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February 4, 2013

Robert asks…

Is it possible to live in New York and not be rich?

I really want to move to New York next year but is it possible to live in Manhattan or even Brooklyn with just a regular job because from what I hear those are the two most expensive places to live in the world. What areas in Manhattan have the cheapest rent. I will be straight out of high school and I want to live in New York a year before I go to university and just get whatever job I can find there. Do you think it is possible?

Administrator answers:

Being rich helps lol. But I live in NYC on 50k ish salary. If you want to be in Manhattan you have go uptown above central park. I live in Harlem which is alot cheaper than lower parts of Manhattan, though rents are shooting up by the day. You can find a VERY basic studio for $900, one bedrooms on the low end are around $1,100, mine is $1,175. Also Washington Heights above Harlem and Inwood present excellent values. Most apartments what you to make at least 35x to 40 times the monthly rent so access that for trying to move here. But realistically seeing that you are just out of high school I don’t know if its possible. Landlords want a rental history and credit history in NYC and I doubt a job you would get would be sufficent for a apartment.

Ruth asks…

What is the monthly rent that i should aim for when looking for an apartment?

In New York, NY? I make 36,000+ a year.

Administrator answers:

New York? Uuuhhh…that could be expensive. I lived there in a studio apartment on 91st and Broadway, it was $1,000.00 a month. I moved into a smaller studio on 66th and Broadway and paid $1,200.00 a month. I don’t think it gets cheaper than $1,000.00. Keep away from Times Square, they seem to be higher there. The further up Broadway you go the better, so it seemed that way for me. Good luck!

George asks…

how much to rent a cargo van or truck from philly to new york city?

i need to move a small apartment worth of boxes and furniture, needing a cargo van or a small box truck for a few hours, whats the cheapest rate i can get?

Administrator answers:


Donald asks…

What kind of lifestyle would a $45,000 income give you?

What can that income give you? Can you buy a big 3-5 bedroom house with a big backyard? Can you go out to eat at a restaurant often for dinner? Can you buy name brand clothing like Juicy Couture,Coach,Marc Jacobs etc. with this income? or do you have to buy cheap clothes and rent an apartment? What kind of lifestyle do you think someone can have with an income like this? (please give me your opinions).
I am talking about living in New York. Preferably a diverse neighborhood in Long Island

Administrator answers:

Luvsdard has the best answer.

A place like New York is going to be very expensive and you’ll probably only be able to afford a small apartment and cheap clothes – you won’t be able to go out to fancy restaurants for dinner very often.

However on average New York jobs will pay higher than a small/medium sized town/city.

If you can get a $45000 job in a city with a population of only 100 000 or so – you would probably be able to afford a detached house, buy decent clothes – but probably not high end. You’d also be able to go out to the fancy restaurants in town – but remember these restaurants probably aren’t as well known or as well respected as those in New York. Although I don’t see the big deal of going out to the best restaurant in town, my experience with restaurants around the world has been good and as long as it looks like a decent place to eat, it has been for me. I can’t say I taste a significant difference worth the money between high end, world re-known places and high-end fancy places.

I disagree with Luvsdard on his assessment of California – sure the big areas are expensive but that’s not all of California.

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