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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In San Francisco

September 17, 2012

George asks…

Cheap apartments in San Francisco?

My friend and I plan on moving out to San Francisco in August. We are looking for a two bedroom apartment for no more than 1600. Any suggestions ?

Administrator answers:

I am looking out my window at SF so I am pretty familiar with the area.

First off the vacancy factor for even half way decent places in SF is pretty low. Even the cockroaches sometimes have a waiting list

Next $1600 will get you a one bedroom (maybe) or a studio – IF you can find one. If you are bringing a car better plan on a place with a parking space or having a nightly fight for parking

Across the bay in Oakland you may find a unit for that range but you will have to look.

Going further north or south on the east bay side (south of SF actually costs more because of the dot com upswing.) but you are going to be in challenged neighborhoods.. For example east Oakland has gunfire as a routine nightly background noise and Hayward and Union City have gang issues from the Latin population

You may want to check Craigslist for an idea of the prices and the product but keep in mind that about 30% of the ads can be scams or bait and switch offerings so take them with a grain of salt.

Good luck…


Sharon asks…

Does anyone know how to get an apartment cheap in San Francisco?

I am moving to San Francisco but am having trouble finding an apartment that I can afford in SF that is in a safe area. Any ideas I would greatly appreciate.

Administrator answers:

I lived in SF until recently and moved around a bit in the 20 years that I was there. I can tell you with absolutely certainty that there are no cheap apartments in San Francisco. You can either share a place (as other people have noted in their answers), sublet a room, or live in the Tenderloin. Many people choose to live in Oakland and take BART into the city.

David asks…

Does anyone know where I can find decent apartments in San Francisco, CA for cheap?

Administrator answers:

Living expenses are majorly expensive in San Fran, you might want to look for some “Rent Controlled” Apartment. It means an apartment the city made the owner lower the rent on but if that happens the owner loses interest in up-keeping the apartment therefore you get a crappy apartment. It might be best to live outside of the city.

I want to warn you, San Francisco is a pretty bad place to live. The traffic is horrible, and there are some weird people walking around. (I’m not talking about gay people, just generally weird, but there are a lot of gay people there too)

Richard asks…

How much would it cost to rent an apartment in San Francisco?

Okay so I need to find a really really cheap apartment in San Francisco to start out with…don’t have much money but need a place to stay for when I leave in a couple of months…can anyone help? Even if its a really crappy apartment I don’t care. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

About $2000/month, and then depends on the area

Ruth asks…

where can i find a cheap studio apartment in san francisco?

the max im willing to pay is $800 a month, and im going to the acadamy of art universtity so it would be nice if theres on located near there

Administrator answers:

In San Fran the most you will be able to do is to share a room with someone.

Laura asks…

I am looking to find an apartment in San Francisco before August for cheap.?

Can anyone help me with ideas of places to look other than craigslist (which btw does not help) to find an affordable place? Will be starting school there in the fall.

Administrator answers:

Well, actually, Craigslist is one of the best places to find them. Other than that, you might check into rental agencies. Of course, you’ll pay for it.

You also might post requests on whatever social media or communications that your school uses.

Michael asks…

Why are the apartment in San Francisco so high?

With the cost of living so high in San Francisco, and the minimum wage at $9.79, you can’t pay the rent with that. In there any cheap apartments in that area and why such a difference? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The best I was able to find was $600, I used I used them to find my place in Oakland and im very happy. The link is below. Good Luck!!!


Mary asks…

any non-expensive apartments in san francisco?

i’m planning on moving to san francisco but i would like to know if there is any cheap (non-expensive) apartments near the fashion institute of design and merchandising? or neiman marcus? lol thanks!! if you know of any apartments please give me the address if available, or name.

Administrator answers:

I’ve been living in San Francisco for 4 years, and my best advice it to look on
Housing is pretty expensive here, but it’s affordable if you find a roommate and/or move into a flat that’s rent controlled.

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