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July 5, 2013

Daniel asks…

what apartment buildings are cheap but are on the east side of downtown st.louis?

!! i’m froms New York and im thinking about moving to st.Louis but i don’t really like to live on the good sides of towns yous feel me , i like that st. Louis has the same style on apartment buildings can anyone help me find an apartment building thats in downtown that would suit me!!!!

Administrator answers:

Most of the apartment buildings in downtown are nice loft style apartments. If you are looking for apartments that aren’t in the best neighborhoods you can check out some on the near north side or pick out some streets in parts of south St louis that are named after states. There are only a few parts of the city that would be considered not good areas but I cant imagine why you would want to live there unless you could not afford some place else.
I think you might be more interested in areas that are in transition such as Forest Park Southwest. There are many areas with old style brick apartment buildings and flats that are reasonable in rent and still safe.

Charles asks…

how much take a waiter in New York?and how much for rent a flat?

how much take a waiter in newyork? is that wnough for maintain me ( live and rent a flat)

Administrator answers:

It totally depends. A waiter makes about $500- $700 a week in cash, but then ussually ends up paying for health insurance out of pocket which is on average $300 a month. An apartment in Manhattan alone will run you about $1500 a month below 96th street unless you find a place with roommates where you might pay $900. If you move to the outer boroughs it’s much cheaper. I think $600 with roomates or $900 or so on your own.

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