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March 14, 2012

Sandra asks…

What is the average price of a one bedroom apartment in Sanford/Springvale, Maine?

I need a cheaper apartment…

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Laura asks…

Wheres the best place to move in LA for a 2 bedroom apartment cheap?

I always wanted to move to LA. So in advance I want to check out apartments on line and everywhere I looked in was like 1300 a month for 2 bedrooms. Im moving in with my best friend but we would have to get jobs and all that plus theres so many different areas in LA. I dont want a too done up place just a normal decent one. funished or unfunished. wheres a good area.

Administrator answers:

Los Angeles is a big city, and I do not know of any place where they would rent to you with a job. Most owner are looking for tenants who have been on their jobs for at least one year; excellent credit report, good rent history, local references,etc.
You can look in the major newspapers to get and idea of the areas and rent rates. How long do you think it would take for you to get a job? People in LA are getting laid off each week.

Donald asks…

why would a studio apartment be cheaper than a one bedroom apartment?

I am looking online for apartments. I don’t care if it is a studio or a bedroom apartment because it will be just me and my boyfriend, so privacy is not a big deal unless we have someone sleep at our place, which probably won’t happen, but I was looking at some, and the studio price was $500, and the one bedroom was like $425. Then it said 4 bedroom 2 bath was only $300. Why is this? or is the website wrong? it is apartment guide . com

Administrator answers:

A studio apartment essentially means 1 room with everything in it ( bed, kitchen, living room) + a bathroom.

The one bedroom will mean, 1 bedroom + a kitchen, and/or living space + bathroom

If its a 4 bedroom at that price then it means you would be most likely sharing with other people. $300 for a bedroom + a communal kitchen – communal bathroom – and communal living space.

Paul asks…

very very cheap Apartments in Rome!?

I am a student and i need a 1 bedroom apartment in Rome!
and it really needs to be really cheap!!!!!!!!!
and in one of these places
Colli Portuense
I cant pay 50 euros a night :(

Administrator answers:

You have to be a politician…

Lisa asks…

where can i find cheap rental apartments for one to two bedrooms within 22 miles of zip code 21237 maryland?

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Ken asks…

where is the cheapest apartments in fort worth area?i’m looking for one bedroom only?

Administrator answers:

Go to, they are apartment locator’s and will find you and apartment for free and move you in. It cost nothing to you, the apartments pay them.

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