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July 16, 2013

Richard asks…

How much is an apartment in New York?

Administrator answers:

Not cheap is the short answer. Studios in Manhattan are close to $2000 a month. (I know someone who pays $2500 a month for little more than a closet.) You can get cheaper – but they’re SCARY. Other boroughs – like Brooklyn – are significantly cheaper to rent. You could have a 2 or 3- bedroom for that same $2000.

Susan asks…

Are the Touluca Lake, Ca and Eagle Rock, Ca areas nice?

Im going to Glendale CC and am getting an apartment in the area. I was wondering if there are crime/gang issues in these areas and what the cities are like in general(nightlife,food, etc.).

Administrator answers:

Eagle Rock:
Rent is cheaper than Glendale($9-1200 for a 1 bedroom), cheaper than Toluca Lake
(norhtern ER has more street racing, some crazy Fire department captians(who kill their girlfriends)
So. ER Has had to Deal with The “Avenue’s” Gangs in the past(as recently as two years ago there were shootings)
Food: Good Take out chinese on Colorado(near ER Blvd)
Pat and Lorraine’s for Breakfast(or Armon’s)
Plenty of Coffee Shops
The Original Tommys
Dingy Bars on Colorado and York Blvds.
The Bowling Alley off York and ER
Most people go into Glendale or LA for Nightlife

you can take a bicycle to GCC from anywhere in ER(about a 10-15 minute ride from the farthest parts… And basically flat riding

Mary asks…

Cost of living in maryland vs new york?

okay so right now me and my friend are both in high school. and planing on sharing a 2 bedroom apartment together. we would most likely stay in my home town the bronx. but she is complainingthat the living expense is more expensive in ny then maryland. im ready to leave and go back home. but i felt like things in ny is a lot cheaper not including rent and transportation. can anyone please help me find a decent plan so we can both be happy.

Administrator answers:

You’re stupid and your friend is correct. Maryland is a lot cheaper to live. Rent, car insurance, utilities, are cheaper there than the freakin’ Bronx.

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