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Your Questions About Cheap One Bedroom Apartments In Nyc

February 12, 2012

Nancy asks…

Cheapest Apartment In NYC not in Bronx?

how cheap can you get a 1 bedroom apartment in new york city, that isn’t in bronx or a similar run down section?

i dont mean cheap cheap, but as in, not in 6 figures or is it possible to get one in less than 5 figures?
Cheap in NYC standards. i know they aren’t cheap, but as in – not really expensive.

just in case i get any more answers like shannon rawr’s one.

Administrator answers:

Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. If you want a cheap apartment in Manhattan, try looking in Washington Heights. However, keep in mind that this area is not the most pleasant to live in. It’s an area that’s cheap to live in for a reason. Lol

Michael asks…

Hello guys please help me out with this problem I live with my mom in a one bedroom apartment in Queens with?

eight people. I make less than $1000 a month and my husband is coming from another country to live with me and I don’t have money to move out. Where can me and my husband stay for a cheap price in NYC because it is so expensive. I don’t have any accomodation for my husband and he must come within one month because his visa will expire in one month’s time. Should I tell him to find a roomate to stay with until we get on our feet, or should I struggle to find an apartment for both of us. Remember he is coming to America with no job. Pleae help me with this financial crisis because i really want my husband here with me but I also don’t want to be broke either.
I also cannot relocate to another state
because my daughter’s father is in New York and he has a court ordered visitation. Thanks a lot.

Administrator answers:

For starters, I would consider moving to a different state. If that is not possible, then I suppose your husband has to live with you until he gets a job, and the money combined is enough for your own place.

Steven asks…

Why are apartments in Bayonne NJ so cheap?

Is it a good area? It’s so close to NYC and looks so decent to have 2-3 bedrooms near $1100 when just north in dirty Union City it’s upwards of $1500 and an HOUR away from NYC is $1700. I don’t get it. What am I missing? How is one of the closest places so cheap?

Administrator answers:

Well, part of it is that it’s an industrial area. You have Newark Airport across Newark Bay, and you have a whole bunch of oil refineries (and a garbage dump) east of Rt. 440, so you might notice some strange odors in some neighborhoods.

There is also less public transportation than in areas like Union City. Bayonne just has the HBLR and one bus route to Manhattan that runs rush hours only (there are other bus routes, but just like the HBLR, you have to transfer to the PATH to reach Manhattan). By contrast, Union City has a ton of bus routes and jitneys directly to Manhattan.

But yeah, overall I’d say that Bayonne is good value for your money. Like you said, it really isn’t much further (time-wise) from Manhattan than areas like Union City.

I hope this information was very helpful.

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