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June 13, 2012

Maria asks…

I have a idea of visit to ireland fora short holiday how do i find a cheap rate hotel,and to obtain a visa.?

I heard Ireland is seems to be a nice destination for a holiday during summer, I need more information about your country like tourist spots,high interest places,cultural
triangle, and best beaches and eating places, with affordable rates in guest houses or social organisations, and Y.M.C.A.please forward your details for me to plan my travel to dublin.with in the city or suburb limits would do.
I appreciate your comment re – this matter.
my budget is around 13 to 20 pounds per night or 50 pounds per week with bed & Breakfast. I love to see your country during summer.I have read books about your country.need to explore more, I have visited places in Dubai, India, Maldives,Saudi Arabia and I have travelled a lot in Sri Lanka, when ever I get holidays.I have my own apartment in the heart of colombo to be rent out for guests.I was a hotellier before, Now I do some consultancy work for private sector, I need your assistance for me to apply for
a tourist visa.send the detalis.

Administrator answers:

Go to the Chaumbrule hotel

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