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July 17, 2013

James asks…

How is the life in New York (Manhattan)?

Hi, I’m italian and I live in Milan…I love Milan but I want to know how is the life in Manhattan, because maybe I will go there for one month…

Please, sorry my english…

Administrator answers:


Well, let me start by saying how much you will like New York. Life in Manhattan is absolutely amazing.

Weather: Summers are hot, sometimes as high as 45 degrees celsius. The subway is very hot, but fortunately there is air conditioning in subway wagons. Winter is cold, below 0 degree celsius with snow. But for some reason, this year we have no snow and it’s already January 9th.

Food: There is food for everyone. Low budget, higher budget. I personally do my groceries at Whole Foods and at The Emporium. It can be expensive compared to other places of the United States.

Restaurants: Where can I start? There are some AMAZING restaurants in Manhattan. We eat out more than we cook. Even though I am Italian and my husband is Indian (so we love to cook) but we work a lot and since there are great restaurants, we usually eat out 4 nights a week. No fast-food, but amazing cuisine in great restaurants.

Shops: I love to shop! If you do too, then you will love shopping here. There are great shops on the UES and SoHo for designers. Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Tiffany’s, etc.

People: New Yorkers are notorious assholes. But there are many of us who will willingly offer a smile or a friendship to anyone willing to accept it.

Prices: Like I said, everything is expensive in Manhattan. But you should know that staying here a month is not a cheap project. My husband and I live in a one bedroom apartment and we pay over $5,000 a month. And for apartments that can be rent by the month… They are usually more expensive. However, we live in a high-rise with full amenities. You might be able to find cheaper apartments, but it will not be easy in Manhattan.

Donna asks…

to go over to usa for a month and a half, how much would i need?

including airfares,food, accom, and spending money? just roughly so i can start saving.

Administrator answers:

It depends a lot on what you want to do and how much style you want. Assuming pure tourism with no friends to crash with, a low for 6 weeks would be a budget of about $5,000, a high with be $20,000. However I’ve got a college buddy from Hong Kong who always plans on $15k a week when he’s over here, but he really lives it up.

Getting a small hotel room in New York for a month and a half would run you $10,000. Renting an apartment by the week in a clean neighborhood in a small city would run you $2,500. Traveling around and renting a new hotel room each night would run $5,000. Backpacking / Camping (as we don’t have many hostels) runs about $2,000 for 45 nights. You could even crash for nearly free by using Craigslist to find people willing to lend/rent you a couch to crash on each night. So $10,000 to nearly free for room.

Board (food) could run as low at $500 if you do a lot of campground/apartment cooking. Eating cheap fast-food would be 45 days x 2 meals x $6 = $550. Cheap dining would be $1,400. Cheap lunch and breakfast with a nice dinner would run $2,500.

Coach class from London to NYC is about $2,000 round trip, but you can find deals if you look. Renting a car runs $40-$90 a day, plus $10/$15 a day in gas – expect another $3,000. Taking cabs and the bus may save you money or it may cost you 3x as much, depends on how much traveling you are doing.

Visiting locations & touring expect to pay $15 for each site you visit. Some are more, some are less, it depends on your tastes. Cheap drinks at the bar run about $4-$7 each.

So you can do it on the cheap for about $5,000 with some planning and using Craigslist to find folks to crash with. You can travel in style and party every night for $20,000.

Helen asks…

Why is apartment rent so much cheaper in NJ?

as opposed to being the same distance from Manhattan but in NY.

Administrator answers:


New York taxes are a complete outrage!!

A property worth $100,000 has property taxes of about $10,000 PER YEAR!!!

In NJ…that same property has taxes of about $6,000 PER YEAR

That same property in PA would have taxes of about $3,000 PER YEAR

that same property in Florida would have taxes of about $1,000 PER YEAR.

So.. Right off the top…a landlord in NY has to get $1,000 more in rent each month just to break even!!

Then, the water and sewer bills are huge! A single family will cost $100 per month!!
When you add on the cost of the insurance for the property!
It is enough to drive landlords out the the State!! many places in NY is driving landlords to sell and get out.

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