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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments For Rent In New York

June 18, 2013

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know where in New York its possible to rent a cheep apartment?

I am thinking about the Manhattan area. If anyone knows any good websites or where to apply for apartments that would be great also.

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as a cheap apartment in NY.

John asks…

I currently rent an apartment in a brownstone in NY. The owner has to give up the building. What are my rights?

I have been renting this apartment in NYC for 2 years located in a Brownstone. The “landlord” didnt pay his taxes so now the building has to be given up. He is saying he doesnt know when (maybe the end of the year) but my lease is up in May so im thinking should I stay until the end? I was told I should be bought out but can someone just tell me what is usually the outcome for a situation such as this? Any answers would be appreciated. Thank You.

Administrator answers:

Sounds like a foreclosure action. As I understand it from researching, when taxes aren’t paid, the property goes into foreclosure.

If that’s the case, then you are protected under Obama’s 2009 law protecting tenants in foreclosure situations. If the new buyer wants to move into your apartment, they have to give you 90 days notice. Otherwise, you can stay until your lease is up. By then, you should know who your new landlord would be and if you want to sign a new lease or stay on as month-to-month.

Here’s the law:

Not sure if you are in NYC or another part of New York. You can google “legal aid” and your area of NY to find cheap/free legal help.

Susan asks…

Where are good places for 21 year olds to live?

My best friend and I are looking to move in about a year. We both aren’t done with College and looking to transfer and just get jobs and an apartment. But, we can’t agree what city/state to live in. These are our wants.
Low Crime Rate
Good night life
Cheap rent
Good gay population
Warm but not overly hot
gets cold but bearable
Good economy
Great job market
Great schools

Administrator answers:

You can’t get all these anywhere
but I can narrow them down a bit to places that have most of the following

you might like the following:
Portland OR
Seattle WA
San Francisco CA
San Diego CA
Boston MA
New York City
Washington DC

start with those metro areas look for jobs there and see who they work out

Mark asks…

Moving to NYC. Tips & advice on finding an apartment, job and living in the city.?

I am planning to move to NYC in August 2013. I am moving with the goal to start my MBA in January and take the 6 months to adjust to the city as well as finding a job. I am not really familiar with NYC so I have been doing research and reading blogs and such. I am looking to find an apartment in Queens as it seems to be more affordable than Brooklyn. I would love to find something in Manhattan but it looks nearly impossible. Yorkville seems like a nice area to live in. My rent budget is no more than $1500/month.I will be sending my resume to a temp agency so i can hopefully find a job very soon after moving there.

What are your tips and advice about moving to NYC? Any good websites to look for apartments. Is it worth it to get a broker?

Any advice or any tips from personal experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

I suggest you make an exploratory trip to NYC, do job interviews, scout out neighborhoods, etc. Before you make a definite plan to move.

Are you sure you can get into an MBA program? Many programs require related job experience for admission. And they may or may not offer the opportunity to start in January – I’d guess you’d have to be getting your apps in fairly soon, if so.

I wouldn’t think Yorkville would be the least-expensive area to live in. We lived on the UES between York and East End when we lived there and it wasn’t the cheapest place to live. You’d probably want to live fairly near your school and/or job, to lessen the commute time. But you’ll probably have a tough time finding anything for < $1500; you may need a roommate to stay within that budget.

It's expensive to live in NYC and, aside from that, it's not the place for everyone. Depending on where you're coming from, it could be a big culture shock.

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