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April 29, 2012

Mandy asks…

What do you think are the things that people lie about most on online dating profiles?

What do women lie about? What do men lie about? As a woman I have found that guys lie about their income (greatly exagerated, guy makes 75k a year but lives in a cheap one bedroom apartment), and divorces (they fail to mention how many times they have been divorced). I would think that women lie about their weight.

Administrator answers:

I’ve read that women tend to lie about their weight and men tend to lie about their age.

If I were going to advertise, I’d leave the “income” section blank, because I wouldn’t want to feel that a woman was going to be interested in me based on my salary.

So….what do you fib about?

William asks…

Is it cheap to live in Houston?

I hear it is very cheap. I also hear its kinda expensive. So how much would rent within 5 miles of downtown ( City Area) be for a one-bedroom apartment. Range like from cheap and crappy to nice.

Also to own a house or condo one bedroom in the city. Range from ghetto to nice.

I have looked all over the web and can’t find any ideas. Like what would the cost per square foot be in downtown or close to downtown Houston?
Thank you, but I need numbers and rent ranges.

As well as housing and mortgages.

Administrator answers:

The link Texicano gave you provides rentals as well. It’s the best site to look for housing.
You could find a one bedroom in the ghetto for $300 per month & nice (not ultra exclusive) for $1200.
Cost per square foot averages around $1.50.
There are not a lot of single family homes Downtown. The houses right behind Downtown around Navigation are cheap but I’m not sure you would want to live there. I found a shotgun shack on Bering for $55,000 but for a decent place, expect to pay at least $150,000.
You might be best looking for a condo in MidTown.

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