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April 11, 2012

Chris asks…

Are the any cheap, fairly descent apartments located near the Art Institute of Huoston?

I am considering going back to school fulltime at the Art Institute of Houston (on Yorktown). I’m a single 35 yr old women with no kids. All I need is a very small studio apartment that I can live in for a few years while I’m a student. I’ve been on and, but I’d also like to get the scoop from any of you as well. I don’t need anything fancy….just NOT alot of crime or roaches. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I am not sure if cheap and decent go together in that part of town for an apartment. You might want to drive around to find some privately owned condos around there that may be for lease. That might be your best bet. Those are usually all bill paid, except for cable and internet. A few years ago I found a condo for about $650 a month, all bills paid, including cable. This was Dunston Place at 7900 Westheimer. Maybe something like that still is available. It would be a lil bit of a drive, but it is safe there and not that expensive because of the all bills paid.

Good luck!

Mary asks…

what is the cheapest studio, condo, or apartment i can rent in sacramento, ca?

and not in a bad neighborhood?

Administrator answers:

The only cheap ones are in the ghettos. You can’t have both cheap rent and a good neighborhood.

Ruth asks…

west hollywood studio apartment?

hey, i live in west hollywood with my cousin but have to move out coz he’s having a baby, and i was looking for studio apartments for under $700. I registered at westsiderentals but can’t seem to find anything except bachelor apartments (no kitchen). I know that even though there are very rare-there are cheap studios around here. I found one but it got rented out really quickly.

Any advice on where to look and how to find a studio apartment in this area?


Administrator answers:

Is it your baby he’s having?

Nancy asks…

Do you have to have certain qualifications to rent a studio apartment?

Im thinking about moving there and rent is so cheap! I figured i could make do with a studio for a first apartment. I will say that i am currently a california resident. Thank you so much =]
I mean like do you have to be handicapped, a senior etc? bcus my mom said there usually for people with low income?

Administrator answers:

You have to meet certain qualifications to rent ANY apartment. You just have to ask what each individual landlord requires.

There are some complexes that are only for seniors, and some that are only for low income or disabled. Not ALL apartments have those requirements. Again, you just have to check.

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