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February 24, 2013

Betty asks…

How well does $50k a year let one live?

My question is for Canadians. I’m 16 and thinking of possible job/career paths, and I’m wondering how well a job that pays 50k a year let someone live. Like is it enough for a single guy, to have a decent apartment, decent car, nice furniture?… Any info is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

It depends on your idea of a nice place, decent car, lifestyle. It also depends on where you’re going to live. New York City is alot more expensive than Utah.

I’m going to give you a bit of advice I wish someone had given me.

1. Get a job that offers a 401K. Max out your contributions (since this is pre-tax money), you get taxed on your salary after your contribution. Open an IRA and max that out also. That’s also pre-tax.

2. Live below your means. If you make 50k, make believe you earn 30K and bank the rest. If you make 100K live like you earn 60K and bank the rest.

3. Save for a house, condo, or coop as soon as you can. The quickest way to building wealth is through real-estate. Remember, you will almost always sell your place for more than what you bought it for. It’s literally living rent-free when you finally sell the place.

4. *VERY IMPORTANT* keep your credit cards paid!!!! On time!!! And keep more than 50% of your credit line available at all times. Good Credit will make the difference between a $2000.00 a month payment vs. A $1700.00 a month payment on the same house or apartment or coop!

5. Save for 20% downpayment as soon as you can and buy some place to live in. Remember, the faster you do this, the wealthier you’ll be. Just give it 10 years (which goes by fast) when you’re out of school and you’ll be leaps and bounds beyond your colleagues in net worth.

6. Keep your Debt To Income ratio low. This will help you get financing easier. Don’t buy a new car, but buy something cheap and will do the job. When you’ve established yourself, you can be driving a brand new Mercedes by the time you’re 30! (if you want).

Joseph asks…


I am Italian and I am thinking to come to USA. Which amount is good to live in a good way? I would prefer NY but any suggestion is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

It depends mainly on the area where you’re going to be living. Cost of living varies widely by region – in general, larger cities have a higher cost of living.

Just to give you an example, I live in Springfield, Missouri (the third largest city in Missouri but the city population is only 150,000 or so with a ~1 million metro area surrounding) — you could live fairly well on a salary of $50,000 per year here. Rents average around $500-$700/month. Nice houses are $100,000-$200,000 and smaller, decent houses can be had for $80,000-$90,000.

Conversely, in Seattle, WA a nice house would cost $400,000 or more. All large metro areas have higher costs like this. Rent for a decent apartment would be $1,000 or higher. A salary needed to live well there would be over $60,000 and probably more like $70,000-$80,000/year.

In New York you can pretty much multiply this by 2 or more. I don’t have much specific info about New York but this page has a few tidbits of info including a cost of living index you can use to compare cities (you will probably find New York is higher than most):

The good news is that you tend to be make a lot more in salary with jobs in large cities. In New York I’d say to live well you’d need to make $80,000 or more. Preferably 6 figures. Some people prefer large city living/urban living (Apartment rent can be $4000 a month in Manhattan or higher!) or commute to the city (which is probably time consuming and stressful, but you can purchase a larger house for a cheaper price). As with most things the value is built into the cost – smaller cities in more remote areas have less amenities and culture, but are cheaper to live in.

I hope this information helps!

Lisa asks…

Which are the nicest neigborhoods in Pamplona, Spain?

I’ll move to work in Pamplona. Where should I rent an apartment? Any tips for my new life over there?

Administrator answers:

My city =D

it depends where you want to live, you’ve already said an Apartment so you’d rather be in the city center?
But would you prefer to over look a park, or a busy road with all the nightlife

Do you prefer to live in the old town with old Basque Buildings, or a modern development?

-Navarrería is the oldest part of the city, much of the nightlife can be found here – although this isn’t where the most famous night clubs are

-Rochapea this is a planned neighborhood in the city, it’s o.k but there’s no character all 1950′s Building generally there’s more open spaces here though

-Noain this isn’t actually inside the city, but it shares all the amanites of the city e.g. Good night buses, this is where Pamplona airport is the homes are a lot larger and cheaper

-Zizur or Buztintxuri (where I live) these are new neighborhoods outside of the city, we don’t share the same transport system as the cities so there’s no nightbus etc.
But the homes are generally the largest and built in countryside of forest

Pamplona also has great road access, you don’t have to live in Pamplona you can live in the Aralar mountains and drive

Or you might not drive and want only to live in the city for the bus?

Nice changes by every persons definition… For example like Harlem in New York, or Soho in London. The houses can be VERY small, often DIRTY! Or something like this. For low income housing but because of their location they can be worth millions

so it depends what you’re looking for

a main tip would be to learn some Basque phrases and visit the Basque Country =]

Steven asks…

What is New York City life like if you live there?

I have been in the countryside in Florida most of my life !

Administrator answers:

New York City life is awesome when you have time and money to enjoy it. There are a lot of young people here. They spend most of their money on rent (1 bedroom is about $2,000 a month), ( though most live with roommates) so after you pay the rent you basically live paycheck to paycheck. We still go out a lot though, every one has a few cool spots, niches, places to hang out and relax. Rooftop bars are very popular in the summer, as well as places with good selections of beers and wines and cheap happy hours. When hanging out it is common to wander all over the city (generally the village) trying out new places – you get a beer at one, a nice desert at another, a fancy appetizer and another beer at the third place – these hang outs usually last from 10pm until 3-7am in the morning and take you down $60-150 a night. There are also clubs.

Most people don’t have cars. Subways are smelly and hot in the summer, but are the primary source of transporation.

Living in an apartment building that has a super/doorman, an elevator and a laundry facility as well as proximity to the subway and a grocery store is considred to be a great stroke of luck. Apartments are tiny and you have to get very inventive about storage. Like you can’t go shopping all the time because there is nowhere to store extra clothes.

However, New Yorkers also like getting designer stuff for less, and there are plenty of opportunities to do just that.

We also enjoy picnicing at the central park and going to the many beaches in the area.

We hate tourists because they move too slowly and block our way on sidewalks.

We like mayor Mike.

At the end of the day there is always something to do and a million places to be. I think most have a hate/love relationships with the city, we dream of subrbia but are too afraid to leave all this awesomness.

The end.

Maria asks…

What is the cost of living in Hawaii?

There’s really not a specific part of Hawaii, I just want to know in general?

Like how much would rent cost with an efficiency apartment or a one bedroom apartment?
I already know that milk, gas, food, etc…will be higher. I just want a price estimates of apartments.

In your opinion, where is the best place to live in Hawaii?
What is the weather like during winter?

Also, I reside in Texas…so how much would the move cost me?

& what are good colleges?

Administrator answers:

Hawaii is one of the most expensive places in the US and almost as expensive as living in New York City. A one bedroom would be at least $1500/mo and it’s really hard to find a job there.

Moving costs would depend on how much stuff you brought- if it’s just you and a suitcase then you need about $700 for a plane ticket & $3,000 to buy cheap furniture and home essentials.
If you have alot of stuff to ship you’ll still pay $700 for your ticket and about $3,000 to ship everything. Not to mention at least another $3,000 for first months rent and security deposit.

David asks…

If Moscow is the most expensive city, how can Russians live there?

I think about those people earning the Russian average wage ($300 a month).I would like to understand how they can afford living in Moscow.

Administrator answers:

1. The average Moscow wage is much higher, most people I know are making 800-1200 a month. They don’t pay hardly any taxes on that so its take home pay.

2. You don’t need to own a car and public transport is cheap.

3. Most average folk own their apartments outright from the good ole days so they pay no rent. Or they rent a flat and split it which run from about $600 a month for a 450 sq ft studio.

4. Most utilities are free or heavily subsidized. This carries over to rather cheap food as well.

5. They are frugal to the extreme.

The “most expensive standard” is based on similar living standards. They don’t live in nice homes like we do in America, and their new condos are on par with New York prices. In other words they don’t live to the same standard we are accustomed to.

Donna asks…

Where should a 18 year old live in New York City?

I’m looking to move to New York city and was wondering what are some fun and safe neighborhoods for a 18 year old to live? I cant really afford manhattan but would like to live close to manhattan

Administrator answers:

The question is not how old you are, it’s how much money you make. Are you an eighteen year old with a trust fund? Try the village. Are you a typical 18 year old with very little savings? Then the run-of-the-mill crap-hole closet-sized place with 4 other people.

Consider that typical rent in a dangerous part of Brooklyn (Bed-Stuy) is around 650-750/month. Your first rent check would be first month, last month, plus one month security deposit–>1950.00

Not to discourage you…you gotta live the dream…There are places up in Harlem that are affordable. It’s not the old scary Harlem from the past. They are really fixing it up (gentrifying, as they say) and there are a lot of students moving up there. Also look for places near universities for cheap rents and other people looking to team up on an apartment.

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