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July 7, 2013

James asks…

Is it worth moving to NYC?

My dream has ALWAYS been to go to college and Live In NYC
Is it worth it?
Any good colleges?
Any cheap apartments, not to far away from the City?
I live in Oregon, so I’m going to miss my family ALOT!!!!

Administrator answers:

NYC is worth it! But it’s what you make of it. Some people are not used to the impersonal-ness of NYers. We have amazing colleges in NYC, Columbia, and NYU to name a few.

It’s expensive, but you can look into areas such as Williamsburg (especially if you’re creative) or Astoria. Some suburban places are close to the city and much cheaper.

CUNY also offers affordable education but the different schools offer different qualities. Flagship schools such as the CUNY City College, Baruch, and Hunter are generally good. But if you can go Ivy or semi Ivy (NYU) then go for it :)

Donna asks…

I know there’s no such thing as cheap in NYC…but what is the the cheapest living option for a poor student?

I’m a 20 year old college student from Long Island and I’m looking to get an internship in the city this summer. Originally I was planning on commuting, but now I’m considering apartments. My internship will (most likely) be in lower manhattan, so I was considering finding a place in Staten Island near the ferry and taking the ferry in every day. What is realistically the cheapest I could find an apartment for? I’d obviously be willing to share, and I don’t really care so much about location as long as it’s not the Bronx or Queens (which I know limits my options a lot). UNLESS you know of a nice area in the Bronx that I could afford on a poor student’s budget.
Any thoughts,opinions, or advice? I’m pretty familiar with the city having lived so close to it for my whole life, so I’m mostly looking for advice on the cheapest places to live and how much I should expect to pay there.

Administrator answers:

I interned on Staten Island a few summers ago, the area near the ferry terminal is pretty sketchy, pretty much anything north of Forest Ave seemed sketchy when I was there, and anything south was fine.

What do you consider cheap? My friend from college was paying $900 per month for an apartment in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, walking distance from the #1 subway line, Metro North, and several bus routes, as well as the apartment having a reserved parking spot.

Ruth asks…

What are the cheapest neighborhoods to find an apartment in all of NYC?

I don’t care if they are dangerous, out of the way, filthy, whatever. I just want to know the Cheapest areas in NYC to find an apartment. Also, if you know the “average” rent in that area, that would be Great!

Administrator answers:

Depends on what is affordable to you.
I live in a tiny 1br in East Harlem (near 110th st stop on 6 line) and I pay $1300/mo. The area is pretty safe but having some street smarts is helpful. You might want to seriously consider New Jersey if that is too much, you can get places near the PATH in Jersey City for pretty cheap, and it’s just a quick ride into lower Manhattan. Check out craigslist to get an idea of prices in different areas.
Personally, I wouldn’t go much further into Harlem, maybe up to E116th b/c I’m a young single white girl. There are more and more yuppies moving in to my neighborhood as time goes by tho, so now is really the time to get in before the rents shoot up and it becomes Williamsburg II.

Sandra asks…

New York City over populated?

It seems like a place with 8 million people(give or take a few hundred thousand) with a growing population woiuld be running out of room, especially in the cheaper areas. Is NYC running out of room and are there still cheap apartment available in places outside Manhattan and how long do you think before they’re all gone, and how do you think the growing population will effect job opportunities specifically the advertising industry?

Administrator answers:

Staten Island, which is part of NYC…has plenty of room and still moderately cheap.

Ken asks…

NYC questions?

Hey it looks like we are moving to NYC! I have a few questions to people who live there or have lived there.

1. My husband is a Manager of a retail store.. he gets paid about 40,000 dollars now ( We live in OR) since rent is so high there, do people tend to get paid more?

2. Are the cheaper apartments really bad to live in? I am talking about less then 1000 a month.

3. What is the city life like?

4. Is there really lots of opportunity there…(especially in music)?

Oh and we are in are 20′s if that makes a dif.


Administrator answers:

1. Yes, you will earn more. The avg. Wages in NYC amount to 25% greater than most tier 3 cities.
2. DO not live in an apt. Under 1000/month anywhere near the city. They are roach infested. If you wish to live on 1000/month rent a sublet or a share with someone. Or perhaps a private apt in someone’s home outside the city in Queens, or Jersey City, 15 minute trip away.
3. NYC is everything you want it to be. A different country every day, a different concert, play, show, sight every day. The things you see here you will see noplace esle in this world. I moved here 9 years ago from canada and can’t leave,
4. I’m also a musician…there are TONS of opportunities here.

Good luck and feel free to contact me via email if you’d like more info.

George asks…

Where is rent cheap in NYC or NY?

Me and my family are trying to find a 2 bedroom house or apartment in the tri state area. The rent budget is $500 to $650. We have tried just about every type of website out there help us out or at least point me into the right direction. Thanks

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to look for another tri-state area for that rent.

I suggest Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.

John asks…

How to make my cheap, ugly rental look good?

I live in a really small apartment in NYC and it’s cheap and ugly looking, I’m not allowed to paint or change anything but I really want to make it look nice. Especially in my kitchen, it is just looks budget and the cabinets are terrible! How can I make this place look more like my own? And more nice and homely, Rather than just cheap and ugly.

Administrator answers:

Hi Jeannie,
A small space that is kept clean,well organized and without clutter will allow your own personal belongings furnishings and art work to be more eye appealing and attractive than the plain space you are currently residing in. Besides all else why spend your money or time fixing up a rental.
Budget friendly ideas: Art Work: Second hand stores offer you an opprotunity to find some real deals on nice framed art work.
Collection or Grouping 3/5 Vintage Glassware or glassware in similar color and shape make great collections. (think visual appeal )
Sofa : Placing a Soft throw on your sofa with some toss pillow on the couch also appear welcoming. Greenery: Add a nice small to medium pant that requires low light ( unless you get alot of sunlight ) on a side table.
By selecting and adding in a few times at a time you will get a feeling for how you want your apt to look. Less is often more and understated allows for the space to feel less small.
I hope this helps best of luck!
Ps: my fav website noted below for ideas and inspiration so user friendly and may help you with more ideas :o )

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