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December 30, 2012

Nancy asks…

What neighborhood(s) in Manhattan have less expensive/cheaper apartments?

Me and my friend want to move together to NYC after college and be roomies. But we want to live in Manhattan, not Queens or the Bronx etc. I am aware that this area of NYC is the most expensive. Are there any specific areas of NYC which have typically cheaper rent? (Chelsea, SoHo, East Village, Yorktown etc.)

Administrator answers:

You can try Upper Manhattan, in Inwood, Washington Heights, or Harlem, but the travel time from these areas is comparable to the travel time from the outer boroughs.

You might be able to find something in Yorkville, or the eastern part of the Upper East Side (since there subway is relatively far). You can also try the Lower East Side.

I hope this information was very helpful.

James asks…

How could i describe my Vampire Character in my book?

I’m writing a book about Vampires. The main character …….. Has long curly locks of black hair, pale face, dark brown eyes, she is slender and fairly tall, extraordinary & beautiful. She and her mother live in an cheap apartment in NYC living off of McDonalds. What shoe & clothes brands should she have? Clothes style? I will pick a best answer and put this in the “To help write this book” Section. Please help me!

Administrator answers:

The sun among the clouds stood out the girl. With her hair as dark as a ravens wing rippled down to her shoulders like a waterfall. Her pale face reminded everyone of a moon lit night. Her eyes full of courage and strength hid behind the dark chocolate pool. Her clothes were plain and inexpensive upon anyone else but on her made her look like a goddess. Yet her soul was pure, happy, and whole, no arrogance in midst of all the goodness. Her beautiful face, her beautiful mind made her who she was and yet she had a secret. Something dark lurked behind all the beauty.

IDK that is how you could describe her.

Ken asks…

Which nyc boroughs is in the city and which is close to the city?

I’m moving to nyc soon and want to know which boroughs is in the city and close the city,also are there any cheap apartments in manhattan?

Administrator answers:

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island are ALL the boroughs, and they’re the five boroughs that make up New York City. They’re all IN the city. However, many people consider Manhattan to be “the city,” because it’s where the most sight-seeing goes on, and it’s where the most landmarks are. However, all five boroughs are The City, even if many people don’t think of Staten Island to be part of the city because of it’s seclusion. However, it’s a part of the city. I used to think that New York City WAS Manhattan — but it’s not.

There are VERY few cheap apartments in Manhattan. If you want a cheap apartment, I’d recommend looking in Brooklyn or in Queens — those are where the cheapest apartments are, generally, and it’s where college students attending New York University tend to get apartments, as Manhattan apartments cannot be leased on a college student “salary,” if they even have one.

Maria asks…

How can I convince my parents to move to NYC?

I really want to go to Stuyvesant High School in NYC because I want to go to a better high school [than the one I'm supposed to go to currently]. There probably is a good high school closer to me but I don’t know if I can go to that one… [towns and district stuff]. What should I do? My parents probably could afford a cheaper NYC apartment… but I want to know if it’s worth it and how I can tell my parents I need to go to a different high school. Mine has NO AP. Please help! Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

So, you want to uproot your entire family just so that you can go to Stuyvesant High School? Not TOO spoiled, are we?

Don’t be ridiculous. Sure, it’s a good school, but it’s not THAT good, so don’t be an idiot, and, besides, Stuyvesant is VERY hard to get into. I mean, you have to apply, and they get thousands and thousands of applications from the best and the brightest students in the entire city, and I’m sorry to tell you that, unless you’re some sort of major genius, you probably wouldn’t get in, sorry.

So, to sum up, as we say here in New York City, “Fuhgeddaboudit!”

Good luck!… :-D

Mary asks…

What are the absolute cheapest apartments in Brooklyn, Bronx, Harlem, and Queens, New York City?

I would not mind living in the ghetto as long as I don’t get shot, stabbed, or robbed on the way to the subway. Other than that I was thinking of even renovating a really messed up looking apartment if that was needed. The cost in NYC is sky rocketing. Need to know my neighborhood options. Studio apartments, 1 – 2 bedrooms. Nothing fancy, just a place to live is all. Thank You

Administrator answers:

I was in your predicament not too long ago. I came from a small town in the south to NYC, where the cost of living is so high as compared to home. However, my friend referred me to a website where i was able to rent an apartment near Midtown Manhattan. The cost isn’t too steep, and it’s probably one of the more safe neighborhoods in the area.

Charles asks…

Is New York City running out of room?

It seems like a place with 8 million people(give or take a few hundred thousand) with a growing population woiuld be running out of room, especially in the cheaper areas. Is NYC running out of room and are there still cheap apartment available in places outside Manhattan and how long do you think before they’re all gone?

Administrator answers:

The world is running out of room. Not just manhattan. But we can always keep building higher buildings. There are apartments in manhattan that you can rent cheap. You can rent apartments weekly for around 200. Their not going to be nice but its a roof. And you share bathrooms with the other renters.

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