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Your Questions About Cheap One Bedroom Apartments In Miami

February 24, 2012

Michael asks…

Cheap furnished suite/apartment in South Miami area for 1 month?

Where can we find a inexpensive furnished [one bedroom] apartment/suite with fridge, stove and access to washer and dryer? We will only be staying a month (maybe only 3 weeks).
Price range: maximum: $600

Administrator answers:

Sorry to tell you that is going to be insanely hard to find. Most Miami rentals go for that and more just for a week! If you are staying in season…I seriously you’ll find anything for that price.

I found the place below on craigslist…but it comes with a roommate!

Donna asks…

Falmouth, Maine VS Miami,Florida? Please advise?

Hello everyone, i have job offers from two different companies.
One is in Falmouth, Maine and the other is in Miami, FL.
I need advice from all of you, which one should i choose.
Points to note,
#1.i am married so no partying for me. cant stand too cold. I ran away from Virginia.
#3. I want some place cheap, i wanna save money.I dont wanna pay $5000 rent for one bedroom apartment .

All you from Falmouth ME , how is life? slow?is it beautiful?
All you from Miami, FL…what do you guys say?
plz plz plz seriously help and advise , i need to make up my mind and tell my employers very soon. pay is almost the same.
any advice would be monumentally appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I live in portland maine–about 5 miles south of falmouth
to answer your points:
#1–falmouth maine is MUCH more family friendly than miami-you dont have to party but portland is very lively–many restaurants, museams, art galleries and all that stuff
#2–weather is cold in winter but beautiful every other time (still beautiful in winter by the way)–its quite sunny even in winter
#3–rent/owning is way cheaper then miami BUT heating oil is through the roof right now (people are paying hundreds of dollars every month just to heat their homes) miami you pay for air conditioning

other points:
—maines coast is as dramatic as it gets, falmouth is situated in southern maine (known for sandy beaches where as upper coast is the famous rugged coastline)..the islands that dot the shoreline just add to the scenery–floridas coast(and the rest of the state) is VERY monotonous to the point of being boring
—if safety is a factor, crime is practically non-existant in the portland-falmouth area, literally…there are NO ghettos, literally..that is not the case in miami
—life is “slow” but not boring…portland is known as a “small town with a big city feel’–the area is very lively but very relaxed–you’ll feel like you’re on vacation everyday( the states nickname is “Vacationland”)—traffic and congestion are non-existant, the only time you might need to wait in traffic is when the bridge gets raised for boats to pass–thats not a bad thing…in falmouth you’ll go to sleep at nigth to foghorns, you know what you’ll go to sleep to in miami
–maines landscape is so diverse–look to the east there is the ocean, look to the west there are the mountins–camp in the fall and summer, ski/snowboard in the winter….

—is falmouth beautiful??? Word cant describe it…

–i can go on and on about the many ways maine beats miami, the only way miami beats maine is that it is not cold but i couldnt handle the heat and humidity of miami anyway…just take up skiing

Joseph asks…

Where would it be cheaper?

I want to move to a big city. one of these 4. Los Angeles, New York, Miami, or Chicago.

LA would be preferred but i know it is probably the most expensive. I would be looking for a 2 bedroom apartment that is modern. Not a rundown type. I would like to know Which city would be cheapest to live in. or cheapest to live, right outside of the city.

Also, a ballpark monthly rent would be nice with links available to see images and such, Most informative answer gets best answer.

Administrator answers:

Maybe in Chicago

William asks…

Home buying question(miami)..10 points for best answer.?

I am 25 and my boyfriend is 34. We are thinking of buying an apartment in Kendall in Miami, Fl. Right now with the economy being what it is, we are a little skeptical in buying but the housing market is down, and its the lowest its been in years and it is the time to buy if you wanna get a great deal. He currently owns a home but he does not want to sell it, and wants to give it to his parents( and they live there and I refuse to move in to that house with them being there) and the best solution would be to buy a 1 or 2 bedroom condo. We found one for 65,000 in a nice area..He has great credit(above 810)…we want to buy the cheapest thing while i am still in school and do not want to spent more than 700 in mortage a month with perhaps 10% down..Is it possible? Whats should our price range be in buying the condo? is there anything else we could do? I heard there are tons of new goverment programs being offered to buy housing at a low interest rate, if so, where and how?

Administrator answers:

Buy the condo. The payments will be $600 a month with the HOA fee included. That is if you put no money down. The payment will drop $8 for every $1,000 cash that you put down. Go to your bank and get a list of the loan programs so you can study them.

Sandra asks…

Renting a new apartment!! Help, How much will my light bill be?

I am planning to move to a 2 bedroom in Miami, FL. It gets hot as hell and i cant imagine even having the ac off for even an hour!! I cannot get any fans for our rooms becasue when i sleep with air hitting my face i get sick. this place has the ac units directly in the middle of the room so no matter where i put the beds its goign to hit us in the face, or blow dust and crap on us.Not to mention the ac units looks prehistoric and about to just fall off the wall.

I might not rent this place but i cant seem to find a place thats cheap with central ac (which is what i am used to) some places have cheap rent but dont include water or light. I am moving iwth my one year old baby girl and i am 6 months pregnant with a new born, theres no way i can let it get hot and i will have to save all teh money i can considdering i am goign to have to very small babies to take care of.

I guess what i want to know is it worth paying a little bit more on an apartment with central a/c or do you think i can hack it with an ac wall unit?. remember i live in miami.

If teh wall unit is old should i invest and see if i can buy a newer one? if so which brands and where could i buy one??

god this is so stressful. also i have no idea how much id waste in water as my last apartment had water included.

P.S> I work Mon – Fri ill be leaving the house at like 730 and i would be back 5pm. i stayhome on weekends which i will have the ac runnig 24/7. ill have like two 46 inch flat screens. and a laptop.

Administrator answers:

If having central air is of the utmost importance to you, then you need to find a place with central air.

I have no idea what your “light bill” will be. The best way to find out is to ask an apartment manager what the average electric bill is for a unit of the size you are looking at.

Sears often has excellent deals and good salespeople that can assist you with picking out a new unit that fits your needs should you decide to do that. Most will have energy ratings on them that will give you an idea of cost.

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