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May 29, 2013

David asks…

Moving to New York for Graduate school any advice on surviving the big city?

I will be moving to Manhattan , New York in July of this year , does anyone have any survival advice?I am 26 and have lived in San Francisco for many years, how ever, I understand New York is very different. I am curious to know about good places to live or find a room , NY etiquete, dating, who to trust…..all the secrets that only a New Yorker would know. Thanks for the guidance.

Administrator answers:

I just read a few of the comments that were sent to you. I moved to NYC for undergraduate school and had no problems. Depending on your budget I would highly recommend the upper west side. You can rent a big beautiful apartment or a room. I did the latter. Not the best living conditions, but it was clean, and very safe. Mine was on 94th and Riverside. In 1999 it was $500/month. Remember when I say room I use that word sparingly. I could barely fit a single bed, dresser & desk in there. The truth is NYC is a very mobile city. You hopefully won’t be spending too much time in your apartment/room. Check out the Village Voice online. You will definitely find a place to live. If you have the opportunity check out the area prior to moving in. You really want a family “neighborhood.” Word of advice, if you move to the Bronx, which you can there are a lot of great safe neighborhoods there despite what people say. NEVER, EVER call it “the boogie down.” You will seem like a chump!

Etiquette? In NYC? I suppose it is the same as most other metropolitan cites. As far as who to trust, do it the same would anywhere. You’re going to school so I would start making friends there first. NYC is very much a group scene, so this person will introduce you to his/her friends. As for dating – don’t bother. Your time should be full getting used to the city, meeting new people, etc. If it happens it happens. Consider right now, you only have 2 years! It will fly by!

One great place to check out is the Nyorican. I can’t remember the exact address but it is on the lower east side (LES) They have everything from salsa dance night to poetry slam. It is a great, fun, safe place to be. You will definitely make friends there.

Make friends with all the store owners in your neigborhood. Most of them will deliver if you are in Manhattan and they will front you a quart of milk if your short one week. Despite all the myths NYers are not that cold.

Get in the NY frame of mind. When there is a special use it to your best ability. When I was in school there was this special at McDonald’s 2 cheeseburgers for $2. I would ask for it with lettuce, tomatoes and extra pickles. I just liked the extra pickles. It was still $2.08 but I was able to add veggies to my meal!

Don’t be afraid of food carts. I think most NYers eat/drink off of them and we have never died. Make sure you have a metrocard at all times. Go to a jazz club that has a free cover in the middle of the week. Don’t buy drugs from anyone you haven’t seen take their own : ) Don’t get sucked in to all the cheap goods. NYers can tell. Leave that for the toursits and shop at regular places. If you rent a room invest in a toaster oven. Microwaves are quicker, but you can’t make toast in a microwave! You can however, carefully, heat up a can of soup. I emphasize carefully. Don’t get cable, it’s expensive and not having cable will force you to do something else! Invest in a good pair of shoes. Not only will you be walking a lot, NYers love shoes. Take some lessons in anything that interests you. Remember the museums only request a donation, if you’re broke and bored they are free. And don’t eat anywhere you see a TV commerical for.

Oh, and don’t sleep with your professors : ) Hope this helped!

Carol asks…

I am going to New York for a month. Where can I stay for the cheapest amount?

I am going to do an internship in Brooklyn for one month.
I don’t want to sublet a room, or have strangers for roommates.
Where is the cheapest place to stay? I am willing to have a long commute (2 hours).
the internship is near the Brooklyn Bridge.
My budget is about 600 a month.

Administrator answers:

My friend, since you’re going to be in town for a month, you can just rent a short stay apartment for that price, give or take $100. Therefore, may I recommend the links below.

Good luck
Native New Yorker

Daniel asks…

Why are las vegas studio apartments so cheap?

Compared to here in new york were a studio can go up to 1800 i saw one in vegas for 150?

Administrator answers:

Check the ad again. It might actually be 150 dollars a week. Many old motels are renting out what used to be called motel rooms as studio apartments. And as others here have written: It is most likely in a bad, high crime area. In the USA: cheap apartments means places with poverty, high crime and cockroaches!

Also you are aware I hope that Las Vegas has an extremely high rate of unemployment, so unless you have a job to go to, don’t move there! Don’t rent an apartment sight unseen.

William asks…

How much does it cost to live on your own?

My parents are forcing me to move out and I have no idea how much it is going to cost me a month. I tried to this myself but I have no idea what all the bills cost.

Administrator answers:

It all depends on your situation and where you live. Here in New York, it costs at least $3,000 a month or so. In the mid-west it’s cheaper.

Look in the apartments section of your newspaper to get a good idea of how much the rent is going to be. Estimate groceries and food at about $100 a week. Estimate how many phone calls you make per month. Then throw in transportation costs and add it all up.

Helen asks…

How much is rent in Prague?

Some people say Prague is expensive to live in, but I see apartments for $500 that look bigger than some in New York.
Is that what they really cost?

What is the average accurate cost for 1 and 2 bedrooms?

How safe are the neighborhoods for $500?

How much does the price differ in the city center compared to the outskirts?

Administrator answers:

Compared to NYC it is cheap, compared to the rest of Czech republic it is expensive.
Czech republic is still cheaper than most of West Europe, I guess also than most of the USA, very much cheaper than NYC.

As often the case, the center of town is more expensive than the area around it, although there might be the odd rich enclave in and near the city. Not just housing but also restaurant prices and even supermarket shopping.

If you know that people how have done university earn about $700 to $1000 per month, depending on their experience, you see that $500 for a modest apartment is high.

Prague as a whole is rather safe, the $500 apartments will not be in the cheapest areas but I doubt it is city center.

Nancy asks…

How much would one need in savings if moving to New York City?

Administrator answers:

Go on and look at apartment listings for the neighborhoods where you think you might live. Note that most places will want a deposit of about the same amount as first month’s rent, at the same time you pay first month’s rent. Add to that a generous allowance for transportation, phone calls, etc. While you apartment-hunt. Then, think about how long it’ll take you to settle into steady work; this depends on your field and level of experience. Finally, consider that even with a job, you may not get a check for a couple weeks! And during those weeks of jobhunting and waiting, you will be shelling out for food (figure 2x what you pay for food if you’re currently in a cheap part of the USA), payments on old debt, and other basic living expenses.

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

Is New York expensive to live in?

I’ve always wanted to move their but as a recent college graduate & with no job as of yet I’m wondering if I would struggle with the living expenses.

Could someone give me an average for rent, groceries, transport, etc?

Administrator answers:

It’s expensive, but you’re being given somewhat inflated prices. My son just rented a nice-sized studio apartment on E. 45th Street–a very good area–for $2200/month. It’s not a walk-up, it has an elevator and a super. No doorman, though, You can get somewhat cheaper rent than that and still be in a decent area. You can get something nice in Queens for a lot less and you can take public transportation to Manhattan.
Food definitely costs more.
Subway and bus fare is $2.00. You can get a discount if you buy Metrocards.
You need to get a job first and then see what you can afford, based on what you’re making. Also, check under “real estate” for ideas of prices. A lot of the stuff on Craig’s list is bogus.
Bottom line: yes, it’s very expensive. You don’t want to live like a pauper, either, spending every dime on rent, food and electricity. (Oh, that’s right–Con Ed charges some of the highest electric rates in the country.)

Maria asks…

how much does it cost to rent a small sparment or room in new york?

like a room or apartment with one bath n one bedroom… or is there any place where a student can live in new york like hostels… i want some cheap room not expensive…
cost per month…
is it possible to have room like for 200-400 dollars per month

Administrator answers:

There is absolutely no way you can live in New York on $200-$400 /mo. The most inexpensice accomidations you will be able to find are student residence. However expect to pay a minimum of 4 4-5X you range for something extremely modest, probably very sketchy in New York.

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