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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In New York City

November 18, 2012

Nancy asks…

What are some safe areas near New York City to move to that have cheap apartments?

I’m 18 and have around $4000 saved – which is my whole life savings basically. I just graduated high school, and I’m ready to get the hell out of my house. All my parents do is fight with me, I’m sick of them.

I already moved out of my house, I’m staying at a friends house. I’m working full time at the moment at a minimum wage job right now.

I plan on moving to New York City this June, and I’m saving all I can right now. I have enough money to last me about 3 months? I want to spend the MOST $900 on an apartment a month. I’m going to look for a job waitressing. And, if I don’t find a job in those three months and be able to support myself, back to my parent’s house I go.

Administrator answers:

I think you need to find a place other than NYC to move too. 900 would hardly get you in a roommate situation and jobs in NYC are not that great.

Where do you live now (I mean state – I know you live at home) are there large cities there where you could work? If you can’t find a job you will find $4000 will go very quickly.

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