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June 23, 2012

Linda asks…

Where can i find cheap apartments in Nyc and where can i find cheap furniture?

Administrator answers:

Cheap apartments, good luck! Time Out New York just came out with its annual apartment issue and it suggests Astoria, Queens, the South Bronx and Parkchester, and the south street Seaport neighborhoods as the up-and-coming ones with reasonable rents. I’d check out craigslist and get in touch with a realtor. As for cheap furniture- also craigslist if you don’t mind it used plus the hassle of retrieving it, if you do, go to Ikea.

David asks…

where can i find any cheap apartments in nyc other than the project?

like 500 or lower and it has to be manhattan or the bronx

Administrator answers:

500 or lower?? You gotta b kidding me..yu want cheap 750 is cheap…for a studiO…
800..850….950…thats as cheap as it gets…try craiglist…
500 is not happening n nyc.
Not even n the bronx…unless u want to rent a room?

Mary asks…

Cheap NYC Apartments?

i dont care if its closet sized i want one in manhattan from 200 to 500 a month?

Administrator answers:

Perhaps 40 years ago you would have rented a place as such for the amount.

However, no place exists here in NYC. Like the first poster stated, you can try public housing, but that is a long waiting list with families, single parents, and the elderly who will get first attention.

You can try renting a room, but you have to share kitchen and the bathroom. Renting a room or an apartment you have to pay the first month’s rent and fee. Consider also other factors like utilities for gas and electricity. You have to eat, therefore a grocery bill and as well any other utilities like telephone and cable. To get around the city, buses and subways run 24/7.

Henceforth, the cheapest apartment in NYC if you want to live by yourself in a one bedroom will cost you $1,500.00 at bare minimum average.

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