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July 8, 2012

Thomas asks…

Cheap apartments?

where are the cheaper apartments in derwood or montgomery, maryland? this could include places in nearby towns also. i was hoping for something under $800.

Administrator answers:

Montgomery County has gone 4 digits in terms of rent unless you find someone willing to rent out a basement for $500 a month in Gaithersburg or similar neighborhoods.

Apply for Section 8 if things are too expensive.

Carol asks…

cheap apartments?

where could I find a cheap apartment in Spokane, WA?

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Daniel asks…

Where can I find cheap apartments in Plano Texas?

I’m planning on moving out of my parents house real soon. I have a few friends I have that we plan on rooming together. I’ve been looking but I can’t find cheap apartments and I don’t think they can. I’m saving up now so I can do good with payments a stuff. But where can I find cheap apartments in Plano Texas?

Administrator answers:


Paul asks…

What are some beautiful cities with cheap apartments in Italy?

I need to know some cities with cheap apartments in Italy to move to and an easy place to get a job. If anyone knows please let me know. Grazie and arrivederci

Administrator answers:

If you are looking for vacation rentals, Calabria is good….the smaller towns are reasonable pricing for rent.

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