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Your Questions About Cheap One Bedroom Apartments

February 15, 2012

Donna asks…

Do you know of any cheap one-bedroom apartments in Los Angeles, California?

It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as it is livable. One bedroom, one bathroom, etc.
Which are the cheapest, and what are their prices?

Administrator answers:

“Cheap” and LA rentals do not go hand in hand. That said, it depends on where you’re willing to live. If safety is not an issue, you could probably find something somewhat cheaper than the more desirable areas. Giving an idea of how much you’re willing to pay would be very helpful.

Robert asks…

Are their any cheap one bedroom apartments in manhattan?

I’m kinda getting annoyed living with my grand. So I wanna move into a nice place in the near future . I also want my own privacy . So yeah.. thanks :]

Administrator answers:

Sure! There are “cheap” one bedroom apartments in Manhattan. The thing is, can you afford it solo? Even though they are cheap, it can still cost you $1500/month depending on the location and amenities.

Are your grandparents paying a mortage? If so, why make a landlord rich-er. Give the the money to put towards the mortage. When they do pass away, it can be:
* sold and split for the family or
* rented out.

Betty asks…

Know of any cheap apartments?

My boyfriend and i are getting an apartment together.
We are both students and don’t have money for an expensive apartment.
We would like to stay around the grand rapids area.
Any suggestions for any cheap one bedroom apartments?

Administrator answers:

Hello – here are listings for affordable apartments in Grand Rapids:,+MI&title=title&mtype=phrase&cat_search=CST_Apartments

The cheapest 1 bedrooms rent for under $500/month. You can contact the properties through those websites to inquire about renting and set up tours.

Hope this helps…good luck!

Ken asks…

What are the most cheapest one bedroom apartments in Denton, Texas?

I am looking for an apartment in the new few months and would like to get the best deal I can.

Administrator answers:

350-400 will be the cheapest.

Lizzie asks…

cheap apartments in the portland area?

my friend is moving to oregon and he wants to know where are the cheapest one-bedroom apartments in the portland metro area or any suburbs around there and how much they sell for?

Administrator answers:

The further from downtown you get the cheaper the rent will be. Gresham is cheap, as well as Clackamas and Milwaukee. Hillsboro and Cornelius shouldn’t be too bad. My last apartment in Aloha was 675 for a 1 bedroom, but it was off TV hwy… So it was “spendy” due to the location.
Forest Grove however you can find 1 bedrooms for like $500

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