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August 1, 2013

Joseph asks…

I have a wife and two young sons. I am considering take a job in NYC, what part of NYC should we move to?

What difference would we experience in cost of living….
What town is safest, has the best schools, and what boroughs are the schools in….
Long Island?
Staten Island?
What towns are best for families with young children….
Local attractions (Parks, Zoo’s, Movie Theaters, Etc.)
What town would we be most happiest in…..
Staten Island?
Long Island?
Please keep in mind, we do live in the southeast, what town would we experience the least culture shock?
I love New York, we are very excited!

Administrator answers:

I grew up in the Bronx, in a rent-controlled apartment, so we were able to afford it. The place has changed so much since then that I would not attempt to tell you where to live. Parts of Staten Island are pretty rural, though. The good thing is that the transit system is superb, if a bit crowded at times, so you can live almost anywhere and commute to work easily. Aside from transportation, everything is expensive. Schools are mostly pretty good. Some are superb. I rank the Bronx HS of Science at the top but I am biased in that regard. Stuyvesant HS isn’t too shabby either. Attractions are varied, all over the place, and sometimes cheap or free. Again reflecting my bias, the Bronx Zoo, NY Botanical Gardens, and the Amer. Museum of Natural History are great places to spend a day. There are wonderful jazz joints around 52nd Street and in the Village. Don’t forget legitimate theater, not only Broadway but off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway for the really avant garde. If you take the D-train to 14th Street and walk to 4th Ave, you have a slew of used book stores between there and about 10th St. I used to start south in the morning and stop at McSorleys Old Ale House for lunch. The food wasn’t great but the taps gave out fine liquid refreshment. Two warnings: don’t ask for beer, just ale or porter, and always order an even number.
Unlike the cliche-bound tourist, I think that NYC is a wonderful place to live but I hate to visit.

Carol asks…

moving to NYC?

I am a college student now and I want to moce to NYC within the next year or so. I am in school to get a marketing degree now, I want to finish school in NY. What kind of job can I get to make a decent living with out doing waitressing or anything else like that. I would be moving out there with a friend and probably living in the boroughs. For those who have just picked up and moved out is it very hard to make a living and become adjusted to the city?
I would not live in thecity i would live in the boroughs and Im moving out with a friend so everything will be cut in half.

Administrator answers:

My friend, you’ll be able to get a marketing job with a marketing degree, either in advertising or some other capacity within your field of study.

In regard to living in New York City, try not to rent an apartment in Manhattan when you first move here. Manhattan apartment are expensive, and I mean expensive. May suggest the outer boroughs of New York City, such as Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. You’ll find cheaper rent in the outer boroughs.

Adjustment to New York City will tough at first, but was you get use the hassle and bussle of NYC, you will consider yourself a New Yorker.

I hope this information is very helpful. Good luck on your future endeavor.

Charles asks…

Should my family stay in Manhattan or in the suburbs for a 3-4 day visit over a weekend this summer?

My family of 4, 2 adults and 2 teens, is planning a trip this summer to NYC over a weekend. Hotels are much cheaper in the suburbs, but the sights that we want to see are in Manhattan. Suites for 4 are also a lot more money in Manhattan. Is it worth the money to stay in Manhattan, or is it feasible to stay in the suburbs and ride the train or bus in every day to see the sights? This is probably are only trip that we’ll ever make to NYC, so we want to do it right without spending too much on lodging.

Administrator answers:

If you’re going to NYC to see and do things in the city, you should stay in the city. Commuting from the suburbs will be a hassle [you'll be traveling in rush hour, most likely] and will cost you money, too; it will be a real time-waster.

You might try staying in an apartment. Check out or other sites that do short-term rentals.

There’s no way around it, though – NYC is expensive to visit but very much worth it, especially if you’ve never been. Do a lot of reading/research before you go, so you can find ways to save a little here and there. Both Frommers and Fodors have websites that give hints for saving money.

One thing you really should do that is free – ride the Staten Island Ferry. You get a great view of the Statue of Liberty and the NY skyline. To save money on food, you can either eat your “big” meal at lunchtime [entrees are cheaper] or get take-out from delis, pizza shops, etc. If you rent an apartment, you can also save by having breakfast in the room, making sandwiches, reheating leftovers, etc.

Also, before you go, familiarize yourself with the subway/bus system. [The NYNJ transit authority has a website with maps, etc.] The buses and subways are quite easy and safe and efficient. [Buses, for example, generally run a route either across town or up/downtown on pairs of streets/avenues.]

Have a great time!

Mandy asks…

I’m looking to move into a not-so-expensive place near NYC. Where should I look?

I wont be moving till February 1st, but I’m starting planning now. Originally I wanted to move into Hoboken, NJ but apartments are expensive there. I’m looking to either buy a house or condo, or rent an apartment. And I don’t really want it to be in a bad part of town. I live in FL right now and I’ve only been up there a couple times. But if you could just name some areas that are nice, not super expensive and not in a crappy neighborhood, I’d appreciate it =).

Administrator answers:

Jersey city or elizabeth, nj is the cheapest i heard so far because taxes are going up over there.
But there is also place like yonkers, ny or in the boroughs such as queens, bronx, bk, and upper manhattan
staten island is where you find some of the cheapest homes and its a good area
even look for some places that were foreclosed

Linda asks…

buying a first house plz help!!!!!?

Ok so we have finally decided to buy our first house in NY. Could you please explain the steps to do this. Should I first get mortgage or find the house I want and then get the mortgage? I make about 60000 a year gross my husband about 40 000 gross. We want to buy a 2 family house in the range of 500 000 and rent out half of the house and basement. My credit history is good – 700. Is is possible or our income is too low? Please help us. Oh and we only have about 18 000 for downpayment. Are we eligible for 8000 dollars as first time buyers?

Administrator answers:

First sit down and work out a monthly budget. You need to know how much you can afford to pay out each month for Mortgage, interest, home owner’s insurance, property taxes, heat, sewer, water, trash and maintenance. A home zoned 2 family you cannot Legally rent out the basement. The mortgage lender will look at your income and what rent the apartment will bring in. You must be able to make payments without relying on the rental since there are months the apartment is empty or tenant fails to pay. Now get preapproved, talk to your bank and discuss how much of a mortgage a lender will grant. Your income is way too low. The most they lend is 3 times your salary so a mortgage of 210k is most your will be approved for. You do not have enough cash for a FHA which is 3.5% plus the 6 to 10k for closing costs which is typical in NY. Suggest you lower your expectations or search for a cheaper home. That 500k sounds more like Staten Island, Queens or Brooklyn. Try the Bronx especially Throgg’s Neck. You can pick up a 2 family for 200k

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