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September 21, 2012

Mandy asks…

living costs in new york city?

I am moving to nyc in a few months. I’m going to be making peanuts. About 32k a year. I was wondering how cheap I could rent a room for from another tenant of an apartment or a condo. Or what would the usual sublet room run?

Administrator answers:

It depends in which neighborhood and borough the place is located. It could vary from 200 bucks a week up to 450+ bucks a week. I’ve seen some for even 150 (in bad neighborhoods). That is just for a room. I guess it will be more if you want a roommate to rent an apartment, ya would have to split the rent in half which is pretty expensive.

Betty asks…

Where is the cheapest apartment for rent near Ft. Drum?

I have been assigned to Ft. Drum post BOLC and will be attending Ranger school this summer before arriving in New York. My girlfriend and I are moving in together and are trying to find an apartment as close to Ft. Drum as possible that we can afford on BAH and only my income until she starts her job in New York. I’m looking for a place with a short drive as I am not as experienced with driving on snow as I should be. Has anyone been stationed there and would recommend a place for a young couple just starting out?

Administrator answers:

What you should do is register on and look for an apartment on there. I used it to find a place to stay on it for my recent PCS to Fort Riley and it can help find some good places that are already approved by the local housing office. One thing you should remember is the cheaper the rent is, the less quality you should expect.

Ruth asks…

in 5-6 years time would it be cheaper/ more expensive to live in new york?

i’m 14, i want to live in new york when i leave school. i’m going to apply for a working visa when i’m old enough.. ive been set on living in new york since i was able to talk. i’ve been looking at apartments to rent in brooklyn on the internet and i see that they’re around $6,000 per month or whatever and thats like huge amounts of money. i was just wondering, in a few years or so would the prices go down or up?

Administrator answers:

NYC is a expansive city compared to other,but is not impossible to live in.
6000$ for months as rent??? Too much dear!!
You find apartments for rent that costs 500 for months
you must search well

these are the cheaper and safe places to live in NYC:Queens,where a lot of people,many many young people come here to spend less;Brooklyn;
Lower East Side of Manhattan (between Canal Street and Houston Street and between the East River and Bowery);Sunnyside in Queens;Chinatown,Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill e Greenpoint

good luck

Donna asks…

Is it worth it to move to New York City?

I really want to move there, have for years.

Even if I have to live in a 2 bedroom apt with 4 roommates.
The more roommates the cheaper the rent right?

But then I hear that New York Taxes are really high, could someone please give me an example? Like how much they would take out of a paycheck and such.

Should I pay off my credit cards before I go? I owe 4k all together, but what if I just moved there and continued making the min payments?

I’m 26 living with parents.. I’m moving out this summer for sure. I’ve wanted to move to NYC for years, and I feel like if I don’t do it this summer, then it’s never going to happen.. Because If I get an apartment here I’ll never be able to save up..

What other expenses would I be facing in NYC besides food and shelter? I won’t be bringing a car.

Please give me all the advice you can, I really need all the help I can get.. I have a huge decision to make.

Thank you in advance!

PS: I’ll be looking for a second job this week, to help pay down debt and save up.

PS: I’m single and have no kids.

Administrator answers:

I think you should go for it, in my opinion there is no better place to live. There is a wide range of prices and costs depending on where in the city you want to live. Assuming you want to live in manhattan, it can get pricey. You would also need to spend money on transportation- bus and subway rides are $2 each way (and could be going up). Plus, anything you want to do for fun starts to add up.
If I were you I would try to pay off the credit cards before you come. Not that 4,000 is a huge amount, but you should come here and just start fresh not having to worry about expenses from the past. If you know this is where you want to live, and you think this is your one opportunity to move to the city, then DONT MISS IT! You don’t want to regret it all your life. Plus, with the housing market the way it is, maybe you will catch a little break in price.

Ken asks…

Will I be able to afford to move out at 18, and move in the south and rent a apartment cheaply?

Hello, I am going to be graduating high school by the end of this year, and I live in the state of New York, and I was thinking, since its very expensive for me to move out on my own and live in this city, I was thinking of moving to the midwest and live there, in a cheap apartment for at least 500 month rent. I was wanting to live there on my own, since my parents want me to be independent. I can go to college there, and work at some job and make at least 30,000 year, and have a pick up truck. Do you think that I can achieve all of this when I’m 18, I want to get my life started, I don’t think that I will be entering a university, but rather not a technical school instead !!! Please help, time is flying by and I need some advice, thank you !!! Do you honestly think that I can afford all of this

( sorry about my english, I’m russian )

Administrator answers:

At least 30,000 a year? ?????? ??????, ??????.
You’d be lucky to get half of that.

I agree with the other guy. Reduce your expences. Stay in state, stay with your folks (or get a few roomates/dorm/etc…), and apply for scholorships/grants/etc…

Then again you could get your independance and study in another state and rent, but you’d be digging yourself into a pretty big debt hole from a young age.

Michael asks…

new york real estate?

so ive been looking at the prices to rent an apartment in manhattan and the 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartments i have been looking at are about $3000/month and i was planning on moving into a new apartment in the next few years so do you think the rent for apartments will be the same or be more expansive or cheaper??

Administrator answers:

They are going to stay exactly where they are if not go up gradually over time.

The banks are royally screwing up every deal (under-appraising sales, difficult financing, etc) leaving people to fork over more money at closing then usual but you wont see a 4.5% interest rate on ANYTHING anymore. Its basically 6 and up now unless you have superhero assets and credit. If they want to rent out their condo, or sublet their coop, they go through strict guidelines now. So, in short, they better get a rental price worth the stress and also to makeup their monthly costs: mortgage, common charges etc.

Surrounding towns are a best bet. Like Astoria. Astoria’s becoming a hotbed for people who work in Manhattan but don’t want to pay Manhattan prices. Its only 15-20 min away by train.

Your looking at $1,300 for a good 1 bedroom and so on.

Richard asks…

do u think i could survive in new york city?

i graduate high school in may and plan on going to new york for college. i plan on getting an apartment off campus. ill have my boyfriend living with me and i estimated that we would probably make 2000 a month and maybe a little more. if we just rent the cheapest apt around do you think we can make it?? plus we’ll each have around 6 or 7 thousand saved up and he’ll get transferred to a job in nyc and ill search for one online before i go
If you have other helpful advice for other bills, neighborhoods, and ect please let me know thank!!

Administrator answers:

Be smart.

Will you be working? Maybe no?

If your combined income is 2k a month no way you can survive in NYC but heres a tip.

Rent a one bedroom apartment in New Jersey. You can commute between Jersey and NYC by train or bus.

In Jersey its cheaper.

Or you can get a part time job while studying and look for a studio or one bedroom in Queens for 1200 a month. Thats the cheapest !

Where in New York by the way? If Its Buffallo New York? That wont have be problem!!! Up state NY is way cheaper than NYC.

If its NYC, look for apartments in Queens its diverse and some places are cheaper but dont go to Lond Island City.

You have to cut back too, Dont get a car, commute by train, Cook in your apartment etc.

Good luck, If there’s a will there’s a way, Go for it!!

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