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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In California

May 28, 2013

Laura asks…

Where are the cheapest apartments in riveride, California?

Administrator answers:

Do you mean riverside? My brother has a one bedroom for I think $800 off of arlington and van buren.

Sandra asks…

where can i find a good cheap apartment in Inglewood, California?

Administrator answers:


Ken asks…

What is a cheap area in California to live in?(Details)?

Hello. I might be moving to California for studying, and i wan’t a nice cheap apartment, in a nice place, where i won’t get shot. Im white, so i guess black people will hate me no matter what.

Please keep it real answers.

Administrator answers:

You’re probably thinking about SoCal, I pay 1400 a month for 2+2. A nice area where you won’t “get shot” will cost you starting for a studio to 1 bed, about 1200. I live in north Hollywood a nice area but not the fanciest of California.

Lizzie asks…

are apartments cheaper in riverside california or moreno valley ca?

Administrator answers:

Moreno valley are cheaper

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