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February 25, 2013

Chris asks…

Do you have any top tips on moving to Thailand?

I’m moving to Bangkok in May. I have a job but will need to look for accommodation (will be staying in a hotel for 2 weeks) What are the most difficult things to sort out for example bank accounts, national insurance etc. I live abroad at the moment so I know about the usual pains of moving abroad. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

You might consider opening a credit union account from a back home branch to receive your pay check if you are getting paid from a non-Thai source.

I have accounts with my local credit union (back home) that allows me to use their ATM card in Thai ATMs to make withdrawals. My checks are deposited automatically each month. I am allowed to make 5 free ATM withdrawals a month – that is at least 50,000 baht a month! No problem with money going to local banks but if you move suddenly you have to make arrangements for getting your money back after you leave Thailand.

I would install a safe in your apartment if it doesn’t already have one. You can pick up one that is pretty good and big enough for not too much money.

Opening an account in a local bank is okay but I think having your pay check go to a hometown credit union is a little more secure. Deposit you pay check in a hometown CU and spend it in Thailand. (My credit union ATM card works fine in the Phillippines, Hong Kong, Singapore as well as Thailand – so far no problems!)

You might want to have your bank statements come via email instead of through the mail. This would make it easier if you transfer out suddenly – no mail to stop. I use Pay Pal through my banks and credit unions to pay for bills that I have back home – this way I don’t have to bother with “checks in the mail” problems!

P.S. If you intend to reside in Bangkok get a hotel or apartment close to the Skytrain to make it easier and cheaper to get around town.

Good luck.

Sandy asks…

does anyone know the best and cheapest way to check my credit score?

that free credit report dot com is not free, someone told me they kept charging thier credit card for months after they stopped it. I need to know how to get my official credit score before I apply for this apartment. Please be serious, I really need this, thanks

Administrator answers:

You can get your free annual copies of your credit report online from each of the three credit bureaus thru This is the site mandated by the FTC and is the only site that will not require you to sign up for montioring services. Reports are free, scores are not.

When you get your Equifax report, you can get your FICO score for about $8. You can also get FICO scores for Equifax and TransUnion at Consumers can’t get FICO scores for Experian any more. The TransUnion and Experian sites sell Vantage scores (different scale/formula). Third party monitoring services use Fakko scores (their own formula). Creditor’s use FICO. Don’t waste any money on other scores. offers a free score estimator based on your TransUnion credit report. It’s not FICO. But it’s kinda, sorta like FICO, give or take 50 points or so. Good enough if you are just checking your own score.

Susan asks…

How easy is driving in Majorca?

Thinking of hiring a car at Palma and driving up to the apartments near Alcudia and using for day trips.

Administrator answers:

It’s easy but watch out for typical Spanish drivers! It will take you a little time to get used to a left hand drive car so go for a few short trips before venturing too far & remember to go around roundabouts right to left! I always drive abroad but sometimes it’s cheaper to check out the local bus routes,they do discount tickets and can be very inexpensive and saves you the hassle of driving. But ALWAYS check out the car before you drive it away, and take pictures of any damage that’salready done to the car. Don’t give them your credit card – pay with cash or you could end up with a nasty surprise on your credit card bill when you get home. Anyway whatever you decide to do have a great holiday and I hope this helps!

Ken asks…

Does anyone know of any apartments in whittier that does not do a credit check that is affordable ?

Can some one answer me this question does anyone know of any apartments in whittier in a nice area that does not check credit that is cheap

Administrator answers:

No respected letting agent is going to let you rent without a check.They are acting on the owners behalf and would be in trouble if they did not carry out checks.

Carol asks…

Getting an apartment vs getting a dorm?

My boyfriend and i are going to west Georgia and I need to know what’s better; getting a dorm or an apartment. I also need to know what I need for both.

Administrator answers:

I much preferred an apartment, but it depends on your personality and values.
This might help you:
Dorm (+)
More social activity
Super convenient for class
No credit checks/leases/application fees etc
No deposits
Much, much cheaper to furnish
Avoid having to sober up to get home if you plan to party on / near campus often
Infrequent driving/less gas use
Very expensive
Prob forced to get a meal plan
Strict limitations on decor/appliances
Moving out every year
Less privacy, poss visitor restrictions
Crappy mattress
May be loud, despite quiet hours
Parking can suck epically at large universities

Apartments are nice but require more responsibility on your part. One must be quiet, respectful of neighbors, organized etc. There are more chores and crap you need to buy in your own place–but the advantage is privacy and freedom–which are really big perks.

Mark asks…

Cost of accommodation in San Diego for 3 months?

Some friends and I are thinking of going to San Diego next summer on a J1 and I’m just wondering how much roughly would accommodation cost. There would probably be 6 of us sharing a house/appartment for June, July and August. I know it depends on the area and type of lodgings, etc. but a rough guide or any tips would be appreciated as I have absolutely no idea how much we should expect to pay per month. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

It is very difficult to get accomodation in the beach cities around san diego.

There were thousands of J1 students who used to come. There are a lot less this year than before because there are less Jobs, housing however is the most difficult.

A one bed will cost you at least 1200, two beds closer to 2000 and a 3 bed anything from 3000.

Now the real problem is that people rent these places for a minimum of 6-12 months. So when they hear your accent and its easy to tell locals by their clothes, tan, voice etc they wont rent to you.

People do find places and last year I knew of a bunch of Irish J1 people who were living in a 2 bed apartment. All 15 of them. Now of course the landlord finds out about that or they abandon and loose deposit after the three months and that landlord never rents to J1 people again.

They are always unfurnished as well, with nothing in them and you need a credit check and references for the rental.

Furnished places are expensive because they become vacation rentals for holiday makers and while cheaper than 200 a night for a hotel they can still be expensive.

A three bed can rent from 3500 a week.

I know this is not the best news but its best to be prepared. People still come here but you need to sort out your jobs, accomodation or its just a holiday. Lots of people go back early.

The east coast is a lot better especialy North Carolina where you can get jobs with accomodation.

Look at J1 Juice its a rescource for SD.


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