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February 16, 2012

Mary asks…

How to get use to living in nyc?

I plan on relocating there soon and for college.By time i move i will be 18 and want to live on my own in a one bedroom apartment,i was thinking about moving in queens cause i heard it was one of the cheapest boroughs to live in.Now i been living in maryland all my life never lived in the city and i need some advice on getting use to living in nyc,what are the pros and cons also which boroughs are in the city and close to the city.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what college you are going to, but if you CAN live in a dorm, I’d do it if I were you, at least for the first year.

I moved to NYC to attend NYU years and years ago. I lived in the dorms for 2 years and then moved into an apartment with friends (actually, a series of apartments, as we were always trying to find more room for little money!)

Living in the dorms was an easy way to learn how to live here. I eventually moved out on my own and today, I’m a real New Yorker. (I went to NYU over 30 years ago.)

So I suggest that you hold off on the apartment, if you can. The dorms will provide you with a little stability while you are learning about the City.

Linda asks…

Would you be willing to do this?

Let’s say that you have an opportunity to live in one of the coolest/hippest/nicest neighborhoods in NYC. Cheap rent, but there’s one catch. You have to share a one bedroom apartment with 3 other people of the same gender. It’s a nice apartment, very warm looking and cozy. Would you be willing to do that?

Administrator answers:

No, living in a one room apartment with even one person is hard/annoying enough no matter how much space there is in that one bedroom, you would all have different timetables and it would always be crowded, not that im that type of girl but what if you wanted a guy/girl over what would you want to do it in front of mary sue? It would be asking for disaster and chaos….even thinking about the mess is too much for me XD

Betty asks…

what is the cheapest place in New York City to rent an apartment?

I would like to find a 2 bedroom house or apartment in the NYC area. Where is the cheapest place to find one that is also near the subway lines?

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

Why is NYC such an expensive city to live in? Do people make more money than in Canada?

I was looking around, out of curiosity, online about apartments in New York City. A one or two bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village costs around $3,000/month (rent). I live in Hamilton, ON Canada and to rent a two or three bedroom apartment it costs around $1,000/monthly max. I’m not sure wether or not the amount the average job pays more than in Hamilton or not, but I know for sure that most people in Hamilton could not survive a month in NYC with what they get payed. I understand that the attractions in New York are far more interesting and popular than in a smaller city like Hamilton, although I still wonder wether it’s all worth it: to live in a large, more popular city and pay almost triple rent or to live in a smaller city and spent $1,000/month and not get *all* the same large attractions that follow New York City’s reputation. I am only 12 and this whole discovery, as you may put it, was all based off a simple comparison to my friends and I to the characters in Friends.
I’ve always loved the idea of New York City and I plan on visiting with my parents sooner or later. So, if someone could please explain to me why rent is double what it is here? How much people make and how they survive with what they make. And where in NYC is cheapest to live (not that I want to move there *now*, but I do want to know how much of a difference there is between Greenwich or anywhere else)?


Administrator answers:

Well, there are many opportunities for jobs in New York and some people just love being in the city. Manhattan is by far the most expensive place to live, but there are many nice places in Brooklyn and Queens that are much cheaper. People manage to find the cash, if they didn’t, the rent wouldn’t be that high. No one ever said it was particularly easy, though.

Steven asks…

Riding It Out- Chapter One. What do you think?

This is my first draft of chapter one so it probably sucks but that’s why it’s a first draft. Any suggestions would be amazing!!

Kendall Rose Harlot is not known for her patient manner but she was known as Bobby ‘Ice’ Harlots daughter. Ice is known as The Black Crows, an outlaw motorcycle gang, president. Kendall Rose left her small town in Maine along with the reputation that it carried shortly after her mothers gang related death five years ago for college in New York City. When her quick temper and bad timing get her in trouble with the wrong people she has no where to go but home. When she returns home she realizes that nothing has changed including the chemistry with Rocky, her childhood best friend. When her NYC trouble catches up to her the life she has been running from for years might be the only thing that can save her…

Chapter One-
Her mother was right in front of her, her face was filled with such life, and the way she smiled her entire face was glowing. Her only daughter had just graduated high school. All the sudden she saw the face that had been haunting her for years, the smug grin full of pride and not an ounce of remorse on his face. It was ice cold, troubling in so many ways. The noise of the gun sent a wave of unbearable pain to her head. Her mother then collapsed onto the floor struggling for each breath. Blood spilled around the two of them. Oh God there was so much blood. Screams of hysteria escaped her mouth as her mother whimpered in agony. As the blood covered them both she tried to revive her, she had tried so hard…

Kendall Rose Harlot woke up drenched in sweat and in a panic that was all too familiar. Her dry throat managed to let out a shriek not of fright but pain. All of her muscles strongly opposed as she tried to get out of bed. Her long and curly, auburn colored hair was drenched with perspiration. Kendall’s ocean color eyes emblazed in blues and greens, filled with tears remembering that it was once reality and not just a dream…

She immediately gained control back after a few minutes. Kendall sat there in disbelief that it had been five years without her mother. That thought made her want to stay in bed and hide but that wasn’t going to happen. She had a full schedule today. Between working at the bookstore and freelancing her schedule was always full, that’s the way she liked it. Keeping busy meant she didn’t have to think about the one thing that was always on her mind, her mother. She had always managed to keep everything just below the surface and still managed to laugh or smile. Laughing at her self or others was the only way she knew to deal with it. Kendall walked slowly but sturdily to her bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror. Her face had changed in the last five years; of course it looked older because of natural aging but the bags underneath her eye seemed to get heavier and darker each day. Kendall’s skin was the color of porcelain was as soft and creamy as it looked. Her frame used to be scrawny but with years of working out she had finally managed to build some muscle. Her chest was small but Kendall didn’t mind, it fitted her frame perfectly.

Kendall pulled off her wet shirt and threw her sports bra on and an I Love New York tank on top of it and then put on some jogging pants. She tried to go for a twenty minute jog every morning after breakfast so she was in pretty descent shape. Of course the jog made up for her eating habits. Kendall’s definition of healthy eating rarely included vegetables unless you counted carrot cake or French fries. Hey, potatoes are vegetables right? Thinking of breakfast made Kendall’s stomach make a noise that sounded like a cat was dying inside of her. Who knows it could have been. She did eat very cheap and greasy Chinese last night.

She walked through her small one bedroom apartment that cost her seven-hundred a month! Kendall didn’t much like her apartment but she didn’t hate it. It had a homey feel to it after she painted her living room and kitchen with a light sky blue color and a fire engine red in her bedroom and bathroom. She added her own cheap but good taste to the décor, with a couple of chairs and a small loveseat with covers and throw pillows. At least she had a comfy bed to sleep in and a roof over her head that sometimes leaks…

While rummaging threw her cabinet for something that remotely represented healthy her cell began playing ‘Thriller’, every time she heard it she wanted to break out the Michael Jackson moves. Considering she can’t dance she thought they were pretty gnarly but would never do it out in public. She looked at her cell and the name Sammy popped up, Sammy was her older brother. They were very close, always had been. Sammy was only twenty-eight and Kendall was twenty-four. They had this yearly tradition that he would call and talk about anything and everything besides their mother and then it would all end in a big fight about how Kendall neede
It cut me off. If you make it that far you can go to

To read the rest of it.

Administrator answers:

You use very strange sentence structure, I will say that. And usually when you introduce characters, the goal should be to integrate them into the story as seamlessly as possible. Instead of stating the character’s full name at the beginning of a paragraph, try having someone talk to her and say her name, or at least something a little more natural.

My best advice would be to read a bunch more, absorb the rhythm of language in other people’s books, then try to emulate it as best you can. Before you write, you might consider even reading a few passages from a book that you love, just to get you into a zone.

Your first sentence alone is very problematic. It’s a run-on sentence with awkward structure to boot. Try getting help from someone with this – many of your sentences make the actual story difficult to understand, and this is not a good trait to have if you want to write stories.

Mandy asks…

Moving from Dallas to NYC in August. Most cost effective way to move furniture, etc?

I am moving to New York City (Manhattan) in August and I’m not sure of the most cost effective way to move. I currently live in a one bedroom (800 sq. feet) apartment and have the basics: bed, nightstand, chest of clothes, and living room furniture, and boxes. Is it cheaper to use a Uhaul and drive/unload it up there myself or pay a moving company to do it?

Please only answer if you have had any experience doing this. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Let’s see what is cheaper

Cooking your own dinner or going to ha restaraunt where they pay cooks and servers???

Cleaning your own carpet or hiring a person to clean it??

Washing your own clothes or paying the cleaners??

Wow– I just realized something. It is cheaper to do it yourself than to higher people to do it

Ken asks…

where is the cheapest rent in new york city outside manhattan?

what neighborhood in new york city is the best to rent a one bedroom apartment for a 23 year old law school student, if it even possible for someone that age. if not what is the youngest age for someone to own a nyc 1 bed apartment thanks

Administrator answers:

Try looking for rent stabilized buildings throughout the city. 23 years old is old enough to rent an apartment. In Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen has lot of rent stabilized apartments. Neighborhoods with alot of older people tend to have alot of lower priced rent stabilized apartments.

Maria asks…

Where can I get an apartment at this price in NYC?

Price Range: $1000 to $ 1500 a month or cheaper
Allows Pets
One Bedroom
One Bathroom
In Manhattan

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can get a apartment at that price but i dont think you gonna find any in Manhattan because its really crowded but not saying its impossible. You may try to get an apartment in other boroughs such as brooklyn, queens, bronx, or staten island. It will still be easy to travel to Manhattan. I actually live in brooklyn and travel to Manhattan just to go to school and its not bad. So it is possible to get an apartment and yes all apartments allow pets ….. Any question about nyc im here :)

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