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October 30, 2012

Robert asks…

Cheap nice Hotels/Apartments in New York?

So me and my friend are travelling next month… We’re looking for somewhere nice & clean to stay in New York… ideally Brooklyn, but we don’t mind Manhattan. Any ideas as to where would be a good place to look or stay?

Administrator answers:

For budget hotel accomodations, I steer people towards two places:

1. The Woogo hotel on 79th and Broadway. Technically, this IS a hotel, but it’s more like staying in someone’s apartment: You have all the comforts of home (kitchen, dishes, etc.), albeit in a very small space. Linens are changed twice weekly, so you really feel like you’re a guest at someone’s home. The Upper West Side is a prime location too: You can be in Central Park in ten minutes, or at Lincoln Center in fifteen.

2. The Hotel Carter. Not quite as nice as the Woogo, but the location is very “New York:” Right in the heart of Times Square. Their rooms are famously $99, which is a veritable STEAL in New York. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s safe, clean and functional.

Have a great trip!

Kango Traveler

Ruth asks…

New york living?

I hate to waste points, but I need help. I plan on moving to new York next year a few months after I graduate. i’m planning early so that I can be prepared. is there any cheap apartments that ARE NOT in the heart of the city? like in brooklyn or something? I’m having troubles trying to find a website that will help me find cheap new york apartments.

please help!
i know that nothing is really cheap in new york,but im talking about places to live that are cheap to them. im mainly looking for something that is under 1200 a month.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, $1200 seems to be some sort of magic number with people because everyone I know is looking for a place that’s about $1200 or under so there’s a lot of competition. Brooklyn does still have places available in that price range though the ones in the ‘better’ neighborhoods go fast. Brooklyn Heights is beautiful but extremely expensive. I’d be shocked if you could find a place in that neighborhood. If you’re willing to share and have your half of the rent be $1200 then you’d have more luck there.

It’s always worth it to check Williamsburg and Greenpoint because there are still some places in those neighborhoods that you might be able to afford. They may not be very big but they still crop up here and there. But, since those neighborhoods are so popular, the affordable places are usually taken by the time you see the listing. It’s easier to find a place in Bushwick and that neighborhood isn’t as bad as it used to be. A lot of listings may say the apartment is in ‘East Williamsburg’ but it’s actually Bushwick. It’s practically gotten to the point that anything listed for under $1000 is suspicious and there is probably something very wrong with it.

Astoria, Queens is pretty nice but has gotten more expensive in the past few years (like every other neighborhood) but it’s still worth looking into. My only issue with it is that it’s a pain in the butt to get to sometimes and it can take forever at night, especially if you need to take the G train.

*Years ago, I found my apartment by calling the number for an ad that had about 5 different places listed. I asked if they had anything available that wasn’t listed and they did. I asked to see those and I found one I could afford.

Mandy asks…



Administrator answers:

You can find hostels for 40 a night!

George asks…

where can i find a cheap apartment in new york state?

Administrator answers:

New York is a big state. Where in New York are you looking to live? Some areas are vastly more expensive than others.

Linda asks…

Where’s the cheapest area in New York for apartments and easy colleges to get into?

Administrator answers:

SUNY Maritime in the Bronx.

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