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March 30, 2012

Donna asks…

best cheap safe country to live in?

I’m expecting my first child this fall. Can anyone recommend a nice country where I can find work and live in that’s outside of the US & other than Canda? I’m looking for:

1) English speaking country-
I’m Asian & hoping for a place that isn’t hostile to foreigners

2) Safe for women

3) VERY cheap apartments & childcare-
In America, a 1 bedroom averages about $600 including bills. And then there’s childcare, which costs just as much. That alone is already way too much for a single mother who is completely on her own. I’m looking for a country where those expenses would be about half of that.

4.) Somewhere tourist-y
So I can find employment easily, work my butt off to save money & come back to the US one day and raise my child decently.

Some people have suggested Tunisia, Thailand, Phillipines, Malaysia. Opinions? Other reccomendations?

Administrator answers:


I am an American living in Tunisia and I love Tunisia very much!

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, it is the northernmost African country, and the smallest of the nations situated along the Atlas mountain range, bordering Algeria, to the west, and Libya to the south east.

The country is so full of history (has been under the rule of Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Berbers, Ottomans, Beys, and French; played a significant part in WWII, was the center of the ancient world with Carthage as the capitol, etc) and it has so many beautiful places to visit! It is unlike any other Arab country in that is has a lot of greenery. There are also many historical ruins in just about every part of the country you go to.

The mountain region is breathtaking! There are fantastic views and an the atmosphere is reminiscent of an old town in Switzerland. Absolutely gorgeous! The coast is marvelous. The Sea is clear and picturesque. The midland and south are terrific because they offer you the chance to peek into a forgotten society – one that holds fast to tradition. I have been all over Tunisia and have visited most cities and have loved everyone because they each have their own special charm.

The people are so warm and hospitable. They instantly welcome you as one of their own and treat you like family. Tunisia is also a very safe place. There are not many places in this world where a women can walk the streets alone in the middle of the night without fear. Yet I often take late night walks and have never had any problems and have never felt fearful. Tunisia on a whole is a very safe country. I have lived in Tunis and Monastir and have visited other parts of the country without any problems.

$1 is equal to 1.314 TDN

Things are pretty reasonably priced here in Tunisia. Let me give you some examples.

A 1.5L bottle of mineral water costs .400TDN ($.30), but most people buy them is cartons of 6. Just a way to not have to go to the store all the time to buy water. A 1L bottle of coke is 1TDN ($.76), while a 1.5L bottle is 1.500TDN ($1.14).

Taxi rides are pretty cheap, but if you want to save on that you can always walk. A taxi ride is usually around 3TDN ($2.28) depending on how far you are going and what city you will be in.

Food prices will depend on what type of restaurant you want to go to. A fast food place will cost you about 3TDN ($2.28) per person if you buy a coke along with your sandwich. An actual restaurant will run you anywhere between 20-30TDN total($15.22-$22.83) for 4 people, including drinks, and many times dessert as well.

Housing is cheap too, depending on what city, where in the city, and how big a place you are looking for. Rents run anywhere between 150TDN-500TDN ($114.14-$382.73). Water and Electricity bills come every 3 months, and those depend on how much you use. I’ll use ours as a reference. Our last water bill was 8 TDN ($6.13) and our last electricity bill was 35TDN ($26.81).

Child care depends on where you take them, but can run anwhere from 25-50TDN a month ($19.15-$38.30)

Tunisia is definitely geared towards tourism. I suggest you check out the Tunisia section under travel;_ylt=Ajvu_tkLcfQ.OLPZ1SISVG7sy6IX?sid=396545482

Here’s links to photo albums I have on Tunisia. Feel free to look at any others I have if you want.

Monastir (where I live) – a Sea coast city

Hammam Bourguiba – a Mountain city

Djerba – The largest island off the coast of North Africa

Feel free to look at any of my other photos of Tunisia as well:

I also wrote an introductory blog about Tunisia on my 360 page. If you’re interested in looking at it:

And here is a blog I did about our recent trip to Djerba (an island off of the Southern coast of Tunisia)

If you have any other questions, or if I can be of more assistance, feel free to contact me. I can give you other websites concerning Tunisia, as the Tunisia tourism website is now badly out of date.

Joseph asks…

What are apartment prices in Burlington and Milton?

I live in Ontario, Canada and a friend of mine is looking for cheap one bedroom apartments in either Burlington, or Milton and I was wondering which would be cheaper. Any help is much appreciated. Thank-you!

Administrator answers:

You can try and look at the rentals.
Depending on the neighbourhood anywhere from $600 to $1000. Any less than that you would probably be better off in a cardboard box. Your friend may consider sharing a house with someone. There are some nice homes with nice families that will rent out a bedroom and you get to use their kitchen, living room washer/dryer and is much cheaper than your own apartment. It is something to think about as a temporary solution.

Steven asks…

What is the best way to find cheap apartments in Queens NY?

Hello everyone, I am 22 years old and am currently living with my Grandmother in Florida. I’m an native New Yorker I have been down here since January of this year & I’m ready to move back. Let’s just say Florida isn’t my cup of tea !

I am interested in moving to Queens, I was born there, but grow up on Long Island. I would need to get either a Studio or a One-Bedroom. What is the best way to find a cheap apartment? What should I expect to have to spend?

What would be a good job that I should get, at least to start out? It would need to pay enough so I can cover rent/utilities and food.

I am guessing that the apartment would need to be within walking distance to the subway, for transportation to and from work.

Thank you so much for your help. Feel free to add any additional info you think would be beneficial.

Administrator answers:

Hi, I live in Astoria, NY…its one of the burroughs of Queens. Just want to let you apartments are currently running between $900 and $1200 monthly for studios and 1 bedrooms. Astoria is a great area. Every apartment is a 10 minute walk from either the R or the N trains. As for jobs…it depends on your skills. However wages are competitive and cover most of the cost of living. Craigslist is a great way to find employment…and temp agencies are always placing people with jobs. Waiting tables and barbacks are in constant demand and give great tips to supliment income. I hope this helps.

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