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Your Questions About Cheap Apartments In Staten Island New York

July 9, 2013

Richard asks…

I am moving to new york city soon and I was wondering were I should not look for apartments?

Administrator answers:

The best way to get an apartment faster and cheaper would be to avoid ads that have a broker’s fee. You are better searching for apartments yourself and saving money. Look for ads by the OWNER.
Here is the only link you will ever need when searching for a place—–>
*The location is in parenthesis. If you are not sure about the location, ask what borough it’s located in. Introduce yourself when emailing the owners. (These owners probably have a lot of requests. If you only give a 1 sentence inquiry, they might delete your email. Your motive is to win that apartment before it goes to someone else). Ask a lot of questions and request more pictures of the place. If possible, maybe you’d want to check out the apartment in person. And always go with your INTUITION.

It’s better to avoid living in Manhattan because the apartments are very expensive and very shoe box like. Look for apartments in Queens or Brooklyn. They’re only a 5-10 minute subway train ride to Manhattan and you will save a lot of money and their apartments are more spacious than Manhattan. The Bronx is kinda ghetto (unless you don’t mind) and Staten Island is more like suburbia than a city.

If you have any more questions you can email me by clicking on my nickname.

John asks…

where is it cheaper to live?

looking to move to new york this summer. is it cheaper in brooklyn queens or bronx. looking for a one bedroom apartment only trying to pay like 400 or 450 so where is a cheaper place to go. please be serious with answeres and dnt just tell me the place that your from is cheapest. thanks a bundle

Administrator answers:

Well, I live in NYC, and I can assure you that if you find an apt. For $400 or $450, don’t take it, because it probably isn’t safe or isn’t in a safe neighborhood. A 1-bedroom apt. Is going to run you around $1000 to $1500 (and closer to the latter) in Queens and Brooklyn. In the Bronx, you may be able to score what is called a junior 1-bedroom for around a thousand, in the outer Bronx, near Pelham Bay Park. But you really have to be careful of neighborhoods in the Bronx and Brooklyn, because you really can get into drug areas.

You sound like a fairly young person (20s). If you are really locked in to $400-$450, you might want to consider a roommate situation, and probably the best way to get into this kind or arrangement without risking rooming with the bad guy from Criminal Minds is to look for sublets in student areas. One of the best student areas in NYC is actually in Manhattan, on the way upper west side, near Columbia University, and for this you could post something on Craigslist. You could also contact the Columbia University Housing office. They may not have something you could tap into, but they would indeed know about resources — online posting places, neighborhood/community newspapers. You could also surely Twitter around.

Student leases often run for a full year, but student populations shift around in the summer — a guy moves in with his girl, they get married, somebody finishes up a degree and leaves town, but they have 3-4 months left on a lease and they need to sublet. You can get some deals, and get yourself into the city this way, and this will buy you time to look around in person, to hook up with a realtor who can help you, and to network locally, both online and in person.

The borough of NYC with the lowest rents is Staten Island, which is where I live. But there can be commute problems from out here, depending on where you live, where you work, and whether you have a car or whether using your car is a practical option.

If you really, really want to get a 1-bedroom apt in the boroughs you mentioned, you really, really need a local representative, like a realtor, who can sort out the deals, the scams, and the neighborhoods for you. Otherwise, if you are willing to store some furniture for a few months, it would be a good idea to wet your feet in this market in person. Google the universities (the NYU neighborhood is more expensive than the Columbia neighborhood), and try to score a sublet. Use Twitter, Craigslist, and Google earth to check out the places.

Good luck.

Susan asks…

where in New York City are some cheaper AND SAFE places to live?? im new to all of this!=) thanks!!?

Administrator answers:

You’re going to want to live in one of the boroughs of New York City besides Manhattan. Manhattan, as you probably already know, is the heart of the NYC and is much more expensive concerning real-estate.

For cheaper prices, you can go to Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, or Bronx. I would rule out the Bronx because obviously it isn’t the safest place. I’d also rule out Staten Island because it’s farther away than the other boroughs. Personally, I prefer Brooklyn over Queens. Both these places are safe by normal standards. There are always exceptions, so just be sure you’re not buying in a bad neighborhood. Most of them aren’t.

Do you want to rent or buy? As for rent, for the cheapest prices rent out a studio. This includes the essentials–bedroom/living space, kitchen, and bathroom. Usually they never go over 600-700 square feet. Some can be as small as 300, depending on where you buy. Prices for studios can range a bit–it depends a lot on the location. But, there are plenty that are under $1,000 a month. You can always tour them or look at the photos provided online to see if they’re decent enough for you. Remember to make sure the studio has its own bathroom (some don’t), because if it doesn’t then you’ll be sharing one bathroom with every other person on the floor.

As for buying, normal prices for a studio-esque house usually don’t go lower than $300,000 and cap off at $500,000. I’ve seen houses that are studio plus another bedroom and bath or half a bath for around the same price as a studio, so it will depend on who you’re buying from and where the real estate is. And, of course, the condition of the house.

Some really useful sites that will help you get a feel for what’s available are:


For the first, you can put in the borough you want to search, as well as minimum and maximum price range, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. For the second, you can put in the borough you want to search, minimum and maximum prices, a for sale or for rent option, and a bunch of other selections in the advanced search. I have found them both very useful. They have pictures and sometimes there is even a floorplan for you to look at.

Best of luck, and if you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Lisa asks…

We are moving to new york in the summer, we have never been there before and are looking for some cheap, safe?

Administrator answers:

You are pretty vague on what you are looking for, but here are a few suggestions:
Manhattan–Inwood is a pleasant residential community west of Broadway with lots of parkland. Less pricey than other parts of Manhattan. Morningside Heights is a good area to be moving into in the summer when many apartments are vacant, as it is a college community (Columbia mostly).
Bronx–Pricey but nice for Riverdale. Parkchester is not bad. Cheaper and a bit downscale is Kingsbridge.
Brooklyn–Flatbush for interesting ethnic diversity. It has older buildings, and I know one local public school had bilingual classes in nine foreign languages a few years ago (and you need a minimum of 20 speaking a language to have a bilingual class). Sheepshead Bay is more remote and more ordinary.
Queens–Flushing is a very nice area to live, and has good public schools. Also Bayside and Douglaston, but they are longer trips if commuting to Manhattan for work.
Staten Island–few apartments, but lots of housing.

Mark asks…

Any tips????

I am 17 and I have been saving money since I was 15. All-inall all have $1800 saved up. Afterhigh school I will take a year off to make more money. I am doing this because I plan to move to New York City after University. I know it seems far away but I have thought about it forever. My sister is moving with me and she has some money saved up too. How much further do I have to go? Also, how much is the average 2 bedroom apartment a month? Any tips for saving up money and more thouroughly planning my move?

Administrator answers:

I live in NYC, and average ROOM cost around $700 dollars. Average studio cost around $1500. Average two bedroom … $3000+ per month. It’s best to get a roommate. Living and transportation expenses are really expensive here, and don’t even bother with a car… You won’t be able to find a spot and parking garages are at least $35 dollars an hour. An unlimited subway pass, which is the cheapest in the long run if you travel to work or anywhere else everyday, is $70 dollars per month (check This is the most expensive city to live in the world: I have three other roommates in an apartment where I’ve rented a room, in Washington Heights (above Harlem, dangerous place… Harlem isn’t even considered dangerous anymore), and my rent for only the room is $600 per month. Water and electricity not include, and I don’t even have internet (stole it off some neighbors lol), or a phone… Or TV. This room was unfurnished when I rented it and I kept finding little roaches running around my closet even though it’s empty with no food near the area, it’s just an old building. Some people even find rats, so glad I haven’t yet. Search to see the average rent prices. If your sister wants to room with you and if neither one of you have a stable non-minimum wage job, you’re better off sharing a studio (think of it like a dorm). If you live in a crappy neighborhood in Queens or Brooklyn though, you might get a slightly better deal. Even cheaper if you live in Staten Island but you’d have to ride the ferry to get to Manhattan everyday and it looks like Jersey there (not the good parts of Jersey). I’ve just made it sound terrifying but it really isn’t… It’ just really expensive. It’s a culturally diverse city with good food and lots of great book stores + places to shop. It’s just difficult to find a spacious apartment to live around here unless you’re loaded. Do come though… It’s worth the pain lol.

Charles asks…

New York City Apartment Prices?

How much would an average New York city apartment in a good neighborhood cost?

Administrator answers:

2k+ in manhattan
1k+ in brooklyn/queens
should be cheaper in staten island

Sandy asks…

Is rent expensive in Hong Kong compared to New York?

Administrator answers:

If you compare Hong Kong’s most high end residential areas say the Peak and Repulse Bay with Up town New York say the Central Park then probably HK is more expensive in per square footage. However if you take the medium to low end residential say Hong Kong’s Tin Shui Wai or New Territories remote villages to compare with New York’s Broklyn or Staten Island, then HK’s will be much cheaper. HK’s high end residential and its downtown core are among the most expensive piece of land on earth due to scarcity, gorgeous harbour view and where numerous businesses and schools are concentrated in, but farther out in the remote New Territories villages, you can easily rent an apartment for around HK$2,000 or just US$250.

Lizzie asks…

what are cheap but safe places in new york city (any bourogh)?

Administrator answers:

A nice area of which you speak about in your budget for rent is in Staten Island which is mostly “American” and quite a safe neighborhood is New Dorp in Staten Island which is fairly convenient to get to manhattan by express bus or a longer local bus ride and a ferry ride to Manhattan. Also eastern Queens which is a mixed area but still with a lot of “Americans” along with mostly decent people who want to live peacefully since they pay a lot of money to live there.
You can try to find an apartment for rent in areas of Queens such as Bayside, Little Neck, Fresh Meadows, Bellerose (Kew Gardens & Forest Hills will be a little more expensive but still doable)
Bayside Fresh Meadows Little Neck Douglaston and Bellerose are very suburban type settings in NYC and they have a good bus system to take you to the subways to get to Manhattan very quickly and cheaply Those are not neighborhoods with one dominant immigrant group where you will feel like you live in a foreign country but those are places where many different types of people feel comfortable to live in due to the low crime and the peaceable and clean areas and suburban type atmosphere

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