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January 17, 2013

Maria asks…

Are the cheap rent parts of Manhattan well kept or are they similar to those of the 1970′s?

How nice are these apartments?

Administrator answers:

Cheap? What are talking about 2500 a month? Remember nothing is cheap in manhattan compared to staten island.

Mark asks…

cheapest and safest place to live in brooklyn ?

considering moving to broooklyn , but wheres the cheapest place to rent an apartment ? and where is the safest place in brooklyn ?

Administrator answers:

The cheapest is i think Bed Stuyvesantt… But it’s bad because it has a lot of ‘bad things’. But the good part is the Jewish section. Well since Brooklyn is becoming nice, as in new buildings, and the rich moving in… It’s hard to find a cheap one. I lived in Kingshighway and since i live in nj now idk much about the price. But the really good areas are Kingshighway, Sheepsheadbay, Bayridge.. There is brighton beach too. Some parts are bad.. Staten Island is cheap too, well you can find cheap ones. But sheepsheadbay is very nice! It’s close to the beach, and it’s full of russians/ italians/ turkish/ jewish.. It’s mix! It has every race. And lots of shopping centers. Believe me :]

good luck. Brooklyn heights is really expensive and rich rich rich!

Good Luck!

Chris asks…

is it cheaper to live in chinatown, nyc?

I plan to move to NYC sometime nect year and figured Chinatown might be cheaper to live due to all the noise, crowds, ect (which is all fine with me). Just thinking of a spot in Manhattan that may be cheaper. Anyone know anything about it?
thanks for the info guys. one more question, assuming i do decide to check out chinatown apartments, i figure this isnt the kind i”ll see in the classifieds. Are there a lot of “for rent” signs or is it basically just ask around?

Administrator answers:

Most Chjinatown apartments are in very old (think pre-World War ONE) buildings which are inadequately wired by modern standards, overcrowded, and by NYC standards fairly cheap. The trouble is a good percentage of your neighbors will be illegals, and you will have Immigration conducting periodic raids in your building, plus many buildings are illegal in one way or another–violate fire code, overcrowded, illegal subdivides, violate zoning. The result is you will also have occasional city inspectors making problems also.
So I would strongly suggest looking elsewhere. If you insist on Manhattan, try Morningside Heights for those crowds and noise you enjoy, or Inwood for as low a rent as a safe neighnorhood offers.
Outside Manhattan, Kingsbridge in the Bronx, Sunnyside or Roosevelt Avenue area in Queens, or St George and Clifton on Staten Island.

Donald asks…

How much rent is it for a three to a four bedroom in nyc?

Administrator answers:

I’m not sure all of the figures cited here match what I’m seeing. $1500 for a 3-BR in Staten Island seems far too low, unless you mean way deep down in Staten Island. Not in St. George or anywhere near the ferry terminal, where you’d be lucky to find a 1-BR for $1500. But on the other hand, I think you can do cheaper than $4000 for a 3-BR in Harlem, Washington Heights or Inwood. Your best bet is to check out and search the no-broker listings.

The main thing, though, is that apartments that big hardly exist in the city anymore. You might see things *advertised* as 3-BRs but they might turn out to be a 1-BR all divided up with partition walls like a rabbit cage. A friend in mine actually lived in such a place, a few years ago, in a building in Murray Hill that was beseiged day and night by traffic coming in and out of the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. The rent? A mere $3000.

Steven asks…

How expensive is it to live in Staten Island? Housing, electricity, water etc.?

Administrator answers:

Cheaper than Manhattan thats for sure. Some apartments are really cheap and you should rent a room at homes, alot cheaper.

Lisa asks…

Can I get a nice 3-4 bdrm apartment in or around NYC for $2k-$2.5k/Month or less?

I have a family of 5 and would like to be in or very close to the city (e.g. Brooklyn, Queens, Jersey City, Hoboken etc.). We have 3 young children (3,4 and 8 years old) We’d prefer a 4 bdrm apt, but would be okay with a 3 bdrm with our 2 girls sharing a room. The neighborhood should also be nice and safe. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Yes, it is possible, but just know that not in Manhattan. Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island would better fit your budget. Here are some websites that will help you a bit.


goodlucck in your search, and remember, the best and cheapest places are in the outter boroughs, and also, Harlem has some really nice places for your budget..

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