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June 20, 2013

Mandy asks…

Are these Staten Island neighborhood relatively clean and safe…?

The ones within walking distance to Staten Island Ferry: New Brighton, Tompkinsville, Stapleton, and (maybe) Clifton.

I know SI is considerably cheaper–more bang for the buck–than Manhattan or Brooklyn Heights. I’m considering law school in NYC, and have heard that SI is a very decent place to live. Some perks for me:
1. The SI Ferry to Manhattan (and back) is free.
2. Tompkinsville and the immediate area around it is supposedly very nice.
3. Even during NYC’s crime spike peak in ’90 due to crack, SI (all precincts, 120th-123rd) still maintained a relatively low murder and overall crime rate (according to the NYPD’s website.)

So, gimme your take. I currently live in Kentucky, but have lived in large urban areas, and would like to get away from hillbilly BFE once and for all. Thanks!
Correction: *neighborhoods*, not neighborhood. I apologize for the question line error.

Administrator answers:

I lived on Staten Island for about eight years and I loved it. Got divorced and moved back closer to Manhattan (Astoria, Queens).

The area directly around the ferry may not be the best choice for you. My suggestion is to ‘Follow the SIRT’ (sung to Follow the Yellow Brick Road).

The neighborhoods from Grasmere to Jefferson ave (see below map link). Are very close to the SI Ferry (ex Jefferson is about 18 Min to the Ferry) and very nice. The SIRT runs like clockwork and coordinates with the Ferry schedule. So you go right from the train ($2.00 ride) to the Ferry (free). If you don’t work in lower manhattan and need a train to another destination in Manhattan it is a free transfer.

BTW there are not that many apartment buildings in SI. Mostly private homes w/ rental units. However there are some really nice apartment buildings in Dongan Hills – I had a Tri-Plex with a balcony (at about 25% less than it would cost in Queens or Brooklyn) one block from the SIRT station.

Good Luck

James asks…

NYC Apartment Living?

Which area is the cheapest and most safest place in NYC to rent an apartment: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Manhatten?

Administrator answers:

Staten Island is basically safe if you avoid Jersey Street and Mariners Harbor. The problem is relatively few apartments. You might find a rental on a townhouse, but not too cheap.
In Brooklyn, Sheepshead Bay and Marine Park would be the best choices combining safety and reasonable price.
For Queens, look at Flushing or Corona, maybe Kew Gardens.
For Manhattan, cheap and safe don’t go well together. Perhaps Inwood at the northern tip, Morningside Heights around Columbia (the area is so flooded with undercover agents of one agency or another that a criminal would have to be suicidal to try anything), and that’s about it.
Bronx, try Parkchester.
Long Island: few apartments, and a gruelling trip into the city.

Steven asks…

Boosting my cell phone signal…..?

I have sprint as my cell phone service provider and I think there great, I get service almost everywhere and they dont really drop my calls. But…. I have an apartment on Staten Island and even though my cell phone works everywhere else, it has bad reception in the apartment. Thats the only place I think in the world I dont get service, any suggestions? I dont wanna leave sprint.

Administrator answers:

They sell these signal boosters in office max. There cheap and they work

Ruth asks…

Safe & Cheap Neighborhoods in Staten Island?

Hi there!
I’m a student going to a school in lower manhattan and I REALLY need a cheap place to move, so im adding SI to the list. i dont know much about it though. I’ve been to staten island…maybe twice? once just to take the ferry and get back on it 2 seconds later. …actually, did i even get off it? Anywho, I’d really like a studio within walking distance of public transportation that’s under 700 bucks. (I have this crazy idea that I can survive on 300 bucks a month… is that silly?) I’ve never lived alone and im only 19, so a safe neighborhood is a must. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I would suggest that you check out the Staten Island paper for listings on apartments and lofts. They have an online site that you can go to. There will be ads that will say “Walk to the ferry”. If you find an apartment that is somewhere near the train line, you can use that to get to the ferry. The fare is only $2.25 and it will give you a free transfer for the subway in Manhattan once you get there. Not a bad deal. Good luck.

Robert asks…

Cheapest place to live in NYC?

Me and my brother are looking for the cheapest to live in NYC , i have searched site but most just don’t give what we are looking for. We are looking for a place within the $500-$800 area and safety is not an issue. Thanks in advance

Administrator answers:

Try looking out in Staten Island. Because it’s far from Manhattan, you may be able to find a studio for $500-$800 somewhere on the Far North Shore. (It would probably be a room in a private home, rather than a studio in an apartment building). You said that safety isn’t an issue, but I’d like to warn you anyway that for that price, you’d likely be living in a rougher neighborhood.

I hope this information was very helpful.

Lizzie asks…

Is New York City dangerous or safe and which boroughs are safe and cheapest?

I’m moving there this summer
What is commuting like
What is brooklyn, manhattan, bronx, queens, and staten island like
Which borough is the most dangerous which is the safest
Which borugh is the most expensive borough I think its manhattan but I could be wrong
Which borough is the cheapest
Where are most of the jobs in the city
Can I get from one borough to another by walking easy or do I need a taxi
Please help
Just til I’m 21 I can’t qualify to go to police academy and want an apartment anywhere I don’t care
Where can I get at least a minimum wage job in new york I’m from los angeles
I’m lucky to have a job in la but I’m afraid I might not find one in nyc
I want to join the NYPD and want to take the nypd police academy

Administrator answers:

Manhattan – very easy, you’re almost never more than 6 blocks from a subway station.
Bronx – pretty easy, long rides.
Brooklyn – easy, well connected.
Queens – less well connected, might include bus.
Staten Island – not connected to Subway. Commuting is a LOOOOONG bus ride, or a short bus ride and a ferry, THEN a subway.

Manhattan is the safest. Bronx is probably the most dangerous.
Manhattan is easily the most expensive in rent. When you add up ALL your expenses (including commuting) Manhattan does ok though.
Bronx is probably the cheapest rent.
Manhattan has nearly all the high paying jobs. You can find low-mid paying jobs in any borough.

Michael asks…

College student living in new york city.?

Hi, im a high school senior and am looking at st johns university and nyu
When I am an upoerclassmen I would like to live on my own. I live in texas now. What would be a normal rental price in nyc because this website says these apartments are around $1000 a month, is this right, im skeptical that it might be to good to be true. Oh and my parents would pay for it, my dad has a phd in chemistry and works for exxon

Administrator answers:

St John’s has two major campuses, one in Queens and one on Staten Island (where I taught until retiring). The Staten Island campus is a two minute walk from a garden apartment complex where the studio and one bedroom apartments are in your price range. The Queens campus, which is larger, is reasonably convenient by bus from several apartment complexes that might be a bit more expensive.
NYU is located in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, where apartments are far more expensive.
Both schools have dormitories (Queens campus only for SJU), which would be cheaper.

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