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April 25, 2012

William asks…

People who live or lived in studio apartments, help?

I posted a while ago about this and people were actually pretty rude, so I figured i’d give another go.

I plan on geting my first apartment alone in January, and I’m looking at a studio apartment since I’m not really a packrat and it’s fine for me + cat.
Currently my job pays $12 an hour and I take home about $450 every 2 weeks (not to bad for a 17-year-old, eh?) I’m in the process of saving to get my first car and putting money away for the apartment. When I have my car I’ll look for another job to help so I won’t be struggling to make ends meet, though I am prepared to struggle for a little while. (Please don’t tell me I don’t know what a struggle is, I’m actually poverty level and we have been for years)

SO I did make a list last night, and had my mother go through it, that had about 2 full pages (with two columns per page) of things I’ll need. Most of it isn’t absolutely necessary but what I’ll need over time.

The apartment I’m looking at is :

The efficiency style, and it’s not that expensive. I am aware the rent will probably go up by January when I plan to move out and I have to take the pet deposit + rate into account since i’m bringing my cat with me.

They do allow cats, I’ve asked, and heat, electric, and water are included in the rent.

My other bills would just be my cell phone which is pretty cheap, my internet bill with maybe some basic cable since I’m not a real TV junkie, groceries, car insurance and gas for the car.

Can anyone offer ideas for furniture that aren’t space eaters and look halfway decent but can also dual as function? I’m thinking about getting a loft bed and having my desk (it’s not a big one) and dresser underneath it, and possibly my other storage drawers I have as well, with Shoji dividers around it for privacy. I’m bringing my futon with me to act as couch (and second bed if someone needed to stay overnight) instead of a regular table, a coffeetable would be fine. I’ve got a small TV shelf that holds my tv, dvd player, and DVD’s.

I’m not looking for anythign fantastic, I’ll probaly look at salvation army and tag sales for furtniture befor elooking in stores.

And any not-permanate decorating ideas? I know I can’t put holes in the wall or paint, but what baout fabricing the walls? and what’s a good alternative to getting things to hang on the wall if i can’t use nails or tacks?

Administrator answers:

First of all: Be very careful budgeting. Your rent should never be more than 1/3 of your income.

I have always lived in studios and efficiency apartments. I created zones with my furniture. I had the bedroom area in one corner. My desk in one corner on the same side of the unit. The entire other side was my living room area. I love to watch TV and always have it on, so what I did was put my dresser right in the middle of the room with the TV on it so I could spin it and watch it from every area. It acted as a room divider, console table and a dresser on the bedroom side.

I also had a set of TV trays so I would not need a dinning room space.

Some landlords will let you paint if you agree to put it back to the original color when you move out. Tacks and nails are also OK, as long as you properly patch them when you move out. The toothpaste trick everyone always suggests does not work! Make sure to get the right putty. The key in renting is to leave it in same or better condition.

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