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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In Los Angeles

June 19, 2013

Chris asks…

How much are living expenses if you live cheap in Los Angeles?

Just a general idea. It doesn’t have to be really specific. You know how much would it cost if you ate cheap and lived in a semi-nice apartment with a roomate.

Administrator answers:

About 600 to 750
a month.

Sharon asks…

where can i find cheap furniture in los angeles?

im moving to a new apartment and i need furniture any good places in los angeles?

Administrator answers:

Lazy Boy, Levitz, Living Spaces, Wickes.

Laura asks…

Living in Temecula or Los Angeles?

Hello people who are familiar with these areas!! my husband and I are deciding where to move. We are currently living in the middle of both places but we have decided that we should move because we can’t find jobs here in our place!! So, we were debating on where to move. Temecula- a nice place and cheaper than Los angeles (like apartments, etc) but dont know if there are enough good jobs out there ( he has 2 more job interviews next week with one of the companies out there). Los Angeles – hectic city, expensive compared to where we live and Temecula, but we are pretty sure there are more job opportunities. Please help asap!! thanks
*we currently live in Riverside

Administrator answers:

Temecula is growing and there are jobs. But if you are in the finance industry or in the professional services industry (lawyer, engineer etc.) then Temecula may be a poor choice.

I live in San Diego and there is a ton of workers who commute from Temecula to San Diego. That is enough to tell you that only specific jobs are available there.

Sandy asks…

What is the cheapest price you can get an apartment in Los Angeles?

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have a lot of money you can always apply for welfare. They can find you an apartment and they usually pay around 70% of the rent for you(depending on how much you make). & the apartments are not always in such bad neighborhoods.

George asks…

Apartments to rent in Los Angeles ?

My friend and I need an apartment to rent in Los Angeles I don’t need a really expensive one I need one as cheap as possible please help us

Administrator answers:

“cheap” is relative.

You can expect rent to be about 2000 a month, with 1500 a month “cheap”,

Try craigslist, but be very careful of scams.

LA is a HUGE area that can take over an hour to cross, you need to look close to where ever your job is.

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