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January 29, 2013

Donald asks…

I need an Apartments in Manhattan. Can you give me some advice?

I know about craigslist, but other than that where are some good websites, apartment buildings, etc. I am looking to live anywhere in between Soho and 65th street and I will need a studio or one bedroom for under $1,500 a month. Please any helpp is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:


I dont think you wont ever find a place at that price. Imagine you have to think about your daily expenses too plus all the new york stress. Believe me sweetie, i work at midtown 5th ave.. Ive been wanting to live in manhattan for a long time now “if i have the money” but it looks like you dont wanna stretch your fortune. A studio in soho right now cost $1800 and up and that depends the size too. I live in queens and it the best place to be at… My train take me 15 mins only and no hassle. Very peaceful… If you really insist, walk around soho to 65th (uptown is way cheaper) walk through apartments, speak people, friends, landlords on apt bldngs cause they know better… Asked for rent-stabilized bldngs (rent that is fix) look at signs.. Posters.. University bulletin, etc. Let everybody know ur looking for a place.. (its a chain-reaction & word of mouth) but remember you have to shed extra money for deposit, security, utilities, etc or better find friends to join you or room mates. Dont got to websites that requires money… Some are just BS or if ever try goin to I know a lot of people who live in manhattan that wants to get out here now (some move to queens or long island) unless you’re a party girl, so then… This is were u belong!!! Fand oh, i heard if you are an immigrant.. Goverment helps you with expenses and hook you up with nice apartments in town.

Good luck sweetie.

Helen asks…

Can you become a successful actor from ohio or florida?

i live in england and love acting i want to make it my job i want to be noticed i cant really afford new york or l.a because its thousands of pounds just for a month(i would of lived their if there were apartments that were about 300-400$ a month) so i can move to florida or miami to become successful
p.s i have lots of training.
also how much would you say an 1 bedroom apartment costs for a month?

Administrator answers:

You wouldnt have to worry so much about your rent, as you would the travel time and money. If i were you, maybe not LA but try looking at places in California that are in the surrounding area, like a suburb. They should be cheaper. And it also depends on what job you have to support yourself while you are living there. Find a side job that might not make you happy but that you can handle and can pay your bills. Anyone can be successful. Its not where you live, its how you act…

Mark asks…

How much is reasonable rent on this house?

3000 square foot, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, formal living and dining room, den, breakfast area in kitchen, house is on 3 acres of land. No sprinkler system but professionally landscaped. House in a little university town about 40 minutes drive to large city.
This house is in a little city 40 minutes out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Administrator answers:

The best way to make a determination is to go through your local newspapers RE advertisements. I live in New York and own a house. When I recently rented the first floor apartment I researched the area I live in to see what was the norm for rents in this area with the same or like living description. I rented for $3,500.00 a month. Still cheaper than what others were going for. But that would be the best way for you to determine how much to rent for (research rents in the area.)

Thomas asks…

On average, how much would an individual spend when moving into a one bedroom apartment?

I plan to move by January of next year and I was wondering how much money people spend to move into a one bedroom apartment? Include whatever you can such as decorating the headquarters, security deposit etc.

Administrator answers:

I’ve literally lived all over the world and I can tell you that for starters…a lot depends on what town or city you’ll be moving to, the neighborhood in that town or city you’d like to live in, the age of the building, the size of the apartment itself and the “extras” the building does or doesn’t offer it’s tentants. All apartments are not created equal.
A “tiny one bedroom, unfurnished, uncarpeted, no AC, no curtains/drapes, no kitchen appliances, no assigned parking space, you pay your own utilities, you clean-up after the last tentant before you move in, and paint it at your own expense apartment” in a small town in a rural county will be a lot cheaper to rent then a similair apartment in New York City. And even in New York it can vary from one neighborhood to the next.
A spacious one bedroom “bachelor/bacheloret apartment” with den/office, fully carpeted, custom drapes, fresh paint, professionally cleaned, fireplace, deluxe fully equipped kitchen, master bathroom,”powder room” and laundry room, doorman plus security parking, AC, building SPA & exercise rooms, indoor pool, etc. In a small town in a rural county will be a lot cheaper to rent then a similair apartment in New York City. And again, even in New York it can vary from one neighborhood to the next.
Location is a BIG deal everywhere in the world… As much so as the actual square footage of an apartment.
As for “decorating” costs…that depends on your tastes and more importantly…your budget. You can go to a second hand shop and furnish an apartment with “the basics” for five hundred dollars….or you can spend five hundred dollars for a lamp. Your choice… Your pocket book. If your budget is on the small size…throw a “house warming party” and let your friends and relatives help you out with household gifts or gift cards.
There are no hard and fast rules when determining what expenses you’ll have when renting any apartment or house. The owners make the rules and what they require from their tentants “up-front” moneywise. However…most want to rent/lease in a competitive manner while still making a profit. That is why they have invested money into a building and are renting/leasing that property…to earn a profit. In general landlords set their rental rates according to the “going rates” for similair apartments in the same general area of a town. If an apartment in one area is say $500 a month, and a similair apartment is $1,000 a month on the other side of town, there’ll be a real good reason and you can bet that other landlords are getting similair rents.
You get what you pay for. If a rental price seems too good to be true…it probably is.

Time to check out the neighborhood and chat up a few of the other tentants or neighbors. Visit the neighborhood at night…which is probably when you’ll be spending the most time in your apartment. Make sure there aren’t noises at night that will prevent you from sleeping like airplanes taking off and landing at a near by airport. If you are a day sleeper, pay attention to any day time noises that might do the same….like a bus stop out front, a church across the street (one with beautiful LOUD bells)….or a fire station or hospital…a “open 24 hours” store, etc.
On average though most landlords will usually want at least the first month’s rent plus a month’s rent as a “security deposit”. Some want first and last month’s rent PLUS an additional “security deposit”.
If pets are allowed, you’ll also be expected to cough up an additional month’s rent as a “pet deposit” if you have or get a pet at any point. And don’t make the mistake of thinking you can sneak a kitty in without the landlord’s knowledge. Someone will find out or suspect a cat when they see you hauling kitty litter in & out and they will report you. And if you think you can somehow talk the landlord into letting you keep your pet when & if you get caught…well good luck with that. Your personal pet deposit amount may be double what others had to pay since the landlord can no longer trust you.
And if the landlord has a friend or relative in need of your apartment…this may be just the excuse needed to get you evicted. Never try to pull a “fast one” over on your landlord…your next landlord may want a reference from them.
So if rent is say $700 a month and you want to bring along your cat, you may need to have $2100 (or more) up front for the landlord when you sign your lease agreement… Before he/she will hand over a key.
Mind you, there can easily be other fees and deposits required. That’s something you’ll have to discuss with each landlord or apartment building/complex manager in advance. These things can vary from one place to another within the same town or city.
If utilities are not included with the rent, you’ll have to contact the local utilities companies to see what sort of deposit you’ll need to place in order to have your utilities turned on. Most landlords will require that you have the utilities turned on so that there is heat in the apartment during cold weather. This is not out of concern for your comfort it is so their property (such as water pipes) won’t be damaged by the cold. This is only in your best interest as well because they can sue you for repairs…which aren’t cheap.
Which brings us to renters insurance…get it. Your landlord is not required to insure your belongings or pay for any damages you or your guests cause to their building, other tentants’ belongings, or other tentants etc. They are also not responsible for damages their other tentants may cause to you or your belongings. If another tentant doesn’t have insurance or the money to pay you for damages or hospital bills, etc. You could get stuck footing the tab out of your own pocket if you don’t have your own insurance. If you throw a party & a drunken guest punches out your neighbor who has come to your door to complain about the noise or a guest leaves a cigerette burning in an ashtray left on the arm of your sofa OR you step out one morning to check your mail while frying some bacon and you stop to chat with a neighbor (or any one of a thousand ways accidental fires get started every day) you can be sued for it.
So like I said…always get renter’s insurance. If you’re smart enough to get car insurance… Then be smart enough to get renter’

Nancy asks…

How much money will i need for a trip to montreal?

i want to visit a friend in montreal, i live in new york. Amtrak costs about 63 dollars round trip if im not mistaken, if i am please let me know. i want to know what it would cost to spend at least a week there. Hotel fee and food, thats all. Also if you would include a link to that hotel, itd be grand. Thank you

Administrator answers:

It depends what kind of food you’re willing to eat. If you stick to mcdonalds you can get by on $10 a day. I mean if you’re from NY you know roughly what a restaurant would cost in montreal so just budget accordingly.

The hotel will be the biggest expense. It all depends what you’re will to settle for. I’ve been researching hotels for a wedding im planning in montreal. Assuming you want to stay downtown closest to the action, I’d recommend the days inn for being the cheapest hotel downtown with pretty decent reviews from people who stayed there. It’ll cost you about $100 to 130 a night.


If you want the bare minimum and don;t care if its a bit run down try hotel celebrities. It’s about $75 a night

And if you literally just want a place to crash try:

baisically you rent out a bed in someones apartment or something. That can be had for as little as $40 a night

Steven asks…

average cost of living in new york city?

I’m planning to stay there for the summer (possibly Brooklyn or Manhattan). Can anyone give me a rough estimate on monthly expenses (including rent, food, transportation, entertainment, etc.)?

Administrator answers:

Cost of Living in New York City

Bibliographic Entry Result
(w/surrounding text) Standardized
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(comparative index)
Economist Intelligence Unit. Mercer Human Resource Consulting Cost of Living Survey 2004-Index Summary-Top 50 cities.2004. “Two bedroom apartment (1 month’s rent) €2,023″ $2,483.64/month
“Phone rental (1 month) €21.17″ $25.99/month
MSN. House & Home. Compare Cities with Sperling’s Best Places. 2005. “Cost of living indexes: Overall 189.1, Food and groceries 142.5, Utilities 179.9″ 189.1
(comparative index)
“Housing Median Value $314,000″ $314,000

New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live in. Mercer Resource Consulting ranked as the 12th most expensive city in the world with Tokyo at number one, London at number two and Moscow at number three. In 2003, New York was ranked ten but due to currency fluctuations between the dollar and the Euro, 1:1, 0.8:1, European cities have surged to the top. Within the United States, New York remains the most expensive city with Los Angeles at twenty-seven and Chicago at thirty-five. The median income of a New York is $60,765, $10,000 more than the national median. Based on a US average at an index of 100.0, the overall cost of living in New York is 189.1. Housing is almost triple the national average at $314,000 for a house and $2,483.64 for one months rent of a two bedroom apartment. Secondary education is about $2,000 more than the national average at $7,428. Utilities, including electricity and gas, are almost twice the national index at 179.9. Food and groceries is about 1.5x the nation’s index at 142.5. A mere cup of coffee with table service is $5.48 while in Buenos Aires, ranked 141st, the same service costs $1.10. In fact, despite attaining a lower ranking than cities like London and Tokyo, one thing remains the most expensive in New York, phone service for one month at $25.99. The cheapest city surveyed by Mercer Resource Consulting was Pittsburgh ranked 112th. According to the index, a person who earns $50,000 in Pittsburgh will need $97,9776 in New York. Overall, New York City is two-times as expensive as any other city in the United States.

Sandra asks…

Advice for someone moving to the Domincan Republic?

I am planning to move to the Dominican Republic (Santiago most likely) after I graduate in May (degrees in International Studies and Spanish). I am hoping to teach conversational english classes to business people traveling to the states. I was hoping someone from the D.R. could give me some advice regarding health insurance, apartments, cost of living, etc. Also, I am bringing my dog so if anyone knows regulations regarding traveling abroad with pets would be helpful. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You should have no problem finding that kind of job in Santiago since they are always looking for teachers for that particular course (I was offered a job in the same thing when there on vacation visiting family and I hadn’t even graduated college yet). Cost of living is relatively cheaper than it is here in the US. You can rent a decent apartment for about $200 a month. However, I have to say if you’ve never been there be prepared for a few things…rolling black outs are common everyday, so unless you have a generator be prepared to not have any electricity at least once a day for a couple of hours (sometimes as much as 3-4 hours). Same thing with water, although in Santiago it is very uncommon. The people are very friendly and easy going. Familiarize yourself with the culture and holidays (food and such…like they celebrate xmas, but there is more emphasis on Dia de los Reyes in January…most importly of all, baseball team in Santiago Las Aguilas…its a religion onto itself…).

To the person below, DR is not technically considered a third world country and in terms of crime rate its the same as everyelse, depends on the neighborhood you live in. I’ve find that health care there is better than the health care here. Most people I know will go for surgery in DR before they even consider going to a hospital in the states.

I would bring mosquito repellant, Brita water filter (with replacement filters), stuff that you can’t live without (obviously). I go to DR on a regular basis to visit family and vacation and I love it there more than here.

As far as traveling with your dog, depends on the airline.

Contact the nearest embassy and see if they can provide you with more info…not knowing where you are from I can only say that there is one in New York and one in Paterson, NJ. They are very helpful and can help you further with any questions. Same thing when you arrive in DR. I believe there is an American embassy in Santiago but I’m not sure where it is.

Wish you the best of luck and I’m very jealous……but I will be there for New Years which is the BEST.

If you have anymore questions feel free to email me.

Daniel asks…

I am considering moving to new york. I want to live close by the ocean. what is the cheapest city?

I know anywhere by the ocean is expensive. I am wanting to live n more than 30 min from it. How much is rent on a 3 bedroom apt or house and are jobs easy to come by there?
I realize everywhere is hard to find work, I guess I should say can you get work there? I left florida because of no work, my husband wants the snow and I want the ocean new york has both

Administrator answers:

Jobs aren’t easy to come by anywhere right now especially not in New York…People I know whose skills range from burger flippers to Oncologists are having trouble finding work.

You can look up listings in Brooklyn, which would be your best bet to be near the water here:

Charles asks…

places to rent in New york cheap and no agents?

Hi my friend is going on vacation to New York for 3 months and needs to find a cheap to stay! Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

A room or a whole apartment? YOu can probably find a sublet on craigslist or search But what do you consider cheap? Keep in mind that realistically 1200 a month is pretty cheap

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