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February 2, 2013

Jenny asks…

Perth amboy NJ? anyone live there?

I wanna move to Perth amboy
is it a okay city???
i want it there cuz its cheap as far as i know
and easy to get to NYC for my job

so what do u guys think whats a good area there or apartment building where they allow pets ?

Administrator answers:

I live in the next town over, Woodbridge Township, and dont move there. Seriously. Its full of non-English speakers and overall not very good, although there are one or two nice places.

Your 100% better off in Woodbridge Township, Edison, or Metuchen.

And all places around here are less than one hour to Manhattan via train. Staten Island is just across the Arthur Kill.

Laura asks…

New york questions?Please help?

I’m planning to move to nyc from michigan in a few years and i wanted to know some stuff. 1. What is a cheap but nice part of town? 2. Is broadway and times square really as pretty in real life as it is on tv? 3. What are the universities like? 4. Would it be easy to find a job? 5. What is michael bloomberg like as a mayor? I am a democrat. 6. What has the atmosphere in the city been like since sandy hit? My heart goes out to the victims there and in new jersey. :( 7. What are the clubs like?

Administrator answers:

Hi, I am a New Yorker that has lived here all my life, and will be glad to help you!

1) Cheap areas that are nice in New York are VERY hard to be found. Understand that New York City is one of THE most expensive places to live in the world, and some of the richest, and most famous multi-BILLIONARES live right there in Manhattan.

Some nice areas that aren’t a killer in prices, however, are: (I will list by borough)

Manhattan: Sections of Harlem (Believe me, Harlem has seen a major change for the good)
Brooklyn: Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge, Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, Williamsburg, and Greenpoint
Queens: Astoria, Sunnyside, Woodside, Flushing, and sections of Long Island City (away from the warehouses).
Bronx: Morris Park, Pelham Parkway, Pelham Gardens, Pelham Bay, apartments in Riverdale, and Throgs Neck.

Staten Island: (Unless you want a LONG commute to Manhattan, I would not suggest living here, because it is very isolated from the other boroughs. It is actually more convenient if you work/spend for time in New Jersey) Great Kills, New Dorp, South Beach, Tottenville

2) Broadway and Times Square are very nice places in New York. Times Square is great especially at night. The lights are always going, there are great restaurants, bars, and clubs in Times Square, and it is pretty fun. One negative thing, however, is that it gets REALLY crowded. Broadway is just one of the major streets that run through Manhattan. The area by Radio City Music Hall is nice.

3) The universities here are pretty good, for the most part. I don’t know too much about them, but there aren’t any bad choices when it comes to Colleges in New York. They are, for the most part, very expensive.

4) It is not easy to find a job ANYWHERE. The bad thing about New York, is that in order to live comfortably, you have to make a decent amount of money. (60,000 a year, or more). However, this is a city of opportunity, and it is easier to find a job here, than it is to find a job in cities that are really suffering from the recession like Los Angeles.

5) Mayor Bloomberg is a great mayor. Before he and his former president were there, NYC was going downhill. Bloomberg and the former president, Mayor Giuliani, really cleaned the city up. Today, because of them, NYC has one of the lowest crime/rape/murder rates, and is one of the safest major cities out there.

6) The atmosphere, I will admit, has not been so good. People are on a short fuse, and tons of people still don’t have power. Within a week or so, however, things will get back to normal. Also, Long Island got hit pretty hard too.

7) The clubs, and nightlife here, are AMAZING! They play great music, and there is a wide array of clubs to choose from (House Music, Jazz, etc.) The party doesn’t stop in NYC!

Just some other info you will need to know:

1) NYC is divided into 5 boroughs(sections): Manhattan (this is where Times Square and all of the taller buildings are), Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island.

2)NYC is a four season city. Can get very cold in the Winter, comfortable in the Spring and Fall, and can get as hot as 105 degrees in the summer.

Hope this information helped, good luck with the move, and Welcome to New York!!! :)

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