple, right?

So, search for New York City apartments on and look at the cheapest listings they have, and also read the article at the link, below, it’s all about the lengths people go to to live here.

Good luck!… :-D

Sandra asks…

Minimum Cost to live in New York city with three members family in a month?

Hello, I am going to Migrate to New York from Bangladesh and I have one three years Kid and wife. So can anyone give me a clear statement regarding cost of Living including food, transport, Insurance, Utilities and others cost in a month

Administrator answers:

A 2 bedroom can run from $1000-1500. Depends on neighborhood
most apartments utilities isnt included in the rent, gas every 2 months $70. Light bill monthly $50. You can get phone, internet and cable all in 1 bill and that usually around $100.
Transport right now is $2. Per ride but you can buy a weekly metrocard for $24 or $25, month;y for $81. Its cheaper than payin $2. Each way.
Food cost a lot say perhaps $100. Per week for grocery. Hopefully you can get a job that provides health insurance, cause paying outta pocket is a lot

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