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June 4, 2013

Nancy asks…

I’m a single mother and a medical biller what’s the safest and cheapest place to live in new york.?

I live in florida and considering a big move to start life over.Plus find a good job because I hear it’s expensive there.

Administrator answers:

I would say to look in the Queens area especially Flushing or Astoria. They are really nice areas and two of the cheapest places in NY to live. Another way to save money is if you get a smaller apartment. If you get a smaller apartment then you can rent a storage unit to put the rest of your things in. I did that when I first moved to the city and I saved a lot of money. I used and I have never had a problem. I told a few of my friends and they love it there to. You would see soon that you would save more money renting a unit monthly then for rent for a bigger place. I hope this helps you out.

Carol asks…

Where can I hold a Pleasure (Passion) Party?

I am trying to hold a pleasure (passion) party but my apartment is to small for the number of guest I am trying to have. I live in New York and need somewhere to hold it. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

There’s many options you can try lounges, small restaurants sometimes are willing to rent out there space at night depending on how many guests your expecting maybe for compensation tell them to open the bar up and they can keep the money made at the bar. Independent coffee shops with nice areas they tend to close early and if it’s a private event they can work around not having a liquor license ( I believe) just maybe a 2 types of beers and few mixed drinks that are easy to make cheap to buy but I’m sure they’ll make a killing. Some buildings have party rooms you can rent fairl cheap. If it comes down to it ask a friend with a bigger apt. And hook her up with a few gifts or a few dollars.

Paul asks…

what is the cost of living in new york city and what is the minimum wage?

my sister and i are thinking about moving to new york city to go to college and getting an apartment together. we need to know what minimum wage is and what the cost of living is

Administrator answers:

It’s actually rather expensive, although certain places are cheaper than others. My sister, who is twenty-three years old, lives in a small apartment in Brooklyn. Although I’ve never discussed rent, she says that it’s cheap for the most part, but still not a steal. If you’re looking to live in Manhattan, I say screw it; looking for a cheap apartment in Manhattan is a bit of a lost cause. You’re better off aiming for Queens and Brooklyn; they seem to have the cheapest apartments from what I have heard. Again, I’m no expert, as I live with my parents, and am not quite knowledgable on the home-hunting scene, but from what I have heard from my sister, Brooklyn and Queens seem to be the best deals.

Public transportation is cheap. One subway ride is $2.25, and I think it’s the same for buses — I don’t take the bus often, so I’m not quite sure. Taxis get you where you want to go quicker, but if you really want to save money, you would take the buses and trains where you want to go. It’s cheaper, and you can save a bundle if you don’t use your car as often as you would need to if you lived in a more suburban area without many train and bus stops.

Minimum wage in New York state is $7.25 per hour.

All the best ?

Charles asks…

Few questions about the more expensive cities to live in?

1. What exactly is more expensive is cities like New york, Tokyo and Sydney? is it just the cost of properties and housing, or is it everything, like food, petrol, cars, clothing and all bills.

2. As a percentage how much more would you spend in a not so expensive city per year compared to a more expensive one?

3. Is it harder to get jobs in these type of areas/citiies

Administrator answers:

Cities like NYC are HUGE, and prices vary greatly between more and less desirable locations within them. I used to live in NYC, at 56th and Madison. Now I live in Boston, which isn’t cheap, but much cheaper. My sister lives in Pittsburgh, a pretty good sized but very inexpensive city. I’ll try to answer based on my experiences:

1) EVERYTHING is more expensive. Gas, taxis, groceries, movie theater tickets, daycare, you name it. Car insurance in NYC is horrific. It makes sense that if retailers are paying a premium to rent their space and for their worker’s salaries, they have to charge more for their goods.

2) Between the nicer areas in NYC and someplace like Pittsburgh, where my sister lives, you could easily. Literally spend 4-6 times as much on a similar apartment. Food can be maybe 40-70% more expensive, depending on what it is. Movie tickets in NYC are twice the price of Pittsburgh. It really depends on how you live as to how much more percentage wise you’d spend.

3) I didn’t find it harder to find a good job. There is just so much available at any given time in a city that big! Sure, there’s more competition, but there are also more jobs.

Robert asks…

Moving to DC and I need apartment location suggestions.?

Anyone have some good suggestions on areas to live in and how I can find an apartment that is priced relatively well? I don’t need to be in the misdst of all the hubub. I would prefer suggestions on the southside of DC since my husband will be stationed on Bolling AFB.

Administrator answers:

I grew up on that side of town. Please trust me when I say that it is NOT a nice area and despite claims that you may see online of gentrification/urban renewal…Anacostia and the surrounding areas has not changed much. I don’t know where you are moving from, but if you are not coming from a major city e.g. New York, then I would suggest a suburban area to start. If not, you will be in for a huge shock. I’ve included a link to the DC crime data statistics. That part of town is the Seventh District, so be sure to click on that one.

In this city, you get what you pay for. The person before me was right…the further away from the city, the cheaper the rent. The problem is the commute. From Springfield,VA to Anacostia trainstation is about an hour commute not including the time it takes to transfer to a bus. Driving is out of the question. Unless he leaves early (and by early I mean before 5AM) it can take him anywhere from an hour to three depending on traffic. It gets crazy here. I would really suggest that if you aren’t used to “urban” environments that you move somewhere along a trainline maybe Rockville MD (its pretty nice) but expect to pay a minimum of 1300 a month for a one bedroom. Anything within the city in a less crime ridden area will cost you 1400 and up.

To answer your question though (I know you didn’t ask for advice on crime) you can get an apartment on that side of town for about 700 a month. Again, you are getting what you pay for.

Linda asks…

I want to know how do u people living in new york city?

It is soooooooooooooooooooo expensive there. I was curious to how the rent was for the 5 boroughs. My god its outrageous. $1500.00 a month for a one bedroom apartment thats a mortgage for a 4 bedroom house in chicago. the only apartment complex i found reasonable was this place called Parkchester in the bronx. It was $800.00 a month for a one bedroom with all utilites included.

Administrator answers:

I moved here about a year ago from Massachusetts. When I first moved here I had total “sticker shock”. I traded a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo for a studio apartment. It’s a nice studio in a good neighborhood — but still! But your mind generally wraps itself around the idea of spending more on your rent than your out-of-state friends pay on their mortgage, car, cable, telephone and utilities together. You just adapt to the cost. I still go out to dinner and drinks, but I also take advantage of cheap/no cost activities: going to Central Park, running in Riverside Park, head to the Met Museum (I bought a membership for $75 and it is a great place to go when you are bored and broke — just go after 5 p.m. On the weekend), walk around some of the great neighborhoods, wander the stacks in the Strand Bookstore, etc. It is really a great place to live b/c there is always something to do. Plus, my transportation expenses are totally low now that I don’t own a car and primarily use the subway (see, some savings!). With that said, I can’t imagine living here and making under $70,000 and I’ll have to move to buy a house. I can’t stomach spending $300K-$600K on a STUDIO.

James asks…

Can I afford to live in New York City?

I make about $4,000 a month.
I plan on renting a one bedroom apartment for $2,000 a month.
I am hoping that another $1,000 would pay for my monthly necessities. (Water, heat, AC, tv, phone, food etc.)
And then I have another $1,000 for whatever else.
Would this work? Or are my calculations off?

Administrator answers:

Your rent or mortgage payment shouldn’t be more than 35% of your net pay. You need to earn more or get a cheaper place.

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